One X Bad, Two X Good

Louise Pennington, who writes for the Huffington Post, says:

The older I get, the more I believe that ‘equality’ is nothing more than a smokescreen to prevent the true liberation of women.

This is most interesting. Here’s the article by the way:

It is called “Becoming a Radical Feminist: On Male Violence, Cultural Femicide and Sisterhood”.

In this article, she writes about how she believes that “the source of women’s oppression is male violence which is perpetuated by the structures of our capitalist economy”. She writes:

Feminism requires more than equality. It requires liberation. It require the liberation of ALL women from male violence.



In a sense, this is brilliant marketing. Ideally, good marketing means that what you have to offer is ALWAYS wanted. That creates cash flow. There is a cash flow of ideas as well, and liberation is one that works very well, especially if you don’t define clearly what you want liberation from. “Male violence” is great because as we’ve seen it can be defined in so many ways! But following listing her sources of inspiration (including Andrea Dworkin, Kate Millet, Susan Faludi, Gail Dines, Germaine Greer and so on) she has given a strategy for her approach.

My feminist activism involves privileging women’s voices over men’s voices. I now only read books written by women. I try to get my main news from women’s news sites and women journalists like Soraya Chemaly, Samira Ahmed, Bidisha, Helen Lewis, Bim Adewunmi, and Sarah Smith. I follow only women journalists on Twitter and Facebook. I support organisations which are placing women’s experiences at the centre of public debate: Women Under Siege, The Everyday Sexism Project, and The Women’s Room UK.


I’ve heard and seen more than one person in the manosphere ask this of Feminists: what is the endgame? What does a Feminist victory look like? Vagaries and platitudes are the best possible response.

The idolatry of this is profoundly disturbing. We are way past the maxims of Animal Farm and way into the Newspeak.



9 thoughts on “One X Bad, Two X Good

  1. It is actually rather clever, when you think about it.

    “It require the liberation of ALL women from male violence.”

    What is the only possible way to achieve this goal?

    A. A matriarchal society where men are crushed so thoroughly and completely that we become the equivalent of Boxer. A condition where men have no more traces of masculinity, but instead are nothing more than mobile organic appliances for women.

  2. What’s hilarous is that she needs male violence in order to get males to fall in line. If she didn’t have the government’s guns held by men at other men, she couldn’t have anything from her Feminist Utopia.

  3. Yes–everything done for liberation is justified, even if there is no apparent liberty in the process, because the aim is so apparently noble. And divide and rule is a time honoured tactic used to pursue victory.

    So for example: the University of Toronto has been dealing with Feminists who want to shut down free speech there. They wouldn’t have the right to protest were it not for laws that protect freedom of speech. However they don’t merely want to stop people from speaking freely who demonstrate obvious intent to harm others by means of using their speech to influence others to cause harm. They want to be able to interpret the intent based on what they infer from it and have the law support them in banning that which offends them.

    In other words–it’s not that you’re a rapist–it’s that you MIGHT BE a rapist someday.

  4. Here’s a question:
    Suppose you substituted every reference to ‘women’ in her article with the word ‘Aryan’. And then substituted every reference to men with the word ‘Jew.’ Would people see it for what it really was then?

  5. Regarding her “feminist activism”.

    This is a great way to get idiotic drivel out of mainstream newspapers and television. Finally,a feminist we can support! GRrrrrl powwah. You teach those evil men who’s boss by lurking in the corner like the filth you are.

  6. where hyper-masculinity was the norm and feminism didn’t exist

    Hyper masculinity bad. Yashar good

    The church has its movement about stepping up.

    All are aligned against men. Period.

    If you read and her new location you will find serious cognitive dissonance, not that sort which Pennington refers to. This woman rose to VP and Partner of a huge financial company, then broke away to become … advocate. Now you will see she travels and speaks to women about their oppression. Look through the photos of these feminist leaders sipping wine and dressed in more money than the women they claim to heart ache for will see in a lifetime. I had the occasion to engage her by email for a period of months, culminating in her inviting me to write counter point posts for her original site. She rejected the very first one, and said it was likely a bad idea.

    That is the face of feminism, one face anyway. Hob nobbing with the likes of Marissa Mayer and complaining about the status of women, blissfully unaware of how ridiculous they appear to the rational mind.

    Jackie was one I asked the question, what does the world look like when there is no longer a need for feminist activism? When can they put paid to the check? This same question can be asked about racism. She cannot answer, because they specifically state they wish to drive THOUGHT. They wish to control body language and facial expressions. All that can half way tangibly be codified has been codified in law. Now what?

    Well, utopia. That thing we all likely imagined during late night beer fueled conversations in university, the way we would go about fixing everything and everyone. These women have yet to and will never grow up.


    This earned Lady Gaga a spot as one of the top ten feminists.

    The “you are special” thing is as big an aspect of feminism as anything else….no….its more. This advocacy and utopia chasing is attention getting, full stop. The more outrageous the better, all to be a small child crying for attention.

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