With more football, Trayvon would be alive (Odin Lloyd still dead)

Today, more mixed-mixed messages and more pretzel-think about the murders in the headlines and the state of manhood in America show how clueless mainstream conservatives really are when it comes to men and society. From the screwed up marriage and child support laws to the absurd theory posited by Gay-vin Newsom’s wife Jennifer hyphen hyphen hyphen Newsom, no matter how hard the collective we tries we cannot nor will we likely ever be able to see whats right before us.

Comes Daniel Flynn who, in The War on Football: Saving America’s Game, “debunks the haters and tells us why America needs football”. The haters, I presume, are the brain injury agitators who would see all football become powder puff or lingerie football. In his book Mr. Flynn I suspect (I have not read it) has built on the pedestrian theory that football is a metaphor for just the right elixir for the broken American masculine soul. That elixir is to promote external parodies of manly manliness that can be exercised while still staying beholden to the feminine imperative aspect of social discourse. This simple theory is what drives churches to host ridiculous classic car nights and Monday Night Football with Jesus gatherings. Those men can attend that and still be flaming wimps with their wives, daughters, and women in general….even the most dysfunctional women around. In other words men can be manly men and like and get a testosterone boost from football, and still not really refute that men are bad and women are good. They can simply be more tongue in cheek about their supplication.

Today he has waded in with full throat proof of what I am accusing him of doing. In his piece at The American Spectator called Two Males, No Men Flynn says of the men involved in today’s headline Zimmerman/Martin case:

Whatever the protagonists may be guilty of they are surely innocent of being men. The six female jurors, not tasked to reach a verdict on the manhood of the central players, nevertheless know the truth of this more than other trial observers

Yes. The insightful women of the jury are keenly aware that men are just not what they used to be. They are aware of that because men have, naturally, left women wanting in this regard. While avoiding mentioning or speculating about the why, Flynn uses Zimmerman’s supplicant father, and Martin’s lack of a father as if those are one in the same dynamic as he indicted both males:

With the teenager sans a father in the home to serve as guide, and the neighborhood-watch captain growing up watching the cowed captain of his home, the pair’s past altered their future as much as anything else did.

It seemed like he was actually headed somewhere with this other than shaming men and blaming fathers. Sadly, not:

Their households lacked strong male role models; their society, even more so. Four in ten American kids enter the world without their father married to their mother

Like most conservatives he has fallen into decrying the destruction of males while shaming them at the same time. he keeps one foot planted in passive feminism and the other in superficial masculinity. even referring to it while faux-denigrating it (emphasis mine).

Civilizing men out of existence has come at great cost to civilization. Instead of men, we get feminine imitations lacking beauty. We get lost boys compensating by becoming barbarians.

Man up, marry, and stay married to sluts. If they divorce you and prevent or limit contact with kids, like one commenter used to say at Christian Forums….that’s no excuse, keep trying to be a dad. And do not forget that if we just keep football from being regulated we will boost testosterone levels and teach manly manliness to men, then Trayvon may not have had to die. Odin Lloyd? He’d still be dead.


5 thoughts on “With more football, Trayvon would be alive (Odin Lloyd still dead)

  1. Maybe, perhaps, if, sort of, he considered the environment that is family law in the West today, and looked at the effects of feminism on women (you can do what you want and there are no consequences) then he might find that there were women worth marrying for the men and men who would be willing to make the commitment that marriage entails if the balance of risks and rewards were altered a bit.

    It’s funny, but I read elsewhere today that Walmart are not proceeding with plans to build 3 stores in DC and are reviewing what they will do with the 3 stores that they are already committed to because of a bill to require retailers over a certain size to pay a minimum in DC of $12:50 when the minimum wage is $8:25. This is doing to emplyment exactly what feminism has done to marriage.

  2. Frivolous arguments like this are the equivalent of trying to stop someone from bleeding by putting a Band-Aid on an arterial wound.

  3. Empath:
    I think that saving football (and sports generally) would be beneficial to men.

    The rub here is that I mean that seriously.

    Let’s go back to the fundamentals of athletics. It was instituted in the Ivy League schools originally for instilling the values among MEN of teamwork, sportsmanship, fair competition, and utilizing strategies. It was presumed that physical fitness and mental fitness worked together to produce the kinds of men who would be future leaders.

    Do you think that Flynn really means THAT? I seriously doubt it. But let’s imagine going back to those days: athletes were actual role models with serious academic disciplines: schools that recruited semi-literate ghetto slime and cut stadium and media deals were shunned as charlatans.

    Which of course dovetails into the Zimmerman Case. The legal system, just like school sports, have been dumbed-down to the level of Reality TV shows. Atlantic City bookies may just as well put bets on trials (and pass along inside info and odds) just like they do on sham sporting-events. Will Jodi Arias get the death penalty? 4-1; put your bets down, boys! I got the inside scoop that there’ll be riots over Zimmerman—2 to 1 (oops, Al Sharpton’s on the way—make it 3-1!) Tune in tonight for the details right after the Kardashians!

    Our Founding Fathers would puke if they saw what the Republic has come to. Heck, I have to live in it and I feel like puking!

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