There’s always teh pornz

So thankful that Jim Daly is on the job. He has, with the help of Al Mohler and some other influential Christian thinkers, finally summed up the things we Christians need to be most concerned with in today’s world. This blog entry breaks right through all the noise, and puts first principles first.

Its about the children. No more, no less, as he explains halfway though his entry:

In all this push for same-sex marriage rights the elites seem to have forgotten that it’s the children who are paying the steepest price.

He begins right on the money:

By now many of you may be weary of the seemingly never-ending discussion concerning same-sex marriage.

Then he lays out the tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes. As we unwitting and apathetic Christians stand by and watch…

We’ve already seen Christian photographers and Christian bakers who have been hauled into court for refusing to contract their services for same-sex marriage ceremonies. Christian adoption agencies have been forced to close their doors, depriving orphan children of wonderful platforms by which to find Christian, forever homes.

Really? Forever homes? The envy those kids must have for the Christian kids who get to have TWO forever homes. They get to stay at moms house all week for two weeks, then, every other weekend they get to go to dads efficiency unit and make fun camp outs on the floor in sleeping bags. They can even have friends stay over in the pretend camp ground, unless mom has charged dad with abuse. If she did, other kids are not permitted to be there. He is a dangerous purveyor of dirty looks and a financial control freak.

The kids denied forever homes end up having major issues…

As an example, I know a teacher who was telling me just the other day that he has a certain boy in his elementary school class. The child has two mothers. This child’s anger is out of control. Now, I know that can happen in a heterosexual family as well, but what’s different in this case is that the child continues to make up stories about his imaginary father. Intuitively he’s trying to compensate for what he’s been denied – even though he can’t quite articulate it. [instead of listening to stories that mom makes up about his actual father, those are too much fun]

This one example illustrates the emotional impact that a boy or girl may have when they are intentionally denied either a mother or a father.  They’re going to act out in some way and try to create that for themselves. [mendacity amplified, it seems he subscribes to the “divorce happened” narrative, giving sentience to a unilaterally carried out process]

They have a four point plan for individual Christians who oppose same sex marriage:

  1. Hold tight to the truths of the Scriptures. Do not grow weary.

  2. Honor a biblical understanding of marriage by remaining faithful to your respective spouse.

  3. Continue raising your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

  4. Share the Good News of the Gospel with all people. Be winsome but be bold.

1. Not including divorce, or anything that comprehensively deals with Ephesians 5.

2. I wonder if remaining faithful means remaining married

3. Whether you’ve been jettisoned or not….man up absent men!

What would the churchians do if they did not have these safe causes? Imagine we suddenly as a nation dealt with abortion and denied marriage to same sex couples. What would the Mohlers do to rally the ladies troops? They cannot use divorce. The troops ladies would blanch.

No worry, that leaves teh pornz. Whew….it was looking bleak for team churchians…


7 thoughts on “There’s always teh pornz

  1. Oh, the irony.

    Out of curiosity, does your pastor ever preach on divorce at all? I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever heard a sermon on that topic.

  2. I cant answer. We changed churches again, at Easter. Like a last resort. I think we hit gold. But not because of what he may or may not say on marriage….because he is exceptionally smart, very young for being so wise, and amazingly gifted for teaching.

    Have a listen, really …. I walked out after the past two weeks and said, “we have found an actual church”…meaning they are doing the stuff of Acts, and the disciples, and focused on the commission. Not one “3 point sermon” about how to handle fear….pop psych babble…etc. Instead, straight exegesis, and exceptionally delivered, a smallish (500 tops) place.

    So….we will see about divorce, but all considered, i’m feeling like we will stick and we have been chucrh unsettled for 5 years, and I hate it. Today, I actually worshiped and was spiritually engaged like i havent been in a long time.

    Enough…..give a listen at :

    Not the style guy who will do relational sermons that are not Word grounded it would seem.

    Ive heard it preached in only one context….when cheating is at issue, and the implication is the man doing it. Ive heard it said marriage is permanent…etc. But real teaching of real principles….not so much. If you listen to this guy Im interested to see if you think he would be a word mincer. I do not.

  3. I gave up ‘Church’ many years ago and only recently ‘returned’. (Catholic, by the way) Way back then I was increasingly deterred by the hipy-happy-guitar freaks who seemed to invade with the suddeness of the Vikings arriving at dawn. And by earnest priests babbling on with biblical passages ‘interpreted’ in a ‘modern’ fashion. And by the sudden change to the Mass being in English with the priest’s back to God.

    I can and did read the Bible. I did not need some semi-literate ex-student theologian preaching it to me. I did not go to Mass to hear a priest ‘sermonise’. That is much more a Protestant thing, it seems to me. As for singing some ‘pious’ claptrap with a feminised theme, and a Bert Bakarak lilt, or worse, Peet Seeger/Groan Byez. NO THANKS. Give me ‘Faith of our Fathers’ if it is to be a ‘modern’ song. Give me Warriors.

    I am back at church again after a very long time. I too have ‘found a church’ that despite the disaproval of the Archbishop, has Mass in Latin with Gregorian chant. The congregation attends to Worship God. Hey, how old fashioned. God is at the Centre. Jesus is right there. The priest ‘serves’ and leads in worship and thanks. It ain’t all about him or the women’s club and fund-raising and people swaying side to side with idiot grins. The Mass is beautiful. It is a sacred time. It is quiet with long periods of silence punctuated only by heartfelt (and ancient) prayers in a common language as the progress of the Mass unfolds, and the sound of a practiced tho’ small group of singers above and behind. Angelic.

    De Profundis…. Out of the Depths I cried to Thee O Lord…. He heard.

    I am beginning to know a few others there. After Mass we have a stand-around and chat time with a cup of tea on the lawn overlooking the D’Entrecasteau Channel. I find some men like the apostles of old. The Apostles carried swords.

    The Catholic Church is under seige.

  4. While doctrinally the Catholic Church is good on divorce, it is rarely a subject of attention by the Church. I have heard sermons where it is brought up, and it is never held up as anything but wrong in the eyes of God. However, the Church doesn’t give the divorce culture, especially no-fault (try unilateral) divorce, the kind of attention it gives to same-sex marriage or abortion. Like you have pointed out Empath, people prefer to go after soft targets rather than hardened ones.

  5. Some really good things said in that, Elspeth. They’re things that the Church needs to be shocked with. Marriage in and of itself is not important–our relationship with God and through Him one another is, absolutely agree. That needs to be taught more. And far far too many Christians enter the relationship too lightly and then do not take responsibility for having done so.

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