Did Mary Kay buy the airline?

It has been breast cancer awareness month. My neighborhood is on the route for the local walk-for-cure and it makes leaving a chore. Breast cancer gauche wear is de rigueur in the area this weekend.  This all reminded me of two weeks ago.

When I boarded the plane to return home from overseas a couple weeks ago, it was an American carrier and the bursar was in full pink. Having been away since the prior month it (the pink) didn’t click for me. I asked, “Did Mary Kay buy this airline?”. “No sir, its breast cancer awareness month.”

Over the course of the flight we saw a film and had attendants walk the aisles with collection receptacles for donations. Finally I went and did it. When the pink woman walked by I got her attention and asked, “What color does the bursar wear during prostate cancer awareness month?”

She did not get it. She thought I was making a kind of dirty joke. Several men around me looked in my direction, some with a look of understanding, others simply amused. I felt lots better.

Last night my twenty year old son told me his best friend requested and received a pink ATM card. Seems it generates lots of “awareness”. I asked him if his buddy had come across anyone who is not -aware of breast cancer-during his daily goings about. He received my point.

Its a different subject but fits better here than in its own post. As I was fishing this week, there was a woman from New York in attendance at the lodge where we stayed. She was telling the group about how people, alone at city parks where there is play equipment, were subject to removal and arrest. I interjected that that is not the case. MEN alone were subject, not women. She said “Well, the law applies equally”. “Come on”, I wryly exclaimed, and the preponderance of men in the room swung in my favor. “Yea, its men getting impacted by the law”, she confessed.

Having peeves is not a personality feature or benefit. Sometimes they manifest disagreeably.


7 thoughts on “Did Mary Kay buy the airline?

  1. LOL. I bit the bullet in the name of family solidarity and in memory of a loved one and joined in raising “awareness” this month.

    My father is a prostate cancer survivor (like a significant percentage men of his age and ethnicity). Although I’m not a fan of awareness campaigns as a rule, I wonder if prostate cancer awareness would ever achieve the level of fanfare as breast cancer awareness.

  2. Neither fit as something that needs awareness raised. They are walking down the street outside my neighborhood now, and the money will go to………ads and signs and tee shirts about what? Walking down another street in another town.

  3. They are walking down the street outside my neighborhood now,

    For some reason that struck me as very humorous. I actually LOL’d.

  4. Lumbering down the street?

    I especially like the men who walk. They keep looking around, owl-like, for signs that they are indeed getting The Lift credit.

    Me? Well, not to be too self congratulatory, but I did give my wife an exam as per the occasion. We pulled up one of those sketched guides on line illustrating how-to. I’m thinking I need more practice.

  5. I’m not going to head down that path right now I like the wry humor, but I do not agree with his take on diagnostics, their side effects, or his interpretation of the data he quotes. He knows that, not that it matters.I pop in there time to time with my radical AND pedestrian opinions about things natural and homeopathic. I seem to find few friends on these issues because, well, like the guy who said “how did Nixon win, no one I knew voted for him”….everyone in the sphere seems to know modern food and medicine is bad.

    Thanks Eric. You made my shingles flare. They popped up when I drove by the mammography clinic in a convertible.

    “Somebody stop me”….Jim Carey….The Mask

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