Frivolous Divorce Prevalance, Point goes to Dalrock

Dalrock and HUS have an ongoing dust up about the prevalence of frivolous divorce. I came across a site called Womans Divorce where I found the results from a survey of 1745 divorced women regarding the primary reason for their marriage breakup. The results are shown below and linked here.

Answers Percentage Responses
Infidelity 26.7% 465
Violence 8.6% 150
Money 6.1% 107
Children 1.0% 18
Incompatibility 17.1% 298
Grown Apart 20.2% 352
Other 20.3% 355
Total number of responses: 1745

I make no claims about margins of error or confidence levels or Z scores or any statistical metrics. But look at those results. At the very least nearly 44% of the divorces were frivolous (Incompatibility + Grown Apart+ Money). If you include all of the “Other” category as frivolous the number is nearer to 66%, our magic two thirds number. Finally, only 36% are in categories we could say with some confidence were not frivolous.

To be fair, drilling into the “other” category may reveal some divorces that we would not consider frivolous. Bear in mind I am not using strict biblical grounds as  the cut off for calling a divorce frivolous.

Women have written their divorce stories on the site. They appear at the bottom of the page with the chart on it. Most manosphere readers know how to read and understand these stories, the more cynical of us reached a point where we take nothing at face value regarding this subject. My take away was that the stories qualitatively support the conclusion the numbers reflect. The majority of female initiated divorces are filed frivolously.

Point: Dalrock


8 thoughts on “Frivolous Divorce Prevalance, Point goes to Dalrock

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  2. “To be fair, drilling into the ‘other’ category may reveal some divorces that we would not consider frivolous.”
    Maybe, drilling the “infidelity” category may reveal some divorces caused by the woman cheating. That would also increase that what we would consider frivolous, no?

  3. I heard the story yesterday of a Christian rocker I wasn’t familiar with who was arrested for trying to hire someone to murder his estranged wife. If he did that, it’s reprehensible and he deserves to be locked up.

    Still, I thought the petition for divorce she filed certainly fit the description of a frivorce: “Tim was unavailable, obsessed with body building, fell asleep once while the kids were in the pool.”

    She was filing for sole custody of the 3 kids.

    Of course, if he was stupid enough to do this, she’ll get it. But the flip side is that she won’t get any alimony or child support cause he can’t work while locked up.

  4. Empath:
    One problem I’ve always had with Dalrock’s statistics (and most other such surveys as well) is that they all make the error of assuming that the women being surveyed are actually telling the truth. Women rarely tell the truth about anything; even when it is in their interests to do so.

    The best way to interpret statistics of any kind is not to listen to what women say; but watch what they do. When, for example, surveys show that most women oppose abortion—while others show that the majority of women have actually had them and want abortion to remain legal—the second stat is a lot closer to the truth.

    The same with this stuff about frivolous divorce. Poll any number of women and the majority will spout off about ‘soul mates’ and how marriage should last forever. Yet 2/3 of marriages end in divorce; with women responsible for almost 90% of them.

  5. To add to Licome’s point, among Christian women, drilling into the infidelity category very likely includes women who’s husband has done nothing beyond looking at porn. And while that is certainly not cool, especially if it becomes and obsession, it absolutely is not the same as actual physical infidelity.

  6. This is the best article I’ve read in a very long time on this divorce section. I have lived all of the points .. being married to a narcissist. I didn’t know a lot of what I was going through until separation and when I started to get some help. I have learned the hard way to pull away, not try to co-parent and document every little thing because a pattern of behaviors will begin to emerge that will help alleviate the ‘crazy head’ feeling. I can’t believe all I have gone through, and it is exhausting and scary to look back. It’s also horrible how many people are fooled by conflict personality types — from therapists, to lawyers and even judges. That’s why it took me 18 months to save enough incidences before I filed for a contempt.

  7. Far, far away from the Dalrock/HUS kerfluffle, the two main reasons commonly cited for a rather long time by marriage researchers for divorce are: money and the inability to conceive.

    After kids are present you can toss out the latter; I suppose they could have buried infertility under “Other”. But Money coming in at just 6.1% is not very believable.

    If you want to be sure of getting a wrong answer, ask a woman some question.

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