Post Apocalyptic Fiction: Patriarchy and its dystopian future

I love post apocalyptic fiction. I even like some lame post apocalyptic fiction. I read Cormack McCarthy’s The Road  at its release. I loved The Stand when it was new, and Justin Cronin’s The Passage was excellent until I listened to the interview he did where he described that the book was inspired by his young daughter who said, “daddy please write a book that shows the strength of women”. He proceeds to keep his promise in the sequel, part two of the trilogy, and its painful for the reader. Honorable mention,  some old some new, some cheesy, some profound….Earth Abides, Swan Song, Wet Work, White Horse (this one is new with a sequel coming), so many more I cannot pull them from memory.

I digress (because as I said I love the genre).

What do we call artificially created dystopian realities with an agenda? Politicians use them as threats of whats to come when power transfers to the other guys. And now I suddenly realized that churchian feminists employ this technique in their misguided rantings against the single deepest cover covert group in existence….deeper than the most invisible Al Queda sleeper cell and the Mossad agents set against them, deeper than Gabriel Allon and his team in any of his stories…..this group is the evil Christian Patriarchy. They are so well hidden its like they are not even there.

But someone has stumbled across some old documents, maybe an email trail, or she has sensed that she is being followed and thwarted for her every ambition. Someone has to get the word out and this blogger has taken it upon herself to be the one. We must assume that this blog is routed through servers in Tallin Estonia, bounced through a small town 3 hours north of Mumbai, called Wada, where if the post is sent on Fridays the local power yields to area diesel generators,  Her identity must be protected so cutting edge and scandalous is the information she has uncovered.

Wait! My mind ran away from me because of my references to contemporary fiction. This stuff is everywhere churchian women gather, from small groups to blog sites, from certain churches to secular marches filled with angry women and cuckolded men. The evil patriarchy is not in deep cover, its hidden in plain view, but only these few millions women understand whats at stake because they hear the hidden subtext messages when they attend the Grace Community Fellowship of Anytown USA megachurch. (the author I link to is not in the US, the bulk of the readership, to be sure, is likely to be American however, simply based on the demographics of professed faith)

Read the present and coming evils here and here. (For further reading on REAL Biblical exegesis read here. You will see that intelligence is often plastered over with seething anger)

The Evil Patriarchy is represented (open sarcasm) as follows.

here are some top tips that are guaranteed to give you the perfect Christian marriage:

  1. Do not, under any circumstances, let yourself go. This is the ultimate disrespect to your husband. If you carry your husband’s child and then get stretch marks or put on a few pounds, GET RID OF THEM IMMEDIATELY even if this means going from the maternity hospital straight to the gym. Remember ladies: no pain, no gain!
  2. If your husband cheats on you, blame yourself (see link above). You were probably not following rule no. 1. Maybe your stomach isn’t flat enough or you nag him too much? Maybe when he just simply wants to sit down, drink beer and watch the match with his friends, the kids are all crying ffs? Repentance is probably a good start.
  3. Your life must now be solely about your children. Any other interests are SELFISH and DESTRUCTIVE. And if you find motherhood exhausting or nigh on impossible, you are a failure and God is disappointed in you.
  4. If you are married to a pig, make sure you pretend he is not a pig. Laugh at his sexist jokes, roll your eyes affectionately when he belittles you in front of his friends and always make sure to tell him that his sermon was powerful even if he came across as an angry, arrogant, proud lunatic. Wouldn’t you rather be married to a pig than be entirely pigless?
  5. If you disagree with your husband and are thinking of challenging him, DON’T. Stop being so rebellious and disrespectful. You are being a nagging wife, and no one likes a nag. Remember, Satan is around every corner with his threats of ‘feminism’ and ‘equality’ and you must protect your marriage from these evils.
  6. Your husband is the head of the family. So, even though when Paul talks about submission in marriage being a mutual process and women submitting to husbands who are supposed to ‘love them as Christ loved and gave himself up for the Church’ what he ACTUALLY meant was that the man gets to make all the decisions and you must defer to his authority on all things, even on things you know way more about.
  7. If you are a hilarious genius, it is vital that you pretend you are not. A wife must never be as smart or funny as her husband; this is quite simply, sinful. A man must be feared and respected in his household and be seen as the strongest, best and most honourable person in the household so BACK OFF and know your place.
  8. So you know the way every man and woman are unique? Well actually that’s all wrong. Men are generally the same as each other and women are the same as each other and if you are not the same as the rest of your gender, you’re probably a homo or a feminazi or both and no one will ever marry you.
  9. Now remember: man things are important. So if your man has an interest in manly things like sport, gaming or camping or whatever, these are important and must be respected and given the time needed. When he wants to talk about these things, you must listen seriously, respectfully and earnestly. However, it is his right to call all your interests stupid and girly and to remind you if start discussing them in front of him that he is not a pansy lol. After all, girls are stupid. And you’re a girl. So point proven.
  10. Girls, the bedroom is all about your husband. Mark Driscoll, one of the most prominent and popular Evangelical speakers these days, is a great man for sex advice so make sure to check him out.

