A police tape barrier, for culture…..”Wild Girls”, a ministry

I checked into a hotel in San Antonio last Friday evening. In walking the hallway to my room I encountered what looked like police tape across a nearby door. I wondered…..crime scene? Ebola? Cannot be good in proximity.

On the way back out to dinner I took the time to read the police crime scene  type tape that was in an X shape across the door. I realized, how nice to be so warned. Then I realized that, sadly, it would require a crew of men with huge rolls of tape to label the doors in just this 15 story hotel, let alone the other umpteen hotels in that convention city……if we were to be honest.

I think I will send some of this out to neighboring churches in my area. Maybe there is a ministry in it.

Police Line


4 thoughts on “A police tape barrier, for culture…..”Wild Girls”, a ministry

  1. I never saw, nor did I hear anything. Funny, there could have been some serious melange in my hall. On Tuesday night the Nuggets checked in, to play the Spurs. My hall was full of net bags hanging off doors w/ Nuggets practice uniforms in them, and as I left a guy pushing a Nuggets tub down the hall collecting. Just imagine, the team, and the wild girls. Id upgrade from ear plugs to a motorcycle helmet.

  2. That’s just stupid. Some of the things women come up with are embarrassing.

    They have been middle aged, but they may have been even older than that, LOL.

    No one grows up anymore anyway.

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