Churchians making things unreachable

Driving, last evening, I accidentally touched the scan button on my radio and it stopped on a Family Life talk show. That really did happen.

The show, however, is not the subject. One of the Ads that ran during the show is what set me thinking about feelings, women and church.

The Ad was for a church somewhere nearby. The pastor was speaking about why we, as believers, do good things….do right things….and do righteous things. What he said was tail chasing nonsense. But it would light the hearts of the women listening, and more, it would give them something else to worry about and to worry their spouses about.

His point was that once we come to faith in Christ we will do good works. Good so far. Once we come to faith in Christ we will endeavor not to sin. Still fine. And once we come to faith in Christ we will love God and others.

Fine. Then he ruined the whole thing with gibberish. I wish I had the text.

He went on to say that these things “are not enough”. Still fine, if the point was that we cannot earn grace or salvation. But that was not his point at all. He claimed that if we are doing good because it is pleasing to God, avoiding evil because it is pleasing to God, and loving God and others, we are not rightly motivated and these are not good enough. Again, he was not on about works based anything, he was creating fear and doubt where there need be none.

He said that we need to do these things ONLY because we love God. Do them not because good works are right, not because sin is sin, and not because it is pleasing to God when we do those things, love Him, and love others. Do them ONLY because we love God.

There was a time when I would hear stuff like that and try to take it on board. I didn’t hear the absurdity back then. I heard some type of encouragement that always left me feeling backslid. I would feel everything but joy. Now I see why.

Another way to say what he said would be “When we love God we do what is right according to God and pleasing to Him”. But somehow within that statement he found a disconnect where splits hairs too finely saying that we are not to be trying top please God, we are not to do right for rights sake, we are ONLY to love God. That we would do those things for someone we love because it pleases them is a problem for the guy. You could go blind trying to figure out his actual point, but it did sound really cool and churchy and very emotional.

That pastor is playing with words to create something that stimulates the emotional palates of the women listening. Women will argue that what he said makes perfect sense. They will try and restate it in different ways that also make no sense. And should you attempt to discuss it with a woman you will end up learning once of the pillars of perceived female spiritual superiority. They do not listen for the meanings of things. they listen for how the things make them feel.

The church is over flowing with stuff like this. It chases men away because we cannot get our minds around it. It makes us feel inadequate. It pits us against women and gives the women whatever head start they need to always be running ahead in the race.

It is also why I do not pray aloud with my wife. I cannot communicate that way. I can neither speak nor understand it. No one can.


7 thoughts on “Churchians making things unreachable

  1. Yeah it’s basically a trap. The idea is that you should be more concerned about how you feel than about the choices you make. That somehow your feelings lead to moral behavior. However it has to be done. There are real people out there in need of food, shelter, clothing and protection from evil. There are people who live in darkness. It’s about real lives.

    Just to warn the guys here: preaching the Word of God will, at first, drive women and thus their families away from church. It will sound hard hearted and offensive, even though it actually encourages charitable behavior and encourages building character

  2. Exactly. The Ad I heard serves o actually demotivate men from doing the work you describe. If I am going to go and give, build, serve, sacrifice, and some babbling emoticon is going to create something so complicated as a right motive that i cannot understand it and certainly will never achieve it, I would tend to think, why bother.

    I’m glad you wrote that, i should have written that into the post to contrast it to the gibberish the guy was speaking.

  3. I wonder if this guy was doing this consciously or unconsciously.

    You have to admire his artistry though. By equating doing good with only loving God, and since love these days is a feeling, not action, doing good becomes all about feelings. Ready made Hamster food.

  4. That was the point in hind sight, it is hamster food. But it is so much more. It has utility. It at once discourages men (and some women) while the speaker FEELS as if he is raising the bar, not preaching mealy mouthed easy faith, sharing hard truth, like that. In fact its akin to the rest of what passes for exegesis whereby the listener can take what he or she wants based on how it makes them feel.
    The churchian woman can love the Personal Jesus, and by that virtue she can lead her husband.

  5. I detest emotional men, causes a physical visceral reaction in me. Disrespect for men, and pastors being womanish and emotional are tied for reason #1 I’ll never go back to church.

    Wish I could say it’s because God is not to be found in modern churches, but that’s #2 on my list.

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