If you fail to follow all ten rules, it goes without saying that if your man leaves, you are partly to blame.

Now if this all sounds daunting and harsh, it is. But at least you’ll be married to a Godly Christian man who can tell you what to do and take away your sense of identity because to be honest, being responsible for yourself is hard and boring anyway lol!

LOL Indeed!

The first seven fall into the category I wrote about above, where an artificial reality is created and used to scare people. Outside of a couple of national ministries that are suggestive of these things, even they are not as stated, oh, and that small church in Appalachia that heats with coal, now they are really bad patriarchs.

I left a comment there following the post:

If anyone has heard these teachings then I recommend you take the words that you heard…..verbatim, write them out and take them to someone who lacks the massive feminist chip on shoulder that you all have and have them objectively explain what the words literally mean. If they were spoken by a man, they will mean exactly what they say. It is YOUR problem that you seek subtext and nuance in each utterance, and then create a reality in which you have something against which you choose to rage.
Its amazing that these things proliferate so easily, but what happens is, hundreds of blogs and comments like these are read, and readers then go off using this as the source for them to claim that this nasty patriarchy is out there, growing, spreading, corrupting. Funny though, never an original citation. This hyperbole is its own reference and it preys on the excitability of churchian women who have heard this same stuff from their mothers, and maybe even their grandmothers. This irrational bilge has flourished over the past 40 years.

its not at all difficult to prove. Imagine the society at large and imagine on a gender spectrum with some fleeting notion of equality at its center. Now, place the point on that line 40 years ago, then place it again today. If you deny it is massively shifted towards the female end then you are hopelessly deceived, but i will assume you can see that much.
Now, look at the church as an institution over that same 40 years. Anyone with a brain can see that the church, sadly, has adapted to and followed the culture in almost every way, very simple measure would be to make a similar spectrum with liberal and conservative on it and plot the church 40 years back and plot it today. Its far more towards the liberal side as an institution.

[Let me pause for a math check because this is the point where many women reading would say “oh but MY church is t like that, or my sisters or friends”, or some other anecdote. So…note, Ive not written a letter about YOU ar anyone you know, Ive written a verbal mathematical expression of a measurably proven valid generality. By definition, exceptions exist …..they do not disprove the rule though]

So if the church follows culture and culture has shifted to the female side of the spectrum….it is cognitive dissonance to suggest the evil church patriarchy is a growing and dangerous force that you all must circle the estrogen wagons to defend against it.

Quite the contrary. As the spectrum has shifted culturally and in church, all manner….ALL manner of social pathology has drifted ever increasingly to the wrong side. Familial destruction, fatherless kids, no fault divorce, crime, addiction, suicide…..every single one is UP!

Yet you have to make up things like this nonsense while Rome burns around you. Its the height of solipsism and narcissism to speak of something that a church in Appalachia that heats with a coal stove may be teaching (and a very few prominent but fringe national ministries) while the entire emergent evangelical church, where I suspect the majority of you are in attendance at the local “Fellowship” mega church is coddling women and teaching men to step up

Your visceral anger and other emotions will blind you from seeing the painfully obvious.

On to number 8:

This one is standard fare for feminists in general. That sarcasm is intended does not cover for the intentional misrepresentation-at best- of what is claimed or the utter misunderstanding of it -at worst- that the writer demonstrates. No one to my knowledge has ever claimed that every ANYTHING….woman/man/white/black whatever is exactly alike. This claim is a necessary cornerstone though for the wry deconstruction that always follows. It reads well to the mildly informed person because well, Doh, of course everyone is different I mean come on! For people who, when they read a 500 word article see only 500 words, there is no problem with claims of general similarities between gender members, or members of races or classes even. But for those who find more sutext than text because the chip on the shoulder skews the page, the claims of general similarities read like descriptions of some Huxley-esque soma swallowing society where differences are codified and prohibited. It does make for a great thing against which to juxtapose reality, but its a fictitious creation. At some level, as one looks on groups, there will be similarities. Its as simple as saying that there are similarities between dogs. “Oh but a Pekenese is not like a Shepard you idiot”. Medicine uses these similarities, psychology makes use of them, and imagine how marriage counseling would work if there was not a single useful generality from which to draw in the initial encounter.

