Bang with friends is a bad App(le)

Have you heard about Bang With Friends?(may be NSFW) I found a write-up about it that tells us a lot about our morality.

The writer is masterful at finding any lever with which to pry open a controversial aspect of this new app., but what she lacks is the ability to see how contradictory her various angles are.

I find the whole concept offensive for the obvious reasons. The author doesn’t find it offensive because it is offensive:

And it’s likely you’ve got a few Facebook friends who are little more than acquaintances who you want to get to know better. Nothing wrong with that.

She finds it offensive because of:

My problem with the app is that what it boasts as being an upfront way to cut through the awkwardness of broaching sex is, in practice, a furtive and exploitative kind of gawking.

Gawking. Oh, Facebook pictures and comments about every aspect of life, including pics of the food on your plate are in no way a sign of a problem. But gawking at same? Well that is exploitative. Maybe she can just store her photos on her own device and allow no one to see them.
She has other problems:

For instance, as a female, the site only allows me to choose from my male friends (and vice versa if you are a male), so the gay community is NOT ALLOWED TO BANG. Soz y’all. And nevermind that you’re not even consenting to have your image used on this glorified whorehouse (the founders’ email is simply “Online Pimp”), because being sexually objectified is “flattering,” just like being catcalled in the street.

It is bad. But it is double bad because gays are excluded, um…..from this bad thing.
And again with the objectification. And finally sexism:

As a woman, I find the homepage image you guys use on your site quite disturbing. An inert, faceless woman on a bed with a dress pulled up over her head doesn’t exactly scream “equality for the sexes.” Why did you choose a woman and not a man?

The new new morality. Posting yourself and narcissism OK. Looking at the posts (the ostensible goal f posting), not ok….sexist. And, discrimination of gays. Unholy grails both.

11 thoughts on “Bang with friends is a bad App(le)

  1. From a Christian perspective this is just another venue to sin. From a humanistic perspective this is just another venue for sex. I imagine that soon homosexuals will also be able to use this “service” as the more folks who use it, the more revenue for the folks selling the application. (That is if it is for sale and not free)

    I really do not understand all the fuss about gawking and objectification. A man, or woman, can visually check out a member of the opposite sex and not be sinning. I believe it is normal for people to be physically attracted to members of the opposite sex. The sin comes later if we choose to sin with that attraction. Kinda like being angry. It is not a sin to feel anger, but it is a sin to act out on that anger.

    Empath, do I get a bonus for being the first to comment on this thread?

  2. Empath:
    The more I read things like this, the more convinced I am that the modern female is completely worthless. I almost wish sometimes that I actually WAS gay: that way you’d never be with someone who hates you simply for being male (like women do).

  3. Eric, perhaps opt for celibacy, but not for gayness.

    I agree that it gets old that so many women hate men for being men. I was just out to eat dinner with my son and then to the pet store. At both places the women we encountered were friendly. I am very much implementing the strategy to just ignore the hate and absorb the positive. I use my faith to help me in that regard.

    Anyway, I am sure you are kidding about wishing you were gay Eric. I’m kinda comfortable not being in a relationship and just taking care of my wonderful son. Life is so much easier not having a wife.

  4. From the article:

    Do you have a burning desire to know which of your pals completely objectify you in their alone time?

    Whut? 😯

    OK, Jesus, anytime You’re ready to come back, I think we’re about done down here.

  5. @SSM:

    I read your blog again today. Your blog is outstanding just as Dalrocks. I also like this one and batista alot.

    I say to myself and to Jesus that I am so looking forward to Him comming back asap.

    I can sincerely say that your blogs have been a source of help and positiveness to me and I am sure to others as well.

    Empath’s about section is very true. I’m sure you already read it.

  6. Sunshinemary:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    I think these short clips from a recent movie says it all…

  7. Vascularity777:
    LOL—yes I was joking about becoming gay. This comment was a follow-up to the one I left for Jason on the previous thread. But it does make a point: if a man DID opt for becoming gay, what would women really offer as an alternative? Aside from the Biblical/moral arguments, they can’t really make a case that being straight is any better for a man, and arguably worse for him. The same can be said for porn, sexbots, &c.

  8. Porn is much easier than a wife, but Jesus is better than all. For me I need the self talk of reminding myself about Jesus to help me stay away from sin. But even if I do sin, (and I do) I know He will forgive me again and again. As is indicated in Romans, when a believer sins then grace abounds all the more, but we do not purposely sin so there be more grace. We just need to take care of ourselves and loved ones and others if possible and await His return. He is our hope.

    I knew you were kidding Eric. I do not believe a man can just opt to become gay later in life. I am sure that “syndrome” occurs earlier in life. I do not really understand homosexuality. To me it appears to be a personality disorder in addition to being a sin. Kinda like addiction becomes a sickness of sorts and at the same time is sin. I know others will refute what I just said about some sin being also like a mental illness and perhaps I am wrong.

  9. Social media is horrible, which is why I am not on Facebook, linked in, none of it. This seems like the next generation of technological sexual foolishness. For those who want to engage in porn-like activity in a less overt way.

    Totally unrelated to the topic at hand, but I really like the silly photo in your profile that I assumed is of you and your son.

  10. Yes, it was a few years back, he is now 16 and 6 feet tall to my 5’9″. We made those beards and head wraps and had this whole routine as terrorists, spoken with an Indian accent, where we asked, “why is it these Americans always gathering at the Target (store), they are so weak they just go straight to the Target”

  11. We made those beards and head wraps and had this whole routine as terrorists, spoken with an Indian accent, where we asked, “why is it these Americans always gathering at the Target (store), they are so weak they just go straight to the Target”

    Very funny. Weirdly funny, but funny.

    You’re 5’9″? We’re the same height you and me, LOL. I pictured you taller for some reason. Of course I picture all the men online as exceptionally tall for some reason. Well, almost all anyway. Think of it as a compliment.

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