Despite leading the divorce rate, boomer women are the best dates for boomer men

Ken Solin, writing for AARP, lays out his case for middle aged men (specifically baby boomers) dating baby boomer women:

I believe boomer women make ideal dates, and mates, for boomer guys.

I realize how easy it would be to slip into a simple male preference for younger hotter women, but I want to leave that aside and give a fair look at Solin’s reasons. He lists six.

1. Boomer women are fun

The author shares an anecdote where a he and a date were pouring through some of her old photo albums and came across a 40 year picture of the woman standing beside a VW van:

notably Sarah’s tie-dyed T-shirt and frizzy brown hair, piled high and shooting in all directions. She must have been a ball of fun back then, I thought as we sat in her living room at the end of our second date, because she’s certainly entertaining now.


This is symptom of something relatively new in our culture…the faux enjoyment, or faux fun of certain things. Its a remark with no depth of meaning. She was a ball of fun. That was fun. She is fun. Was there anything in that paragraph that made her seem fun? She may well be fun, but not because of any of this. Or, if he found this fun its no wonder he is selling what he is selling.

2.Boomer women are strong

You read that right. These are strong women. They have been through a lot and stood up for themselves. But in a fit of missing forest for potted plants, what he offers as evidential commentary strains the rational mind:

They have demanded equality in the bedroom and boardroom, staging a sexual revolution and storming workplace barriers that blocked their economic progress. Being able to draw on that hard-won inner strength in a relationship makes them rock-solid partners in every way.

Call a flaw a feature…..and eureka, its a feature. The strength she developed while she pressed men down is the strength she will draw upon to make a rock solid partner.

3. Boomer women know how to cope

I have to start with the quote.

Many women have raised great kids (often as single parents), job-hopped to make ends meet, volunteered in their communities, gone back to school (often at night while working full time by day) and kept up long-standing friendships. No wonder they don’t cut and run at the first sign of trouble in a relationship!

They have raised kids as single mothers….no wonder they DON”T cut and run?

4. You can trust them with your life

Because she has a tight knit group of female friends, these friend skills transfer over to be great friend skills with you the man in her life. How cool is that?

The trust and emotional-intimacy skills that a woman develops via her female friendships often prove transferable to her relationship with a guy

5. They can afford to be selective

Yes, they have divorced a guy and received cash and prizes, had some kind of mini career, raised the kids who are moved on, and now, she don’t need no man, which means she can be picky. These apparently make great character traits for potential dates.

We needn’t “save” a woman to win her heart, while she can choose a man from love, not economic necessity.

6. They have lots of time

Yes, after frivorcing a husband or two, she ends up finally getting the kids out of the house. then she has time for a relationship with YOU.

I am a baby boomer, late in the cohort, but one none the less. Its my bunch who screwed up marriage worse than anyone else. And its the women in my group who manifest the pathologies that caused that to the maximum extent. And this man is selling these women as middle age dates?

This is the most elaborate display of The Lift that I have ever seen. He writes this article and he gets lots of positive feedback from women. And AARP pays for all of that. AARP gets the female members jazzed up with flattery and the dues keep coming. Everyone wins except the truth


8 thoughts on “Despite leading the divorce rate, boomer women are the best dates for boomer men

  1. Wow. Rationalize much? This guy needs to put his hamster down—NOW. He has the typical Baby Boomer delusion: Say something often enough and it will magically become true.

    We need to remove the feel-good blinders and salvage what we can, realizing that success is unlikely. I’ve tried to counsel several Baby Boomers, and it never really works out. They insist on pursuing the same foolish agenda: Somehow, it’s never actually their fault, and their haughty blindness eventually consumes them. This guy is yet another example. He is going to make all of the same obvious mistakes and still expect a glorious outcome. Right.

  2. Empath:
    Probably not easy: most of these Cougars want to fool themselves (and everybody else) into believing that they are just as valuable sexually as a younger woman. For example that the recent fake ‘outrage’ over Miley Cyrus would have happened if she’d been—say 45, instead of 20? The media would have been gushing over ‘how good she still looks’ &c.

  3. You have a point Eric, at least partially. I believe they probably are easy. They are the daughters of the 60’s after all.

    Your Miley Cyrus example has some merit, but Janet Jackson was nearly 40 when she pulled her Super Bowl stunt and there was a fair amount of outrage then, too.

    The issue is not so much that these women think they are as sexually valuable as a younger woman. They should know full well that they aren’t. I’m not even a boomer and I’m smarter than that.

    The reality is that given the preponderance of overweight, obese, frumpy middle aged women about, a woman who looks good for her age is given some credit. (See the recent fanfare over Lillie McCloud).

    What these looks-good-for-her-age women fail to recognize is that what allure they have remaining (while it yet remains) would have been most appreciated by the men they dumped to date schmucks like the guy who wrote this article.

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  5. My wife’s AARP cards went immediately from the mailbox to the shredder when they arrived. Mine will meet the same unceremonious demise when 2016 rolls around and I hit 55. Depressing that my generation has not just drunk the feminist Kool Aid, but are now revising reality to fit the narrative.

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