Schwarzkopf the women

Rainy explains that Norman Schwarzkopf “never walked by a mistake”. He then goes on to say that we need to manage our kids that way so that when they are older they do not have to learn the same things over and again the hard way.

Hmmm. True.

Why is it then that in his own efforts to “not walk by a mistake” Rainy continues to encourage the women and admonish the men?

The prayer that caps off the email is:

Pray that God will bring conviction for any areas where you are allowing fear, laziness or indifference to determine your parenting style. Ask for strength.

Pastors could use this message regarding their flocks, and specifically the women. Then he would have to add to the list of excuses, fear (of women), laziness, indifference….and LIFT SEEKING.

These folks have so many things essentially correct but need some business guru from the 70’s to explain that they are spending 80% of their resources on 20% of their problems.


4 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf the women

  1. They have heads full of received nonsense

    Golden statement amfortas. Received nonsense.
    I wish id had this video one day sooner. My 20 year old son had one of those all night change the world chats with two mates and his GF. He told me after. They hit abortion and the usual stuff. These are the smart kids, one a medical school scholarship recipient, and yet they would go slack jawed at most important questions. They have received the nonsense.
    I think my kids are a bit better equipped than most because we have these hard talks at home and have for years, forcing them to hear the logic in addition to just cramming down scripture.

    I struggle to like Ray Comfort, but he turns some nice rhetoric on that video I must say.

  2. Yes. Some of the young people on that video were smart. Bright, intelligent young people. And some really thick and sick ones too. And the ‘grown ups’ ! But even the intelligent are dissuaded from using their intellectual gifts. The ‘mantras’ are easier. “Its a woman’s choice”. The Government outweighs parents in MOST cases. And the Governments are straddling the thick and evil dimensions.

  3. I had forgot how much of a Zionist that Ray is. I watched that video quite a while back and had forgotten some of the elements he highlighted. Hitler didn’t have to brainwash the German people, they were eager to go where he led because their view of history while distorted was contemporary, unlike the people who revised it for political gain.

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