Ender’s Game

“Ender’s Game” has been on my to-read list for years. I’d read many other books by Card and just couldn’t get excited about reading a story centered on a pre-adolescent boy. When I saw that a movie is forthcoming, I got over the reluctance and began the series last Saturday. Im starting book 3, “Xenocide”, this morning and found the following dialog in the early pages.

This is a sort of telepathic dialog between a human and a hive queen. She is of an alien race that propagates like ants with all the “workers” and her connected by thought all the time, as if extensions of one organism. They do not use language, rather they have some perfect manner of communication within the hive-mind.  So they, the human and the hive queen, are having this discourse about the merits of her mating and communication mode verses that of humans.

Hive Queen: The strangest thing about humans is they way they pair up, males and females. Constantly at war with each other, never content to leave each other alone. They never seem to grasp the idea that males and females are separate species with completely different needs and desires, forced to come together only to reproduce

Human: Of course you feel that way. Your mates are nothing but mindless drones, extensions of yourself, without their own identity

Hive Queen: We know our lovers with perfect understanding. Humans invent an imaginary lover and put that mask over the face of the body in their bed.

Human: That is the tragedy of language, my friend. Those who know each other only through symbolic representations are forced to imagine each other. And because their imagination is imperfect, they are often wrong

Hive Queen: That is the source of their misery. And some of their strength, I think. Your people and mine, each for our own evolutionary reasons, mate with vastly unequal partners. Our mates are always, hopelessly, our intellectual inferiors. Humans mate with beings who challenge their supremacy. They have conflict between mates, not because their communication is inferior to ours, but because they communicate at all.

To anyone who has not read these books and is remotely interested in science fiction, don’t be like me, 30 years late starting.


16 thoughts on “Ender’s Game

  1. As you probably know, Card is a relatively Red Pill author. He’s very politically conservative to the point of pissing off other moderate conservatives. While I haven’t read anything from his on men and women, his ideations just exude traditional thinking.

  2. Yes. He wrote a series of alternative future books (three I think) where the liberal/conservative divide led to civil war and dystopia in the US. They were excellent.

  3. Loved Ender’s Game – the rest of the books in the series tend to be hit or miss… But Card is a great author – I cannot wait to see this movie.

  4. I read these in my 20’s, but not from the red-pill perspective, so it looks like you stole a march.

  5. I don’t remember, my mind has been on a bit of a walk-a-bout lately.

  6. Reading Dmitry Orlov lately and contemplating a cash out. Card would be a breath of fresh air. Getting hard to see over the smoking pile of ruin in my minds eye.

  7. Card has been vocal against gay-marriage in the past so he is currently in the middle of a liberal vendetta to boycott and blacklist his past, present and future work. Also he is being taunted as gay a lot.

  8. Ender’ s game is why I stopped reading fiction. Horrible and boring

    Taste is a funny thing Ton. Lots of folks would disagree. Oddly I was a huge scifi fan in the late 70’s when i was in High School and into early 80’s, but when that came out in 85, I was not, and have not been big on it much since. I read Vox Day’s blog nemesis’ book Old Mans War a few years back, and its sequel, and liked them ok.

    So, its non-fiction only then? You can keep the company of GBFM and Matt King! Enjoy them classics

  9. You could always read some Dmirty Orlov Ton (“The 5 Stages of Collapse”), that’s just horrible. It has me contending with what level of nihilism I’m willing to embrace. It fits pretty well with a red pill diet.

  10. I”m currently reading Book Four of Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. There’s funny gender role dialogue in the story that many here would find amusing.

    Card might be a good author pick for me.

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