The Turn of the Tide

It has happened again–another attempt to discuss the difficulties men and boys face shut down by raging feminists. And this rather decent minded fellow, trying to see the good in everyone, speaks about it here. As I said, I think he was trying to be fair (he does a reasonable synopsis of the events which is why I brought it up) though I think his point of view is naive, and that the comments section puts things into proper perspective.

What is interesting is reading the comments. The conduct of MRAs and CAFE members was calm, thoughtful and courteous in general as shown in the video. One of the commenters points out this:

If these people are willing to talk rationally then why do they not? No one is silencing them. What has stopped this woman or any other protester from saying something when someone flying the flag of feminism throws every man and child under the bus to make domestic violence synonymous with “violence against women” and why does this need to be done twice as hard in places where domestic violence is more likely to have a male face.
Why do they remain silent when the defenition of rape was changed in the US to specifically. Exclude male victims of female perpetrators.
And why are they so unwilling to come to the defence of their beloved ideology when anyone on the MRA side of things asks for reasoned conversation or public debate of the issues?
Is this about their rights or their fear of losing control of the dialog?

And as another pointed out:

Feminists are judged not so much on the actions of random groups (good or bad), but on their most high profile organisations and political figures.. I.e. the ones who ahve the greatest impact on all our lives.

The dominant ideology of such people is that of gender feminism, with zero concern for men, fairness or equality. They don’t’ want equality of opportunity but equal outcomes, and even then they only want this in areas where women are performing poorly. In fact, even when women outperform men, such as in higher education they’re happy for sexist programmes, scholarships and quotas to continue, thus making the gender gap ever greater.

Even moderate feminists never really condemn the huge amount of hate and sexism in their movement, and most moderate feminists find the term so tarnished that they no longer identify as feminists anyway. As a resuslt it’s become more misandrist and extreme movement by the day.

The tide is, I believe turning. I brought this up though to emphasize that when I was speaking before about the importance of doing positive things, that these are good examples of that. The meetings being held to discuss how men and boys can be helped are very useful–and they also show a contrast of behaviour that cannot help but sway public opinion. When you have someone calmly listening and asking questions while someone snarls obscenities at you–who is being the reasonable one? As stated, nothing prevented these feminists and their supporters from joining in a Q&A or offering another venue for debate–it’s a freaking University, after all. So on both counts–bringing up the subjects in question and on conduct that exposes the foolishness and hypocrisy of the opponents–I think this one is a win.


17 thoughts on “The Turn of the Tide

  1. I have rarely seen or heard a Feminist discuss anything. They ‘SPEAK OUT’. They shout and demand. Any question or suggestion that does not fit their agenda is immediately howled down. They can get to be Cabinet Ministers and Prime Ministers but there is still a ‘glass ceiling’ apparantly and MEN!!!(tm) are there to BLAME.

  2. “Equality” for everything = Feminism = Communism = goes against Commandment #10 — Do not covet.

    Sadly, I don’t think any of these in-road are progress at all. Especially when feminism — aka most women and white knights — are the majority and will continue to be the majority of the population for a long, long time.

    I applaud MRAs for making the attempt though and will continue supporting them.

  3. The tide may be turning a bit, but if feminists can’t shut down the debate, then they will ask for “compromise”. Don’t fall for it. That’s a warning.

  4. And there is little difference between gender feminism and equity feminism, except in their methods. One believes in true equality and the other one in fake equality (punishment of males across the board), but either way equality shouldn’t be the goal. Equality isn’t good.

  5. And since it will never exist, the dream will never be complete. It’s a never ending useless chase.

  6. Arianna Pattek, a racist, man-hating feminist bitch

    In the above link, you will find evidence of her committing the CRIME of discrimination based on a man’s race.

    I have included her personal email, the email of her academic advisor, link to her Facebook account, link to her two blogs, and her pictures as well.

    I suggest you men write to her through her email, Facebook, and blogs, and tell her that you are reporting her for the CRIME of discrimination against men.

    American women are really evil bitches.

  7. John, I hae a few thoughts on your post. First of all, you have pointed out a genuine problem, a corrupt person in a position of authority using her ideology rather than fairness as a basis for judging people’s fitness to enter an educational facility as students.

    Second, I think the way you’ve posted is a good example of what I’ve been trying to caution people against. You notice that in the videos of the latest protests the MRAs were calm and thoughtful in the face of the Feminists screaming obscenities and having knee jerk reactions to whatever they said. The problem is that the people are deceived into believing Feminism is good. Because of this it is vital that we use the tactics of the wise. Don’t be tempted into saying things like “American women are really evil bitches”. This is obviously because you are angry, but giving in to your anger doesn’t help our cause. Do not describe her as such either, and don’t write to her personally. I mean just read her blog: do you honestly think that this will intimidate or persuade her? Apart from everything else, it’s besides the point.

