Where the best treasure lies

Ballista wrote a post called Woman Thy Name is Vanity about a week ago. In the comments we discussed a little bit about the tendency of women, Christian women, to demand that no matter how they let themselves look, their husband nod to their awesome awesomeness and the fact they they are hot hot hot. They do so by explaining it is whats on the inside that matters.

How does a curvy by choice secular woman find a work around? Well, simple, she understands something that Deti often writes about. Men find most women sex-able.

I can’t say it better than the author in her article called I’m Fat and Still Get Laid:

no man has ever seen me in a thong and then changed his mind about putting his willy inside of me. Never.

Its about perspective.

In the 80’s there was a radio show host in Chicago named Jonathon Brandmier. He did stupid parody songs, one to the tune of Petticoat Junction. It went like this…

Get rid of all that fat

Thats been hangin’ down your back

with some suction

Lipo Suction

He didn’t know that instead of surgery, a simple change in perspective would suffice:

Through rigorous mental exercise, I’ve become very comfortable with what my mama gave me: bouncy little boobies and rounded hips and curves that wrap into those special fleshy warm bits like a kind hand gently guiding towards where the best treasure lies

Who would want rid of signposts that point to the best treasure?

When you take the entire corpus of female centric and feminist writing and opinion and imagine the dystopian future if all these ideas manifested as normative….what do you imagine?

Don’t answer with pictures.


16 thoughts on “Where the best treasure lies

  1. Truth is, despite most of the faux alpha posturing men do, most men will actually hump just about any woman if they think shes their best option at the moment.

    Basically it’s the sexual equivalent of a fire sale. Because men tend to want sex more than women do, on average, they offer women good “deals” on casual sex, so women can sometimes punch above their SMV weight when they finally decide to “buy”.

  2. Retrenched is right, most men give a higher priority to their sex drive than to their dignity. Unfortunately, this tendency hurts all men, as women can drop their standards.

  3. “special fleshy warm bits”

    Remember back when women actually had some class? Like, when our grandmothers were young?


    most men will actually hump just about any woman if they think shes their best option at the moment

    Unfortunately, that contributes to the problem. It’s like women have decided en masse to decide just how ugly physically and behaviorally they can become before men will no longer want anything at all to do with them.

  4. ” It’s like women have decided en masse to decide just how ugly physically and behaviorally they can become before men will no longer want anything at all to do with them.”

    Sounds like a society wide fitness test to me. Only it is going to take more than Agree and Amplify to fix.

  5. @Retrenched and @donalgraeme

    Actually this is the biggest sin I see in men that I would call out if I were to give a legit “man-up” sermon, and perhaps where the focus needs to lie. So many of them don’t have control of themselves and are running after women, really after their vaginas. Vagina worship is unfortunately the accepted thing in society, to the point that people will hate on you because you aren’t a sniveling little [vagina] beggar. Especially they will hate on you if your sole goal in life isn’t the approval, supplication, and acceptance of a woman (or multiple women in the case of the PUAs) who deigns to allow you to be her personal lickspittle. Even the ones that are supposed “manosphere” and have taken the red pill will resist you on these things.

    Self-doubt in being free is a big danger, especially due to the resistance such a position brings. Men just don’t value themselves enough by seeing their self-worth in how useful they are to women. Why don’t men just rise up against this tyranny? Slavery is comfortable to those who find comfort in it, and they find comfort in enslaving others. 1000 years of ingrained man-hating female-supremacy doesn’t go away overnight.

  6. As a curvy, normal weight woman, the whole conflation of curvy with fat is really starting to rankle me, but that’s off topic.

    This is an excellent post and I think Ballista hit on something worth exploring. Ferdinand Bardamu used to write that the men and women of a culture are of equal caliber.

    He was right. We focus on the scourge of feminism, and rightly so, but it’s only half the story.

  7. @empathologism
    I think a lot of it has to do with what men are willing to accept. I came across a couple of old posts I saved (been trying to clean up my blog stuff) full of pictures like that.

    I think feminism (of all stripes) has driven down the quality of women that men are willing to accept and have increased the costs that women put upon the prospect of dating and marriage. Like I wrote here. When you get poor quality at a high price, it should be a natural, expected, and accepted consequence that men are avoiding the purchase.

    Unfortunately, those who resist the idea (for any reason) are fully into feminism. You really have to deal with both sides of the coin after they repent of the feminism. The acceptance of the feminism itself is the real issue we’re facing, societally. We have to get to the sorrow and “what should I do?” before the next step comes.

  8. General question since I wasn’t around to see In Mala Fide: What was up with Ferd anyway that people were attracted to him? If what I hear (TAFKA Ferd is now Matt Forney) is true, I really don’t get it. For the time I’ve followed Matt Forney, I can’t say I get it. Throw in the anti-male stuff that’s been noted from him, and it makes me really wonder what the appeal was.

  9. Ferd was an equal opportunity hater. At least at first he was. I appreciated that -despite some vehement disagreement with him on many issues- he saw that all segments of our culture and society worked together to get us where we are.

    That, and it was his inclusion of my posts in his weekly LIGFY linkfest that even made me aware that there was such a thing as a manosphere. I’ve been quite enlightened as a result.

    Near the end, he lost much of his appeal though.

  10. Donaldgraeme:
    “Women can drop their standards.”

    I haven’t seen much evidence that they actually have any standards at all. What men need to realize that if they really were ‘Alpha’ males, they wouldn’t care about these low-quality women at all.

    “The strongest man is he who stands alone: the mercenary male, striding from land to land with bonds, ideals, or commitments. Stunned and shaking, the elites and its feminist allies already stand trembling at this rising tide of masculine disengagement.”—Rookh Kshatriya

  11. Sunshinemary:
    “It’s like women have decided en masse to decide just how ugly physically and behaviorially they can become before men want nothing more to do with them.”

    No. What is going on is pandering to the lowest common denominator. These ugly, fat, and dysfunctional Ameroskanks are desperate to hold onto their social monopoly on sex. Their obsession with ugliness has more to do with the ‘deconstruction’ of beauty and femininity so that all females—no matter how unattractive—have the same status as attractive ones.

    BTW, watch the mainstream media closely: they push this idea continually.

  12. The conflation of curvy with fat, IMO, is done more by those who are fat but prefer the word curvy. You didnt allege otherwise, but just to be clear, I do not conflate the two, nor do I find only waifs attractive.

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