Funny/odd search terms, a sampler

I am amazed every couple of weeks by what shows up as search terms leading here. I have to ( draw some conclusions).

living naked with mom (Uh, someone tell me how this leads here and I will blow the flipping bridge)

underage boys have sex with women movies (same thing, flood the tunnel, blow the bridge)

gladiator sex (Broach Russell Crowe and find a new fetish out there, this is the most common theme in the past year’s search terms)

male sex russell crowe

russell crowe hot sex in gladiator

ballbusting world marriage guidance (Maybe there are good marriage counselors)


There are too many to parse carefully. But I did learn that I need to tag every post with “gladiator sex Russell Crowe”. If I do, site will shut down like an IP onslaught. Creepy.


7 thoughts on “Funny/odd search terms, a sampler

  1. Actually, the way search engines work (at least Google) is when people put in a list of words, it grabs whatever is closest that actually has the words. You can limit results to your site so it shows you exactly what is triggering the result to your site. For instance (adding to those counts too, btw, and not hyperlinked so this will post), here’s the likely titles that are prompting results this way:

    #1: Naked Yoga Breastfeeding Mom changed my mind (but not my life)
    #2: Crossing the Rubicon: Women with underage boys is OK!
    #3, 4 & 5: Gladiator Sex, Russell Crowe vs Russell Moore
    #6: The last one points to‎ , in a post that appeared here on August 8 but was evidently deleted. Quote of the text that triggered the search result here is:

    I went from prosperous married father, prominent church member, … People do not need someone to ONLY remind them generally that sin is the problem with the world, …. is indeed suggestive of a need for masculine linear guidance. ….. the delaying of marriage, the have-it-all idea, the ball-busting exec of

    Long story short, it’s amazing what people will pump into search engines. Tells you how varied and unique people are at all points of their moral compass.

  2. Long story short, it’s amazing what people will pump into search engines. Tells you how varied and unique people are at all points of their moral compass.

    Now there’s an understatement….

  3. I get some really odd ones too.

    1. Wife forces husband to take feminine pills didn’t know was tricked to become a female
    2. women how to act tough
    3. who serves God better? men or women
    4. man guide to feminine beauty
    5. how to get your man to walk in heels
    6. does a woman need a man to serve God?

  4. Off topic, but I thought you’d find it humorous.

    I grabbed my husband’s phone to use as an audio player while I worked out. I like his because he has every genre of music on it; from country to rock to R&B and gospel. I thought I knew everything on it but when I turned it on this morning the first song that played was Tequila Sunrise.

    I don’t like that song, LOL.

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