Like American summer football practice, since its blazing hot outsideit is mandatory I post twice today…because I am stuck inside.

Tim Minnery of Focus on the Family, in an email I received,  writes one of the most amazing paragraphs I have ever read from the so called Christian right:

The majority opinions of the Court seemed to ignore the fact that children already pay the price of other social experiments like divorce and cohabitation. Children of same-sex unions are intentionally denied a father or a mother—not because of injustice in the world but as a result of two adults in a same-sex relationship who decide that what they want is more important than what children need. That’s not justice.(1)

What? Children of gays are INTENTIONALLY denied a father or mother while those of divorce are denied same…..because of “injustice in the world”.  Well now we finally have the profound reason that these Christian leaders casually dismiss what is happening in their churches. Injustice in the world just is….I guess, and their response is…….

“That ole injustice just keeps gettin’ worse out there folks, it is impacting well more than half of the children born since 1980.”

Now back to DOMA and the effect it has on less than 1% of children…..

(1) Note that he ends the piece by saying the effect of gay marriage on kids IS injustice after suggesting that it is NOT because of injustice….is this guy really over public policy for FOTF?


10 thoughts on “Two-a-days

  1. The ‘Christian Right’ in America is a strange beast. The Protestants abandoned a very long-standing support of Family a long time ago continuing a long standing traditional difference from Catholicism. Despite ‘advocating’ for Family in the secular sense, Protestantism in general abandoned the Sacramental aspects, denying the very link with God that the Catholics were left to defend by themselves.

    So many good, fine people in the ‘Christian Right’ have allowed themselves to move further and further away from the Church that Christ Himself started. Appeals to secular Justice concepts, even ‘Zoszhial Justiz’, negate Divine Justice. Or try to.

  2. What Tim said about same-sex families is true though. That he fails to see that single motherhood and frivorce are just as deliberate choices is the problem.

    Perhaps he is amenable to reason and just hasn’t thought it through yet.

    A couple of years ago it probably wouldn’t have occurred to me to think that all of them are chosen injustice being inflicted on children, likewise the injustice of family courts.

    Ok perhaps I am being overly optimistic thinking he is simply unaware but you never know.

  3. Empath:
    I’ve noticed that practically none of these characters of the ‘Focus on the Family’ stripe want to explain exactly how DOMA helped anything. If it did, they wouldn’t be preaching all this ‘stepping up’ BS or divorce counseling because families would more intact and increasing again.

    What did DOMA really accomplish? It defined marriage as ‘between one man and one woman’. And then what? Nothing. It didn’t strengthen traditional families and then most gay activists ignored it anyway.

  4. Jason:
    Our state ‘legalized’ gay marriage last year; and ironically its advocates made the same point you just did: that with sky-high heterosexual divorce rates, it was absurd to argue against homosexual families raising children.

  5. Eric:

    It is difficult to deny that they have a point. If being raised by a single parent is acceptable then you can hardly complain about same-sex marriage. There isn’t a huge amount of difference.

    I’d be interested to see the same-sex family study results from last year that caused a stink compared to single mother families. My guess is they would be similar result wise.

  6. Not to nitpick, but do you think he actually meant that when two parents marry and have children, they don’t ‘intentionally’ want to deprive them of a mother or father in future? And that gays or lesbians who decide to have children, right from the start, intend to deprive such a child of both a mother and father?

    It could also purely mean that children of divorce are denied their rights to both their parents because of the injustice of divorce imposed on them by a Legal System, but the children of gay parents have that same injustice imposed on them, not by the system, but by their own gay parent’s selfish choice? As I said, nitpicking but it’s a point to consider.

  7. Not to nitpick, but do you think he actually meant that when two parents marry and have children, they don’t ‘intentionally’ want to deprive them of a mother or father in future? And that gays or lesbians who decide to have children, right from the start, intend to deprive such a child of both a mother and father?

    Possible. Intend is useful to make a point. Whether it is intend or literally injustice both are only off by the chronology of them being present.

  8. Jason:
    If women had any sense of shame or remorse, stories like that would cause a national backlash. It has to be humiliating for women to realize that they can’t even compete with gay twinks as mothers.

    And if any of them want to complain about that; point out to them that gays are huge supporters of the adoption industry and that no gay man in human history has ever had an abortion.

    When men think about like this, it really becomes increasingly difficult to justify the pursuit of women at all. I dropped out of the dating scene altogether because I couldn’t think of a single reason to remain there—it doesn’t benefit a man in the slightest to have a woman in his life; it fact it generally makes his life much worse to get involved with them. There isn’t ANYTHING a woman can or will do for a man that he can’t do for himself; and as the gay activists correctly pointed out, even they can parent at least as well.

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