    Third: we cannot and should not attack Feminists for being Feminists. Why? Because one of our important tactics HAS to be about free speech. If you notice in the links I posted above, Feminists are attacking people’s rights to speak freely about things they believe in, even where they offer no threat or harm to anyone. We cannot attack them merely for being Feminists.

    Also: in her case, look at the news articles: she’s being depicted as an altruistic person devoted to community service–and you’re calling her an evil bitch? How successful do you imagine that will be?

    Finally: she’s not even working at the University anymore, she’s in Madagascar apparently, and doing work that most people would commend her for. The last entry in that blog was in August last year. So really–what would you propose–attacking her at her Alma Mater for something she did last year? While it was definitely wrong, there’s not a lot you can do about it apart from writing a letter to the University’s ombudsman or whatever they have to complain about an ethics case. Since she apparently threw out the applications she didn’t like, I wonder if there’s even any record of them?

    Obviously this is someone to keep an eye on–she has behaved in a corrupt manner when she had power once and may likely do it again. But for the time being, observe and report should be the order of the day.

  8. McScribe, glad you are actively posting. Please don’t stop. Ive been insanely busy and likely will continue to be for some time. Your posts are usually better anyway.

  9. Thank you very much. Compliment appreciated.

    BTW: update on the John Rambo post: I don’t think it’s really spam. There’s more to the stuff that John Rambo linked, more links related to the person by him. What I disagree only with is how it was expressed.

    Having said this, it seems some people in the manosphere are gunning to have the woman exposed for her corrupt behaviour–but doing it much as I have suggested doing it. As I also had stated, evidence is not as simple as proposed, but the tactics they are employing are in my opinion the right ones–investigate, keep an eye on things.

    We need to all bear this in mind: the Bible teaches us that evil is at its most effective when it appears to be good. Feminism APPEARS to be about creating a better world for everyone. It isn’t. It isn’t even about creating a better world for women–if it was, they would care more about teaching women to be strong people with wisdom and an ethical understanding of how to create that world, rather than trying to create an army of entitled fanatical professional victims. In an odd way, this woman is honest–when there are no men in any positions of power anywhere, that will start to approach the Feminist ideal. They will use any tactics, as I stated in my original posts about this subject, to achieve those aims. We must in this be wise and godly in our response.

  10. when there are no men in any positions of power anywhere, that will start to approach the Feminist ideal.

    Remember the thing I read awhile back where the woman said something about 60% college degrees going to women was “approaching balance”.

  11. Soujournerscribe has educated me and my understanding of what feminism really is. At first I really didn’t know what the deal was until I got a hold of the ‘redstock manifesto’ and couldn’t believe my eyes as to how many women actually agreed to it. So feminist being hateful, one sided and completely unreasonably doesn’t surprise me.

  12. #Deep Strength: Sir/Madam, feminists will break every commandment. It is only their individual cowardice that stops them directly killing anyone, but even there they play the Game of “Let’s you and him, fight” and get the powers of the State to do their killing for them. Their main weapon is Calumny, bearing False Witness. They certainly do not honour their Father. You can fill the rest in yourself.

    It is important that as opponents to Feminism that we conduct ourselves with due dilligence as per the Commandments and civil conduct.

  13. EDIT: The study of feminism has been a pet project of mine for 8 years. I have never seen moderate feminists try to distance themselves from radicals and I have never seen moderates go after the anti-male sexism contained in radical feminist ideas. What I have seen are people that describe themselves as “feminists” do and say horribly sexist and anti-male things.

  14. Taking “feminism” to entail both normative and empirical commitments also helps make sense of some uses of the term ‘feminism’ in recent popular discourse. In everyday conversation it is not uncommon to find both men and women prefixing a comment they might make about women with the caveat, “I’m not a feminist, but…”. Of course this qualification might be (and is) used for various purposes, but one persistent usage seems to follow the qualification with some claim that is hard to distinguish from claims that feminists are wont to make. E.g., I’m not a feminist but I believe that women should earn equal pay for equal work; or I’m not a feminist but I’m delighted that first-rate women basketball players are finally getting some recognition in the WNBA. If we see the identification “feminist” as implicitly committing one to both a normative stance about how things should be and an interpretation of current conditions, it is easy to imagine someone being in the position of wanting to cancel his or her endorsement of either the normative or the descriptive claim. So, e.g., one might be willing to acknowledge that there are cases where women have been disadvantaged without wanting to buy any broad moral theory that takes a stance on such things (especially where it is unclear what that broad theory is). Or one might be willing to acknowledge in a very general way that equality for women is a good thing, without being committed to interpreting particular everyday situations as unjust (especially if is unclear how far these interpretations would have to extend). Feminists, however, at least according to popular discourse, are ready to both adopt a broad account of what justice for women would require and interpret everyday situations as unjust by the standards of that account. Those who explicitly cancel their commitment to feminism may then be happy to endorse some part of the view but are unwilling to endorse what they find to be a problematic package.

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