Breaking for a couple of weeks

I am not sure what happened. Immediately following my mother passing I was too touchy and harsh in some comments I left around the webz. I also allowed myself to get sucked into CF too easily. Everything is process.

Regardless of that, have to break from my own blog for a couple of weeks.

Making my annual trip to San Antonio, for one thing, and this coming week lots of prep for it. Going to see GWB speak at the convention I attend, and that’s a fun thing to do (seeing an ex Prez speak, even one that is not the most dynamic of speakers) regardless one’s politics. Last year it was Robert Gates (if I implied its always an ex Prez, my mistake), and from the audience, a fellow from a middle eastern country asked gates in Q and A, “why is the US allowed nukes and Iran not?”….that made good theater. Maybe that same man will repeat that question.

See you around the rest of the places….unless something uncontainable falls in my lap and I pop a post sooner, it will be towards the end of March. Hopefully I get back on track. I will moderate, and check emails. Otherwise, time to Fokus Daniel-san on other things while.





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