A spouse she can walk all over

She wanted some specific things in a husband:

“[He] is everything I could desire in a husband – sturdy, trustworthy, sensual, kind and handsome,”

Sounds like her hypergamy driven list was met and then some. She found The One:

and as he felt my vibrations coming nearer he drew me to him. Our wedding is arranged with the help of friends from Barcelona, the community and artists in Arles-sur-Tech & Ceret, who give their blessing and support to the ceremony.

The idea that when the woman gets just what she wants that her instinctive testing and relational superiority will be calmed is again shown as farce. Because this bride chose, as her husband, a spouse literally built to be walked all over.

Good vibrations led one smitten woman to marry a bridge.

It reminds me of Sam Beam, speaking live at one of his concerts that was held in a very old building, he said (paraphrased), “I heard that this building was born….well…..not born, that would hurt….”

Perhaps this artist has married what will be the father of a building. Who says bridges beget bridges.

Remember, she votes.


10 thoughts on “A spouse she can walk all over

  1. You remember Paul from SSM’s site? His attribution of BPD to being the cause of women breaking apart a marriage unnecessarily (rather than her riding the carousel, toxic hypergamy, etc. ) might actually be right in this case.

  2. Don’t really know for certain, but it takes a certain kind of crazy to go the distance here. I mean, I know “princess syndrome” goes far, but I don’t want to malign this woman by suggesting that for her no man could satisfy her hypergamy.

    Mostly I just wanted to take a pot-shot at that guy for his obtuseness.

  3. Eh, don’t worry, soon she’ll go all EPL on his arse and divorce the poor chum. I wonder, do you think he’ll become a toll bridge to be able to afford the alimony?

  4. Reminds me of the divorced woman who married herself, like a single ceremony. Ridiculous. Except this one married an inanimate object (a bridge).

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  6. Empath:
    I have a suspicion this is one of the main motivations behind the so-called ‘Bad Boy Syndrome’ (i.e. women chasing dirtbags: it seems to be a malady affecting 99% of Amerobitches over the age of 15). Most of those so-called ‘alphas’ are really weaklings who couldn’t survive a week without female enablement. Women can easily feel superior to such men and control them in various ways.

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