Received nonsense

A Man and His Traps….”as we take a look at the idols most men face and fight…..control, success, sexual lust, money, etc.”

That is the title and tag line as advertised in the bulletin for this weeks continuation of -33 The Series. I had attended the first set of meetings several months back, but have been traveling so much I didn’t sign up for this one.

I plan to attend this coming Thursday because the subject compels me. In fact, not only will I attend, but for anyone who will listen I will even have some prepared remarks. It will end up that I will say things to a table full of men who will glaze over as if I am reciting directions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

We could write the curriculum, so I’ve no concern that I may be pre-addressing issues that are off topic. What I do not know is if there will be a period (as Ive seen many times) where attendees try and out-confess one another. Its like a perverse desire to belong to a club where the price of admission is having screwed up in the area of sexual morality.

There is a subset of men who will begin telling their own struggles with porn. They will do so with a hue and tenor of challenge, unspoken but clear, that they KNOW that  porn every man in the room is a rock gut porn addict like them, but, unlike them, still holding it close so that they can persist in the slime.

I want to say words that will suck the air from the room. I want to ask what what role the wives have in a man’s sexual purity. That alone would cause Stanley Steamer stock shares to split, there being so much carpet cleaning resulting from the spewed coffee.The cowardice is upsetting, but as Elspeth noted recently, I’m in the upsetting zone for the past few days.

To deign mention women in a meeting about men is to invite every bad label mentioned in the seminar to stick to me. “He must be really struggling with porn, sexual addiction, workaholism, control issues, lest he wouldn’t be trying to throw countermeasures into the air here”.

The reaction will be not unlike the dynamic amfortas illustrates in the licked video after my last post. The men will retort with “received nonsense”. On marital relational issues the church doles out and the people take on board received nonsense. Scripture is become received nonsense contextually. The received nonsense of the women is designed to foist responsibility on the men, while men’s received nonsense is solely to keep him wallowing, burrowing into more and deeper self effacement.

I have to take the fight to the front. In this case, the front is deeply behind enemy lines. I have to pose as a churchian man, and then drop the tradecraft and pour out some reality knowing I may have my standing forfeited. It may even result in some quiet calls of concern to my wife.

“Did you hear what your husband said at the 33 series? Some of us wives think you may want to check his hard drive, know what I mean. And he needs to stop that because we heard Bethany’s husband challenged her last weekend when she kept the relational temperature below zero lest he better perform life to her standards.”

Its these forums where some well places questions and comments can shock and awe. Hope that I walk adroitly and dispel some of  the received nonsense of the past few decades. Or at least get out alive.



11 thoughts on “Received nonsense

  1. “On marital relational issues the church doles out and the people take on board received nonsense. Scripture is become received nonsense contextually.”

    Yes, the virus runs throughout Humankind.

    We have an ability to reflect, to gain insight, to see Truth. But we barely know how to use it. The ‘Mantras’ are particularly prevalent in the Churches. ‘Pastors’ are as suborned by their mantras as the folk they preach to.

    There is a message that gets completely lost in all the received verbiage. “I am the way, the Truth and the Light.”

    As for porn and men, it has always been there in the arsenal of traps for the unwary. A deviation. Just one of many. An attraction. A false light on a false hill.

    Love the Sinner: hate the sin.

    Confess to God, not to a room full of sinners.

  2. I’m in the upsetting zone

    We should have that on t-shirts or something, What is it with the “competition of sinfulness” these days, like “oh,no IIII”M the worst sinner, and because I’ve confessed in gory and embellished detail I will now project my sin onto you”. It’s like the competition of gripes you’ll often hear at a ladies Bible study.

  3. Don’t identify with what God has determined to destroy.

    This needs to be underscored so much with people. I used to wonder how the children of Israel could listen to prophet after prophet after prophet and suffer what they did without a light bulb going off that they were supporting wickedness, but realized with my blog activities that people tend to hold onto what is before them and wouldn’t cut themselves off from it any more than they would cut off an arm. Such is the power of tradition. You get something that is completely and blantantly wicked (forget Marxism’s change upon feminism, the whole tree is poisonous), and people hold onto it for dear life and even claim it to be Godly.

    Woe is us as humans, indeed!

  4. “The received nonsense is to foist responsibility onto the men, while the men’s received nonsense is solely to keep him wallowing, burrowing deeper into more self-effacement.”

    IOW, to borrow a term from popular psychology, the Churchians are double-bound. They can’t shift responsibility onto the women without alienating them, and they can’t uplift men into leadership positions because the men are necessarily debased in their cult of female victimology. It’s not even a ‘vicious circle’ it’s become more like a ‘vicious spiral.’ The ‘received nonsense’ is both the cause and effect of the breakdown of the family and society in general.

    Whether or not the culture, either the secular or the religious, can pull itself out of this spiral is another question. That will involve having to face reality—something Americans seem especially unwilling to do these days.

  5. Totally put this comment on the wrong thread. Sorry.

    I’d rather have seen the mechanics of having partially put this comment on the wrong thread

  6. I think that the position you are in is a challenging one, but not, i think, impossible. You need a thin end of the wedge.
    Successful feminist propaganda is that women are better people than men, and that men are by nature unjust and in need of fixing, while women are wonderful and just need more confidence. Contradicting that directly won’t work as you know.

    One of the things that is a problem is this very notion that lust is the same thing as saying “Hey, she’s hot.” Tackling that less as a challenge to feminism on an obvious level and more as a challenge to knowledge of how sin works–coveting vs. merely desiring–might be more helpful. Talk about what really works for giving men a sense of integrity and self control; make it about the men girding up their loins more than it is about pleasing women.

  7. I don’t really understand married men who watch porn. I have a hard time imagining how someone who has a real woman right next to him would be so ungrateful that he’d resort to wasting time on lifeless images on a computer screen.

    But society could be partly to blame. Maybe all a man has to do is see a half-naked, sexy woman on TV, and then maybe he desires to see a similar woman fully naked. So, he goes looking (hunting) on the computer. It’s the tease that drives men crazy, and our society is so cold and irresponsible it doesn’t care how much collateral damage its teasing causes.

  8. I don’t really understand married men who watch porn. I have a hard time imagining how someone who has a real woman right next to him would be so ungrateful that he’d resort to wasting time on lifeless images on a computer screen.

    Meh. I’ll deal with this. It’s not that the man is ungrateful, it’s more that the woman does everything she can to push him away, and in his sexual frustration, he find the porn, which is available. The common feminist trope is that he is replacing her with the porn, when in truth she is being ungrateful for her husband’s sexual desire for her. In truth, the real woman wants nothing to do with him and is in fact repulsed by him – in the end the “lifeless images” are all he has left because he doesn’t “have a real woman right next to him”. But remember when men do anything it’s their fault, but when the women do something it’s the man’s fault too. Men are inherently evil and wicked, and women are inherently righteous and good. Therefore it’s complete evil and wickedness that a man dare bring up what evil a woman is doing to him and against him.

    You can look around and find numerous blog posts in several places detailing this phenomenon, which is behind what empath is writing here. In a nutshell, the whole sexual denial thing is a means of controlling the husband and making the wife his master. Porn use is an integral part of that goal. The conditioning against sexual expression and the shame of men for freely expressing themselves sexually with their wives (what this post is about) is almost constant.

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