New Prenuptial Breaking Precident Set

Prenuptial Agreement overturned in NY state supreme court.

And the world celebrates.

Reading through the story, the writer seems to say that the husband filed the divorce. I could not verify that with a cursory search.This and other articles are full of words like “victim of divorce” and “a divorce happened”. I’m a little suspicious simply because if in fact the man filed, and especially if he was having an affair or was abusive, those facts would be at the forefront of reporting the story. I could be wrong.

But the author says nothing about the marriage or its collapse. Note though that the wife states that her father had “already shelled out $40,000.00 for the wedding reception”, which was part of the leverage the man allegedly had over her when he forced her to sign the prenuptial. She also goes on to say that she had spent $475,000 on legal fees and her husband $600,000.00. Poor dear must be nearly destitute.

But she is exhausted and she is financially broke. It is affecting HER kids. Poor dear must be nearly destitute after her family digging so deep to pay for a massive wedding reception.

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the picture of the husband, I see McBadboy alpha dude player. Oh, its subtle and hard to spot (not really) but I’d wager.

It all ends well. She has built a business, teaching people how to prepare for divorce. The world wishes her well, she deserves it.


13 thoughts on “New Prenuptial Breaking Precident Set

  1. This idiot forgot the law is in place for women, and as a man you’re just a meal-ticket. He should have had several sweet-young-things in other countries to take care of his every need… American women are just hookers and you’re the John – you may forget it for a while, but they will want to pay for it eventually… Never forget that…

    I’ve seen too many friends who have forgotten and been screwed over… I’ve never made that mistake, and still have 18 year olds share my bed. Of course, they think they are getting something for it, and they are – a good pounding, a lot of DNA, and experience… That’s all I want from them, and that is all they will get. Of course, they always have other agenda’s but that’s not my fault… I love what Feminism have taught these children – they are so enjoyable and needy. They will do anything if they think it will benefit them in some way – just make sure it’s all in their head, and that they are at least 18. Then you’re good… Use them, dump them, get another… Repeat till happy…

  2. Odd, I went through a phone book one day out of curiosity, and called lawyers to see how much pre-nups cost. All the lawyers I spoke to said the same thing – nobody does them anymore – because pre-nup agreement lawyers were getting sued once the “agreements” were getting thrown out in court.

    This should not be a surprise to anybody that pre-nups get thrown out in court – it has been happening in this state for a very long time.

    “A contract is a contract is a contract”…

    Not anymore…

  3. “Precedent”.

    And I have to ask Doc, even though I suspect I will regret even going here:

    What is the point of leaving such comments on the blogs of married Christian men, whose readers ostensibly skew toward a more Christian view of these things? Are you evangelizing them away from their wives? The faith? Christian sexuality? Or are you simply interested in bragging about your conquests?

    This inquiring mind wants to know.

  4. That’s good. I believe this is only going to start a chain reaction of divorces.

  5. He filed for divorce. It wouldn’t have made sense for her to do so with that prenup hanging over her head. I wonder how much money she’ll get in the divorce.

  6. What is the point of leaving such comments on the blogs of married Christian men, whose readers ostensibly skew toward a more Christian view of these things?

    I also wondered. I actually get comments like this fairly regularly and don’t let them through. Today at work I popped “approve”, since I am all about the numbers now, dontcha know.

    “he should have several sweet things in other countries”? OK, my practical side asks, and he has to be a flight attendant to afford all the travel?

  7. A difficult and sometimes deadly business this ‘marriage’ these days. There is too little in the post to make any judgment as to who is worth what and who deserves what except some dignity for both. That is hard to come by these days even when it is free.

    As for ‘doc’s comment, he sounds typical of the younger men who think it is all about sex. Hey, fella, there is more to it. If you think that 18 y/os are just about your level, well find one and get to know her well. Very well. Well before you even hold her hand. It does not take long when she is only 18. There is barely a person there. Or you could try a hobby. Remote controlled aeroplanes perhaps. Of course older ones take far longer to know all about at the most intimate, detailed depth where trust and love has been established through a vast amount of shared experience. Spouse, I mean, not model plane.

  8. Good morning Amfortas . Ive registered etc., as discussed, and using an Antikythera mechanism determined our time difference at 14 hours. A conversation will be forthcoming.

  9. 14 hours, eh. Perhaps only 10 if you turn around. 🙂

    Ten mins to mid-day here at the bottom end of the world..

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