About Perseverance

Our pastor, the young man I’ve been so for impressed with, twice within the past two months nearly suffered the death of his seven year old daughter. Two weeks ago, very very close. She had had open heart surgery and had thrown off blood clots into the lungs and elsewhere. It was a crash situation.

He has been absent for the first two weeks of his end stretch of preaching through the bible. Obviously we are in revelation. Today, he returned and preached an amazing sermon from Revelation 3, the theme of which was perseverance. He made a handy  analogy with marriage and how delusional most people are about it. .

I do not put things up that take some time commitment to listen to unless I think some of you will really like it. So, please have a listen and tell me your thoughts.

Revelation 3


5 thoughts on “About Perseverance

  1. Hi Empathalogism, I was looking for music to tidy to, and came across this new post of yours 🙂
    Timely thanks!
    You seem to have a fantastic pastor… His message was really powerful.*
    I like the focus on humility that he has.

    It reminded me of this Bob Dylan song:
    “You got men who can’t hold their peace and women who can’t control their tongues
    The rich seduce the poor and the old are seduced by the young
    When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up
    When you gonna wake up and strengthen the things that remain?”

    I like how the pastor says our relationships can be durable or delusional… not both.
    I really liked that he said if we can be like the church of Philadelphia then suffering becomes a teacher and not a punishment.

    (*One wee thing.. he does say the words ‘mutual submission’ positively….
    and he quotes from Timothy Keller who’s someone I’d say Ruuuuun from!)

  2. I didn’t hear him say mutual submission, and I am usually on point for that. .

    I am also not a Kellar fan. But did you have issue with that particular quote would be the question?
    Ive not heard him quote any contemporary author more than once. Suggestive that he isn’t pushing any.

  3. I listened to the quote from Keller several times but didn’t find an issue with it… you’re right that’s the question.
    My ears just prick up real quick for particular people and words – like a little radar goes off – ‘be cautious of the following….!’
    It’s good to hear your pastor doesn’t make a habit of quoting contemporaries often 🙂

  4. Us inhabitants of fallen human nature indeed do gravitate to delusional thought. As the pastor indicated we blame externally instead of taking responsibility and take credit in a prideful manner. I assert that one who disagrees with this delusional thought thesis is merely offering an example of delusional thought.

    Wonderful that even in our fallen state, we have the hope of our future in the company of Jesus Christ forever. That side of eternity will be so different than what we experience now. We will be healed and be fully able to worship Him and not shed any more tears. May our children also share in this hope of ours………..

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