Hypergamy Confirmed (again)

We know that she gets desirous around her ovulation time. We know that hormones cycle through her body in varying waves throughout the month, leaving men utterly flummoxed and unable to figure out if up is really down. We then know that after menopause the lack of certain hormones further confuses the mix. And we here in the sphere hopefully have a grasp on that which is hypergamy, with all of its resultant dysfunction potential.

Today Fox News has an article called “Sexy guys get more love from fertile gals”. We didn’t really need another article or study to prove hypergamy. But this article goes a little further and touches on other behaviors that are perhaps side effects of hypergamy; and it doesn’t take a genius to see that these things have as much or more deleterious effect on relationship as they have potentially beneficial ones.

The results are summarized up front:

In a new study, heterosexual women who rated their guys as highly sexually desirable felt closer to their partners and more satisfied with their relationships just before ovulation, as compared to their less-fertile days. The opposite was true for women who said their partners were less sexy; they felt less close to their male partners and were more critical of their mate’s faults as they approached ovulation.

Previous research has shown that the type of man a woman prefers tends to change across her ovulatory cycle, as she becomes more attracted to masculine faces and bodies, and bilateral symmetry, when she’s fertile.

This is the first research to show that these changes have implications for relationship functioning,”

The researchers draw on the obvious evolutionary psychology about fitness and genes for healthy babies and survival as they describe their theories as to the reasons behind the responses the women gave. Then they tell men the bad news.

The findings are in line with the so-called dual-mating hypothesis, which suggests that women have two mate-choice mechanisms: “one leading to preferences for sexually desirable men who have high-fitness genes, and one leading to preferences for men who are able to invest in a woman and her children,”

Nice to know. Mr. Smith, if you are hot, your wife will find you sexually satisfying while she is ovulating. If you are not, she will think you are a pain in the ass most of the time. But there is good news! Even if you are a pain in the ass, she choose you because you are better able to invest in her and her children. Yippee!

The study authors admit that while there didn’t really measure any hormones in this study, you know, its kinda obvious that since estrogen is up at menses that has to be the reason for ALL of this.

Sorry, it is too much to take in. So they are saying that women have two types of preferences, one for hot sex guys, the other for steady draft horse type guys. Guys, regardless which one you are, there is a preference inside your women for that type, so you are just fine. Oh, but rather than making your wife hot, you irritate the hell out of her and she will let you know. But for you guys, there was some extra good news.

Although a woman’s time of the month seemed to influence her feelings about her partner and relationship satisfaction, her commitment to the relationship stayed constant throughout the cycle.

How did they figure this out? They asked the women of course, and dutifully recorded the responses. It takes five minutes to deconstruct the lie they recorded as fact. Maybe if they changed the wording to her relational satisfaction stays constant ….. until it doesn’t.

Lets draw a parallel. imagine all the evo psych rationale about men and mating. Full hips and ample breasts on women, all the better to birth and care for babies right? Men have this hormone, testosterone, and its pretty much always there, not cycling monthly. So, ladies, men have two mating and relational preferences. One is for hot sex with buxom babes, and the other is for that steady reliable care giver to children.

In another article on Fox, the writer talks about the benefits of testosterone. side from the fact that that hormone is one that elicits ire and disdain from women all the while loving most of its effects. But the clincher regarding testosterone was:

Plus, sex with new or multiple partners sends your levels skyrocketing

Women and their hormones…good, men and our hormones….bad; where does it net out?

Oh, he checked the committed box for either type of wife too.

If he and she checked the committed box, what can we conclude? They lie? And we know which one lies 70 or more percent of the time. What is the reaction to this from the church?

Men step up. Now I get it. It is not only a message about men taking responsibility, it is also a message telling men to man up in ways that activate the tingle. I wonder if the preachers even know what they mean.


4 thoughts on “Hypergamy Confirmed (again)

  1. You have inspired me to write another entry with this. It really does seem like our society, in the ship of marriage, knows that it is listing badly but has no idea which side of the ship to favour, and so keeps trying to drop an anchor one way only to realize that’s making it worse, and rushes to the other side only to find…

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  3. Okay, this sounds like so much pseudo-science. Not the part about ovulation. I get that, I understand it, and I recognize the shifts in my mood during certain times in my cycle.

    However, the pseud-science comes in when they 1) claim to know how committed a woman is to her relationship, and 2) assert that when a woman is not rabidly in heat she is less satisfied in her relationship. I call bull on that.

    As for whether these “findings” reveal things about a woman’s biology that are deleterious to the marriage relationship, I say no.It’s biology, the way God designed a woman’s body to work to ensure that we be fruitful and multiply. Therefore, I have a problem with calling this natural part of female biology hypergamy.

    The problem is with our broken moral compasses and refusal to honor the vows we make when we marry. In the Christian marriage, the vows goes deeper than simply staying married. It is a commitment to doing marriage God’s way.

    Or have I misunderstood the entire post, 🙂 ?

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