What did she mean by this?

“Woman knows what man has long forgotten, that the ultimate economic and spiritual unit of any civilization is still the family. -Clare Boothe Luce




21 thoughts on “What did she mean by this?

  1. that men going their own way and women going their own way would crush civility. There would be no fathers to raise sons, no fathers to protect daughters, women would have to work or sell themselves to provide for their families, so no parents. Brothers and sisters would not have the same father. Family wouldn’t take care of each other. Men would constantly be competing for the youngest, most fertile females. It would destroy women, I dare to think it wouldn’t be good for men either. Men would become more competitive and ruthless, there would be no reason for them to be kind or soft.

  2. But does she mean this is a principle by which women live more so than men? I understand the apocalyptic extrapolation, I just do not agree with her intro. nor the choice of the word “forgotten”.
    Then, if you know anything about her life the statement becomes even more nonsensical.

  3. So that would explain why women have aborted children by the millions and have initiated 70-90% of all divorces.

  4. Blaming men period. If women actually cared about family, they wouldn’t initiate most of the divorces and they would work things out more with men.

  5. LOL—if women believe that, please explain the divorce, abortion, and out-of-wedlock birthrates.

  6. Sis:
    You women have no one to blame but yourselves for ‘men going their own way.’ You’ve made it so that a relationship with a female is WORSE than being single. Getting involved with modern women is a suicidal course for any man to follow.

    As far as I’m concerned, you can all bang out feral offspring with the dysfunctional thugs and retards whom you all seem to prefer to decent men anyway. Meanwhile, men go their own way and survive happily.

  7. Sis in fairness to her has a blog that mentions women needing to honour their husbands more. Women like her are trying to explore the solutions; they are not part of the problem except insofar as all of us are.

    Clare Boothe Luce was one of the first American women who was an Ambassador. (to Italy and Brazil) Her first marriage ended in divorce. Her second marriage was equally troubled; both parties had affairs and were at times estranged. She was the daughter of a promiscuous mother. She was a famous writer during her time (she’s known for the witty remark “No good deed goes unpunished”), she did a fair amount of war journalism. She described WWII as “men have decided to die together because they are unable to find a way to live together”. She was also a Republican member of the House of Representatives.

    Following that part of her career she supported Senator Goldwater and Richard Nixon.

    Anyway, it’s a copout comment, but it is still common from women who were part of generations that felt frustrated and vented their anger at men. Basically the remark is a sharp tongued ‘bon mot’ of the Dorothy Parker type that has me saying “whatever”

  8. @ Eric:

    Most of the women who comment here are women sympathetic to the plight of men. Sis is married with children and not “bang out feral offspring with the dysfunctional thugs and retards”. Sheesh.

    As for the quote, Empath:

    I think this is a woman who is attempting to pander to women and has fully digested the meme that women understand the importance of family more than men does. I see no evidence in the surrounding culture to support her assertion.

    That women are often the primary breadwinners or heads of their households of their own volition indicates just the opposite: that most don’t understand how vital healthy families are to the spiritual and economic well being of society.

  9. Sojournerscribe:
    Ms. Claire was a Social Purity feminist of the old school; just like 90% of the so-called femRAs today. They hate men just as much as any other feminist; but are willing to accept us as necessary evils—so long as we ‘remember our place.’

    So it’s not very impressive when some neo-feminist like this writes about ‘the need to honor their husbands more.’ What they are REALLY concerned with are statements like: ‘Men would be competing for the youngest, most fertile females’ instead of where they’re supposed to be: tolerating an aging femihag who can’t ride the Cock Carousel anymore and resigns herself to faking an orgasm for a man she despises a couple of times a week.

    If these femRAs really meant what they said about marriage; they would encourage the most dominant men to pursue young, fertile females and commit to them. But instead, they want to control male sexuality.

  10. For the record Eric, I’m in agreement with you on the women who “ride the carousel” and then expect a top choice husband. I just don’t see how it fits the attack you leveled against Sis. She married very young to the one and only man she’s even been with.

    I don’t think any woman who comments here was over 22 when we married, in fact. We would do well not to devour one another and save the firepower for those who truly stand for the evil you are decrying.

    Now, if it is your contention that married women resolve ourselves to the idea that our husbands have a right to run out and get someone younger, tighter, hotter simply because time has done what time does, then yes, we have a problem. And it’s a Biblical one, not just a personal one.

  11. Elspeth:
    I would agree with you that your approach of younger women marrying is correct; but I also think it’s a minority position, even among ‘pro-male’ women.

    My main problem with Sis’ comment was her implication that MGTOW was damaging to women. Mostly, MGTOW is done from sheer self-preservation. As she said about family decay, and you mentioned again: that husbands have the right to run out and get someone younger , tighter, and, hotter—I can assure you that men rarely ever do this. It’s mostly cougarish wives throwing their husbands aside like a sack of garbage for some pathetic dysfunctional bum that’s feeding our divorce rate. Even Dalrock was forced to admit that Christian women essentially fare little better in this regard, the divorce rate among Christians being nearly 2/5.

    Obviously, even social and religious training can’t wipe out the misandry our culture instills in women very easily. And that is what needs to be addressed.

  12. I agree that men who choose MGTOW (as far as relations with women) are well within their rights to do so and are,I would argue are in very good company. Neither the Messiah nor St. paul was burdened with a wife.

    Insomuch as most men who go MGTOW are not interested in celibacy, then it becomes an issue that affects society as a whole in negative way.

    That said, I don’t have a lot of beef with your position. We essentially agree on the major points.

  13. Full disclosure, I had issues with Sis’ comment as well, but chose to try the tact of reasking my question instead. Its a case of sound points on both sides, I just didnt get where she was trying to go with her remark

  14. Going back to the original point of this post, the author of the quote is making a comment which was perfectly normal for the period. Its your typical Churchian “Women care more about family and others” kind of line which we now know to be garbage. Her later conversion to political conservatism has no impact on this, as feminism (in different forms) is found on both sides of the political spectrum. Not sure when this quote came about, so I can’t peg it as being the product of a particular “wave” of feminism. Although I maintain that the foundational impetus of feminism was much earlier and had a much greater impact than is generally believed.

  15. Empath & Elspeth:
    To clarify one more point on this: not all men who go MGTOW are celebate by choice. In fact, most MGTOW guys whom I know would probably make excellent husbands and fathers. But a lot of us feel it’s necessary; because in our current social climate, the alternative is actually worse. I’ve often compared the situation of men as analogous to a famine. Yes, it would be better for us to eat well and take care of ourselves nutritionally and society would benefit from physical fitness: but if it isn’t producing food, the best course is to steel your appetites as much as possible.

    It’s not much different for men in the marriage/dating/ relationship scene today. A lot of us don’t even participate in it anymore because it’s completely pointless for us.

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