Beautiful Things

A very good basic sermon. This happens to be germane to the topic Cane and I were on about in the Banned post, and have continued off-blog.

I know there are lots of great sermons around, which is why I rarely post sermons. Its also tedious to have to invest time to listen to them. I think it’s worth it.

Note that this young man (under 35) speaks extemporaneously (or he memorizes which seems unlikely), having only a Bible on a podium (which he doesn’t really refer to…meaning he recalls all the needed scripture, not reads it) and no notes.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Things

  1. I’ve only listened to half so far, but what I’ve heard has been a blessing. I’ll listen to the rest later.

    Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. I’m glad. Truly. Because its sort of pedestrian to post sermons and sit and wonder am I posting something, well…..pedestrian. Good sermons, though, if you are any kind of student of scripture plus being a student of church and of reading and writing and speaking and all that, good sermons are recognizable as such. There is still the matter of taste, but hopefully its objectively good. Repetition of the gospel, rather than relevant-to-daily-life in the way churchianity does it, if done well is in my opinion is a big reason why we worship corporately.

  3. If anybody is bored, check out this looney tune blog:
    I slipped off the wagon of restraint and left a response. Then I checked out one of the participant’s ID just because her picture was pretty and she seemed to be standing on a subway train. The subway reminded me of my childhood in New York. Where I live now we do not have subways. Anyway, her profile is so sad. She is so lost. So many young folks seem to be like this these days:

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