Paul Elam on 20/20

I read AVFM today for the first time in awhile. It was announced that Elam is shooting a segment on 20/20. I am glad. Aside from the dust up about the feminist Trojan horse, and the fact that I lost comfort there awhile back because of what was once open hostility (not by Elam himself) to Christians, I wish him well.

I was on MensNewsDaily when Paul came on the scene and took over as editor for Mike LaSalle. It was my early days of involvement with any men’s issues, mid 2000’s or so. Paul had his site, AVFM, as well, and while he has always been an excellent writer, he was not highly exposed yet. Its been a case study watching as they have grown to the level or prominence that they have. And so long as there is not too much mission creep, it is good for all of us. I hope some of the larger Christian and other manosphere bloggers do not find trivial things to point out during this time because there is nothing harmful about AVFM making a main media splash to point out the injustices built into the systems of the world.

An irrelevant personal tidbit is, I worked at 20/20 in 1982. I was the mail boy. My college GF’s father was a VP at ABC and got me the summer gig. I pushed a mail cart around and delivered mail into the offices of Hugh Downs, Barbara Walters, John Stossel, Geraldo Rivera, and several others. It was a very cool experience for a small town Midwest boy. I was able to sit in the studio on a folding chair while 20/20 was being anchored live……be very quiet…..and I have nice photo snaps with all those folks. I recall all that with great affection. Perhaps after Elam goes there, with over a 30 year gap, he and I will have literally tread the same hallways. Me as a mail boy, and him as a prominent MRA (I gotta leave out the H, the H still sits unsettled on me).

I want to wish him well in that endeavor and I will make a point to watch it. I am praying it goes as planned and is not an ambush, or that any ambush will be overcome.


16 thoughts on “Paul Elam on 20/20

  1. H is Paul Male’s attempt at watering down the MRA

    AVFM is basically a highly censored, left wing propoganda site …

    Paul Male also used to write for GMP, no surprise its turning into a crap fest … lol

    Basically their agenda is to extend feminist rape laws to male rape, instead of abolishing the ludicrous rape laws today

    Also theyre looking to turn men into another victim class, instead of independant libertarians, free of government

    According to them, all males get raped by women

    AVFM wants the same feminist government laws extended to men, instead of abolishing existing feminist laws …

  2. Yes, they have a platform that has been stilted by leftism and feel-good-ism, a sort of aggressive version of “can’t we all get along” or something.

    I do not read there. I never write comments there. The followers, the frequent comment makers, they do tend to be very very left wing with all the expected coincident anger and irrationality that goes with it.

    The stuff with Bumblebee awhile back was a huge expose on this aspect of the group, and then the subsequent jettisoning phone call where she was let lose was somewhat redemptive.

    The thing is, I do not want to have bashing everyone else as a mission, unless I am bashing something specific, which I did regarding that dust up. I do not have a huge blog nor any sort of wide influence, so I’m sharing this as opinion, not as influence. But seeing him on 20/20 battling main stream feminism with some facts cannot be ignored as better than nothing. (I know who and how certain folks will disagree with that statement).

    At the very least, some popcorn and a comfy chair is in order.

    Seriously, though absurd to actually promote a sort of tit for tat on rape, and as seemingly ill focused as that may be, stuff will fly off the conflict that could be useful.

  3. Will, the H is for human, as in Human Rights Activist. Regardless the purity of intention with that, its a buzz word, a phrase that evokes visions of the types of activism that accomplishes NOTHING while making the activist feel generally warm and fuzzy for their efforts. Its a nod to invite some “right minded” women into the fray, the feeling seems to be they have truck with the other women that men will not.

    I disagree profoundly. I come at the Christion specific side of this exactly the same way. We will make zero headway if we were to follow the sloganeers who would say that if we could just get folks to love each other, if we could reduce sin, if men and women were both held to account….all will be well.

    In both the Christian and secular scenarios, the gender thing is too far gone for the illusion of balance to have any meaningful effect.

  4. The stuff with Bumblebee awhile back was a huge expose on this aspect of the group, and then the subsequent jettisoning phone call where she was let lose was somewhat redemptive.

    Look around a little more on the site. She’s still an issue: It’s beginning to look like she defrauded the whole group for money regarding the non-existent Earl Silverman Center. If people didn’t think she was a feminist plant, it’s kind of becoming obvious now.

    WillS: The H is something Elam started when they decided to turn AVFM into a left-wing feminist organization. I hope the link fest is not too offensive to Empath, but I thought I’d link my posts summarizing the issue (and I did the posts not because of the issue itself but because of what it illustrated in a good ground-breaking way for my blog content):

    You can pull most of the related links, including Empath’s original post where most of that came from from those links.

    [of course it isn’t offensive]

  5. And the poll on that last post: “A Voice For Men represents my interests as a man. True or false” 1 True, 22 False. Unscientific as it might be, it does make a rather interesting statement on the group.

  6. Scuttlebutt suggests it was an attempted ambush, and since we are all familiar with MSM editorial tactics, a balanced presentation is not to be expected. It will, however, alert millions of oblivious viewers to the existence of men’s issues.
    Incidentally, if you want to get a first hand understanding of AVfM’s real “Agenda,” (not the rumored-to-exist SECRET one) toddle on over during the next few weeks; seminal articles will be re-published. Take from it what you will.

  7. Suz:
    Oh, it’s an ambush alright: just not the kind you think it is. There’s plenty of scuttlebutt too that what we’re seeing is 4th Wave Feminism on the ascendant, with ‘Equal Injustice for Men and Boys’ as its motto and standard.

    Dean Esmay was in the Huffington Post recently, Typhon Blue was on the CBC, and now Paul Elam on ABC. The MSM is building up this movement, not tearing it down. These people are evolving into the new ‘Rational Face of Feminism’. Contrast that with the 3rd Wave Feminists; Kyle Payne and Hugo Schwyzer down in disgrace—Futrelle’s about the only one left and he hasn’t done a major MSM interview in nearly a year, as far as I know.

  8. Ballista74:
    Wooly Bumblebee wasn’t a feminist plant; she was completely in line with the ‘new order’ of thinking over there. She co-authored the whole MHRM manifesto, with Dean Esmay. Esmay himself is a flaming liberal; it’s fairly evident from his own blog posts that his only problem with feminism is that it doesn’t extend it’s dubious ‘blessings’ to men. Typhon Blue is about of the same way of thinking.

  9. @Eric Yes I pondered that after I wrote it. The title “model AVFM member” indeed would be more apt and accurate.

  10. This was entirely predictable. I’ve never been a reader of a “voice” for men, or a supporter of the men’s “rights” movement because those words in quotation are the clarion calls of the Left. That doesn’t make them “bad words”, but they are too-readily accepted by those of a certain cast of mind, and those people are susceptible to belief in “progress”.

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