An example of commitment; The abomination of frivorce

I want to do something different. I want to highlight a wife, a couple, and a precious story about a life and a marriage that faced the constant presence of a difficulty most cannot imagine enduring for a short time, but was endured for decades.

I have watched countless marriage testimonies and miraculous stories in church videos and find it sad that I have grown desensitized to many of them, even those that are actually genuinely beautiful. Usually these things are filled with idolatry of the church more so than glorifying a mighty God. I found this video while searching around looking at church websites like I do often, and I was moved.

Let me hold up this couple, and this wife in particular, for her decades of selfless dedication to her husband as an example that is as close to perfect as I can recall. For all of you women who think the Christian men of the sphere have extreme views on marriage, on sex in marriage, and on divorce, watch this. You can assume that this marriage was devoid of physical sexual intimacy. Yet look at them. Sure, I have no idea how the dynamics of the marriage were, but inasmuch as we discuss those, lets not forget, divorce doesn’t happen unless someone files it, and if this woman can do what she has done, so much more that frivorce is an abomination to a God who would have the example shown in this video in His kingdom.

[I didn’t manage to embed the video, the picture will link to the video url, or the actual link is under the picture]

7 thoughts on “An example of commitment; The abomination of frivorce

  1. Too many women would complain how ‘hard’ it is to go through and choose an easy way out.

  2. It is powerful, moved me to tears this morning, up at 4:45, coffee, quiet time at the kitchen table then some blogging and reading. I came across this while seeking wedge issues on church websites. That is sad in itself.

  3. It moved this crusty sixty-year-old lifelong bachelor to tears, as well. It must be wonderful to love and be loved like that.

  4. Many of those who advocate for a woman’s right to frivorce would say that it’s an entirely different thing to persevere through a case like this where the difficulties are due to circumstances beyond his control, and a case where the guy is being a jerk or is “cheating” with porn.

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