Gasp! Churchain disdain for the expression “man-up”

Was I reading it correctly? Had I stumbled upon a mixed gender group of Christians who were upset with the nearly ubiquitous calls from the church (or anywhere) for men to man-up?

Reading through all the comments I was shocked that the majority of them were against the phrase. People are fed up with man-up.

Most shocking of all….this group decrying man-up is at Christian Forums. A group of Christians, steeped in evangelical feminism from my experience, have taken on the task of deconstructing one of the central evangelical feminist themes of churchian culture?

Not so fast.

The reason they are opposing the admonition to man up is?

It’s demeaning to women.

What generally goes along with a charge of unmanliness? Isn’t it that he is being too feminine or womanly?

In truth, I’d be okay with it if it was generally understood to be an accusation of childishness. If “man up” meant “stop acting like a boy.” But I think that when people say it, they usually are implying that the man is being too feminine. And that bothers me.


6 thoughts on “Gasp! Churchain disdain for the expression “man-up”

  1. That was so mean! You had me going for awhile, thinking that they had come to their senses, but no.

  2. Another instance of female narcissism. The women who wrote that comment only cares about how the insult to men affects her and other women; not giving care how that message adversely affects men.

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