The next big elective surgery for women

You will only find this here, the manosphere’s only blog with an odd empathy obsession.

Here is a description of the benefits of this new surgical procedure:

Her empathy seemed to transcend her body — the woman reported feeling physical effects along with her emotions, such as a “spin at the heart” or an “esophageal unpleasant feeling” when experiencing empathic sadness or anger. She reported these feelings when seeing people on TV, meeting people in person, or reading about characters in novels, the researchers said.

What women would not want to have her empathy ramped up? The discovery was accidental, the procedure done for a different reason and no disrespect in that regard is intended. This side effect was not expected. But now its on record. Read about it here.


7 thoughts on “The next big elective surgery for women

  1. From the article the woman reported experiencing:
    “new, spectacular emotional arousal,”

    So perhaps here’s a missing clue for figuring out why some wives don’t desire physical intimacy?! Seems their ‘needs’ are being met elsewhere… maybe every time they interact with another human… Yikes.

  2. In The Psychology of Women: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation (1944),
    psychiatrist Helen Deutsch said female psychology is founded on
    “masochist-narcissist” syndrome. They want to suffer (masochist) and
    be sanctified (narcissist) as reward for their self sacrifice.

    Normally women sacrifice for their husbands and children and are
    deservedly loved. But with feminism, women are deprived of this outlet
    and need other forms of masochism so they can be loved.

    Women are part of a powerful reproductive cycle. When they don’t have
    husbands and children, some become deranged.

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