15,000 Happy Mother’s Days

HuffPo has a short article up with an interesting fact about Mother’s Day.

Apparently Mother’s Day magnifies the amalgam of life’s choices and the side effects those choices have wrought

From work obligations to play dates, doctor’s appointments and so much more, busy moms have a lot on their plates

So, some Moms are doing something about it. AshleyMadison.com reports:

the highest spike in female signups on the day after Mother’s Day. In 2012, they saw a whopping 439 percent increase on that day as compared to a typical Monday.

There are lots of plates to spin

From work obligations to play dates, doctor’s appointments and so much more, busy moms have a lot on their plates

And finally the harried Mom decides to go and do something for herself only to find that by adding infidelity to the mix a tipping point is reached


Of 15,000 cheating mothers polled by infidelity site AshleyMadison.com, one in five said they’ve found themselves in a “sticky situation” while trying to balance motherhood with an affair.


Some of the things that can happen while balancing work/life/affair.

Of the 15,000 mothers polled, 67 percent reported that they have taken a call from their lover in front of their child.


Fity-six percent reported that they have been late to pick their child up from sports, school, a play date, etc.


Twenty-nine percent of the moms polled admitted to changing their child’s plans in order to accommodate a rendezvous.


Four percent of moms polled said that they have introduced their child to their lover under a false pretense.


The survey found that 2 percent of moms have been caught by their child in a compromising position.


Happy Mother’s Day



9 thoughts on “15,000 Happy Mother’s Days

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  2. Someone who is a good mother is, like the Proverbs 31 woman, to be admired and respected. But motherhood itself is just what it is.

    Personally I despise Mother’s Day, not because it exists but because of how in every church I’ve been in it is celebrated as being “Your Mom is so wonderful…” as though everyone’s mom is.

  3. Empath:
    Related story: Check out this Arch-Mangina:


    So this bozo is (seriously) calling for a ‘National Day of Male Atonement’

    “Has any woman in America escaped some amount of physical or sexual abuse at the hands of men?” Breggin screeches, “Maybe we should spend less time being curious about the female victims and more time asking ourselves as men, ‘What can we do to resist the age-old male drive to dominate and have power over women!'”

    Somebody should point out to the mangina Dr. Breggin that men are already doing a lot of atoning—in places like divorce courts. I have to say, on a personal note though, if this is any indication of where American male attitudes are really going, there may need to be some serious discussion in the Manosphere about the ‘expat option’. Believe me, if it comes to things like a National Day of Male Atonement, it will only be a matter of time before official vengeance starts to fall on men deemed not to have atoned enough.

  4. Peter Breggin? Isn’t he the one that advocates against the overprescription of psychoactive drugs, especially on unruly boys? If so, doubly bad on his part, because he already knows how important it is to question the “conventional wisdom”.

  5. Sigyn:
    Yes, he’s the same one. As a psychiatrist, too, he should realize that both the upsurge in congenital childhood psychiatric disorders and violence against women may have a lot more to do with the types of men women are choosing for fathers and husbands.

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