Some very tight game

This guy waited until he was 52 to get married. Then, he refused to have sex with his wife for the past nine years. He has not done so once.

The AARP site has an advice column where a woman asked:

Q: I’m on my second marriage. My husband, 61, has never been married and has never had sex before. We’ve been married for nine years and I’m beyond frustrated. He has a lot of strange habits that I don’t understand, such as spending hours in the bathroom and only taking showers once a week. When we attend family gatherings he wears earplugs because, he says, he hates the noise. He looks ridiculous and won’t talk to anyone. He won’t go to counseling. Please help! — EB, Connecticut

Manosphere PUA’s, I ask you….is THAT “some tight game” or what?


8 thoughts on “Some very tight game

  1. I ask you….is THAT “some tight game” or what?

    On a roll today, aren’t we? ROFL.

  2. I am living vicariously through your blog, you should know.

    I am firmly committed to refraining from posting on anything that pops into my head or from penning a hastily written rant or sarcastic quip after reading someone’s inane prattling online.

    It’s nice to know I can click over here though and laugh when you do it.

  3. What I wanna know is does she REALLY want sex with that dude? No shower, earplugs in, and the hours in the bathroom? Hmmm….he got an Ipad in there?
    She could drag a second bathtub in there. May not lead to sex, but from what i can tell that’s what men do after they take Cialis. Two birds, one stone.

  4. I do not recommend vicarious anything affiliated with me. I work hard on my filter, and crap still gets through. You should see the stuff in my drafts folder, that is a Rorschach test indeed.

  5. Empath:
    “Does she really want sex with that dude?”

    From what I’ve seen of most women, refusing to bathe and doing strange things in the bathroom are turn-ons. If he didn’t marry until 52 because that’s when they let him out of prison, even better as far most females are concerned.

    It would be interesting to hear what this bitch’s first marriage was like…

  6. Are you talking about me Elspeth? j/k

    Your posts are like mine usually, too earnest for me to live vicariously through them. I enjoy them immensely though, as well as your comments, which are pithy and humorous.

    You should write more, I Art Laughing. Really.

  7. What in that antediluvian, 90% white America paragraph is substantially different from anything taught today by avowed pick-up artists? Answer: Nothing. The only major difference between the “game” of yesteryear and the game of today is the scientific strength and experimental feedback that modern seduction proponents draw from relatively recent developments like evolutionary psychology and instantly transmitted field reports.. If you were to talk to a savvy man from 1910 about evolutionary psychology, he would look at you like you were from Mars. But if you were to ask him how he handles his woman, a wealth of knowledge would be yours for the taking.

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