PSA: Men be sure and “Self Examine” while showering…for the children

Your kids may benefit

Men with smaller testicles predisposed to hands on parenting

Wait for the rush of calls to 911 when men across the country inexplicably drop their children.

If they would have held on to the squawking infants to the end of the piece they would have found solace in:

researchers emphasized that testicle size does not necessarily control a father’s parenting skills.

Or not

it could also be that when men become more involved as caregivers, their testes shrink

Dang, dropped the kid a second time

(Vascularity was inquiring after some humor)


8 thoughts on “PSA: Men be sure and “Self Examine” while showering…for the children

  1. I saw this one too.

    My headline was something along the lines of, “Feminized men make better fathers, women still seek Alpha sperm.”

    Was this study funded by “The Society for Better White Knight Groveling” or “The Good Men Project” (as if there is little difference).

    Next a study on how men with smaller testicles are more willing to accept raising other men’s children? Cuckolding as an optimal strategy for the best genes in combination with the best feminine rearing (while maintaining the facade of socially acceptable heterosexuality)?

    I need to stop, I’ll give myself nightmares.

  2. I had a very similar title thought as well, weaving topicality with its humor. Why? bacause that is pretty much where one’s mind goes when they see that headline

  3. That article was especially humorous for me. I was my son’s primary care giver from age 2 months until about 3 years, then it was half/half for most of the time. He is now 13 years of age. I’m gonna show that article to both my son and my father, which should yield two shared laugh sessions.

    We need to laugh together when possible. This world is so sad and getting worse.

  4. That was just weird. I have to show it to the husband later. T

    This seems related: I had the strangest conversation with a neighbor recently. He’s lived down the street from us for years and we never really had occasion to talk much, though I have had cordial chit chats with his wife.

    Anyway, he struck up a conversation in Home Depot and I mentioned my husband. He said he thought all this time that I was single. He never noticed my husband around, just me. I wasn’t sure how to take that, really. Stereotype? Husband neglect? What?

    I guess there’s a positive spin to be made on behalf of my absentee* husband after all, LOL

    *Dude was full of it. My husband is around a lot.

  5. Send my pic to the committee of poster child choosers for them to anoint my pic for the small testicle, low testosterone participating dad of the year. Maybe I will warrant an interview with Oprah…..

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