“Sit down here Mr and Mrs Unique Snowflake….I have absolutely no ideas about any common marital issues, no patterns have ever existed and therefore there is not a useful corpus of accumulated knowledge that would form a rough framework from which I can even ask intelligent questions” He smiles conspiratorially, “even if there were some things, you know , (shuffles his feet) and I happened to ask you a question that didn’t apply to you, well that would be offensive, and I’m here to heal, not offend, so let’s get started because it will likely be months before I can drill into the perfectly unique geometry of your individual snowflakes”

Its so absurd, and the writer knows its absurd, but without the claim that the evil patriarchy wants to make all women and all men the same it eliminates a massive source of emotional momentum. Writing things that mildly informed people will read and immediately react with righteous indignation to such obvious unscientific claims (and besides, solipsism rears up as they just KNOW that they are NOT the same and ANYONE thank you very much, they have been told since they were babies how unique and special they are)

Finally,in number 10, referencing Mark Driscoll is telling. It shows how misunderstood even these fringe ministries are, that they be seen as somehow pro male. Driscoll is decidedly not pro male despite the fact that he talks about sex a lot, and it pisses many Christian women off to be told that sex is a part of a good marriage….how dare he….He violates number 8 above anyway with the gall to claim men like sex….as a gender. Ugh, have we learned nothing? I happen to know a British expat woman whose husband does not like sex. So….nuff on that.

Setting aside, now, my own irritation and in an attempt to wrap up with something other than just reacting to the manifest hate I see in these things, the Bible foretells of this. I often reference it, the running to and fro, the form of knowledge claimed, the falseness of teaching, the unchecked emotionalism, it all fits the plan. I will not offer red meat to the churchian feminists by suggesting how the lord of the air is party to all manner of lies and division because I can predict how that gets repeated. I will say again what I wrote in the comment on that site, that the macro correlation of every single social indicator correlates, both the increase in the bad and the decrease in the good, with the mega trends represented by the REALITY of whats happened to society. That given the overwhelming evidence, some will redouble efforts to do more and more of what is correlated to making things worse and worse is a trend so insidious that one must ask from where those doing so find succor.

The dystopian future is now, and me with an empty soma bottle.


8 thoughts on “Post Apocalyptic Fiction: Patriarchy and its dystopian future

  1. I was thinking something vaguely similar. The advice is obviously intended sarcastically and as something to strive against, but under the surface all of the advice amounts to, Husbands are supposed to lead so let them, and husbands are actually not that hard to please and keep happy.

  2. Whenever I read lists like this, which have a tone of “oh this is so horrible how can anybody live like that?” I’m always confused, because I fail to see anything really wrong. I always think, “Doesn’t sound too bad to me”.

  3. I laughed out loud several times. But yes, I remember having such discussions at CF, going “how did you come up with THIS conclusion?” But of course if you present your post apocalyptic fiction (a love we both share–and btw, if you haven’t read The Last Ship you really must) then I present a dystopian vision to back it.

    Responsibility is Slavery
    Accountability is is Ignorance
    Honesty is Lies.

  4. I’ve gone back and forth over whether to comment on this one, Empath. Partly because there is so much to digest, partly because I was too busy LOLing when I read the guys commenting that your description of the “Biblically” Patriarchal wife sounded like the perfect women. My husband appreciates some version of that mythical woman maybe 70% of the time, but would find a Stepford wife a terribly boring creature indeed.

    Here’s the thing though Empath: I’ve read Created to Be His Helpmeet, the quite popular if controversial marriage manual written by Debi Pearl, and she pretty much advises women to live by that list. I liked a good portion of the book, and took a beating on my blog when I gave it a fairly neutral review (here, and there’s a second part as well). The women thought I’d lost my mind!

    There were some misandric red flags in it, which I addressed in part 2 of my review.There usually are with this “one size fits all” approach to the “proper care and feeding of husbands”. However because she so directly commanded wives to submit without reservation, to never deny sex, and not be nags, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    My point with all this is to let you know that there are significant numbers of women getting some variation of the message your Christian feminist blogger so desperately fears. Debi Pearl has sold a lot of books, and from I’ve heard another popular marriage book, Fascinating Womanhood touts the same message.

    As I said, I have no problem with much of what was listed. As a woman with a very husband who is very dominant, I assert that a commanding man needs a strong (but submissive) second in command. The idea that the only way to do that is to be rebellious is ludicrous.

    Where do you find some of these bloggers, anyway?

  5. That comment was littered with typos.

    It should have read: As a woman with a strong husband who is very dominant,

    And: her description of the “Biblically” Patriarchal wife sounded like the perfect woman.

    There are probably many more mistakes to correct but I’m done.

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