News too painful to ponder

MMA fighters are pretty tough guys. When they get to scrabbling on the floor and torquing each others limbs you can almost feel the pain when you are watching.

But man. Ray Elbe, on a quiet Malaysian holiday,  met an opponent of a caliber that no referee could have intervened to save him. Elbe stated that after the event:

When it first happened…blood was everywhere…to the point I passed out.

Falling face first I ko’d myself on the floor–very smally chipping two teeth and busting my chin–


Here is the article. Maybe the title is TMI. There are no photos so its safe to read.



MMA Fighter Breaks Penis While Having Sex With Girlfriend in Malaysia

(see if you can spot the potential exaggeration)


3 thoughts on “News too painful to ponder

  1. It sounds like the whole story was an exaggeration. How do you break or fracture something that isn’t a bone?

    My suspicion: he injured himself doing something else and this story is ‘spin’. LOL

  2. I’ve seen photo’s of the guy with a Prince Albert and an injury called “de-gloving” at an EMS Symposium. That gave a whole new dimension to the idea of “owwie”. Errregggeerergh!

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