Modern (sexual) warfare II, release date pending (Warning to ladies: fewer good men)

This dovetails loosely with the prior entry.

Two things we see mentioned by a certain subset of MRA’s are the male BC pill, and the advent of virtual sex and or sex-bots that can return a sort of porn-plus experience.

Short on details, this article speaks of one product in development.

Lets face it, the add on devices that will necessarily be developed are unmentionable here and I do not wish to dwell in specificity. Just know that when this and all the other similar things are to market, the sexual market value of women will face yet another new challenge, and more young men will choose the path of she ain’t worth the trouble.

The site for the device is called SinfulRobot. I will bet you do not need to tend the fire in this machine all day to assure a warm oven at night.

That IT nerd you dissed last week……he didn’t give a rip!

I wonder, can this be used while flying?


10 thoughts on “Modern (sexual) warfare II, release date pending (Warning to ladies: fewer good men)

  1. While I agree that the SMV of women will take a hit, I don’t believe that most of them will see it coming, or care if it’s pointed out to them. The logic they’ll buy into is that only undesirable men will even use this product, much less rely on it. But that fails on three points.

    First, even the most alpha of alpha males, the pinnacle of desired men, still whacks off to porn sometimes. That’s been true for longer than living memory – one of the first things people did once we invented cameras was to photograph nude or nearly-nude women. Porn is still better to the super-alpha then any woman below a certain standard (most of whom believe they deserve the pinnacle guy), but as the porn gets better, that minimum goes up. Plus it’s easier and cheaper than good Game.

    Second, the technology is continuing to advance and become both more appealing and more accessible. Even at its height, playboy wasn’t as good as video, nor as widely circulated as free internet porn. One imagines the number of SMV dropouts from dirty magazines could not begin to match internet porn dropouts. Fleshlights are not that popular due to their stigma, but what happens when virtual reality has non-porn uses – in other words, plausible deniability? When you can use it for video games, virtual business conferencing, AND porn, more people will have them. Combine that with a perception women’s expanding waistlines, shortening hair, and coarsening manner? Whether that perception is accurate or not, it’s widespread, and people make choices based off their perceptions. Porn will be a better choice for an ever-broader section of the SMV.

    Third, the more the lower ends of the male sexual market participants drop out, the more in-demand the higher-ups will be. More options will always lower the price, even when no one wants the worst option. When sausage-fest parties and bars become more rare as men abandon them to go to more enjoyable places when they socialize and to use VR porn when they’re horny, girls will significantly outnumber men at their chosen venues. Plenty of men don’t actually enjoy the places where it’s common to meet women, and won’t go there if no one in their social circle insists on it. Who will insist if they neither care about nor believe in the possibility of a real hookup? Only the alphas, who will be able to enjoy a wider selection of women. Even the less attractive women in a room, even the ones who will never end up with the most desirable men, will still increase competition and drag down the bargaining power of every woman present.

    VR sex may not have much effect on things, but the incremental march of technology will. And that’s just for hookups – relationships are a whole ‘nother animal, likely to be hit even harder. VR girl may not be able to cook or have an enjoyable conversation, but a lot of real girls can’t or won’t do that either – and VR girl will always, always have that combination of zero inhibitions and zero previous sexual partners. And VR girl will always be getting better. Porn’s not my cup of tea, but I would have to be a fool to deny it has an impact on the world I live in.

  2. The logic they’ll buy into is that only undesirable men will even use this product, much less rely on it.

    Yes I realize this. As SWIN says, they just do not grasp cause and effect very well. And if cause and effect also contains info that could shatter a snowflake, then they indeed will do all manner of pretzel making. This lack of thinking informs the whole corpus of female thought on porn in general. Whether it is a crazy wild eyed liberal woman or a faux demure churchian with her reflex-o-hate on porn, they assign the reasons for porn use among men and the alleged effects it has on men and react to that created reality.
    What you describe is just another of many created realities that allow them to stay seated in the comfy chair.

    S’not my cup o tea either, but I and you, and men, have a better grasp on how it works and why than women ever will. Hence extrapolating the effects in the future is not complicated and you have done so.

    SSM wrote something awhile back that I wish id have saved. She was talking about how if a man is seated doing nothing, relaxing but not evidently engaged in anything, a woman will be drawn to approach him, and (her words) “usually with a list”. These VR’s won’t. Some men will gravitate to any new porn type experience. But many others go there guiltily, desperately. Im neither defending nor condemning them. But lets just say that, regarding relationships, this VR technology and any other advancements will necessarily turn the power tables slightly, again.
    Still gotta fuss with cash and prizes though.

  3. @Empath It doesn’t matter whether or not it is your cup of tea, it is not too far off because Howard (from Big Bang Theory) has already had a sinful robot arm that got him taken to ER by Leonard and Raj.

  4. That’s an honest question by the way, not an attempt to provoke. I am happily married, work overtime to keep my husband satisfied, and have no dog in this particular hunt. Also, so long as my daughters remain chaste and productive, I can live with their embrace of singleness as described by St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 7.

    That said, I do think the question of “What does any of this have to do with the Christian male?” is a valid one because these are not valid sexual options for a Christian man. The options are marriage or celibacy, both of which are honorable estates.

  5. Unfortunately, Espeth, I don’t think he does fit into the picture, anywhere.

    It strikes me that the whole idea is one of replacing a person with some form of electronic fantasy. All that will happen is that the user will becime even less adept at formng and maintaining meaningful relationships. It will neither help with developing interpersonal skills nor with dealing with the unexpected responses that another real live human being makes. To me it seems to be more like “We are doing this because we can” and not “We are doing this to make an advance that will help humans learn better how to co-operate and form relationships.”

    Being absolutely honest, I feel it belongs more in the artificial life of Sheldon cooper and his friends than in real life.

  6. Elspeth, your question is perfectly valid, and the answer is the one you already know…..he doesnt fit.
    Reality is that the secular world would go faster into VR sex, even new industries for “actresses” could manifest….etc.
    But lets get honest. There is a plague of sexual denial in Christian marriages. Yes…..plague….and the church is complicit in it. The church uses sin talk to wall off any and all outlets (technically correctly), they preach that the man must earn sex, they teach that sex is some glorious coming together with angels singing and the souls merging in the astroplane, and all that justifies women rejecting men. Then the opus…..they teach on the lust in the heart and badger men to death.
    Whether its sinful or not, it WILL find a place in some men’s lives.
    Asking where does this fit into the Christian mans life would be like asking where does frivorce fit into the Christian woman’s life. I make the comparison not in the spirit of two wrongs making right, just to show you why I didnt go into that aspect of it. My entry was general, and about real consequences regardless of morality the same it would be if it was about frivorce or whatever.
    Further, it was about young men and the choice to marry. Again, Christian or not, sadly this will have an effect.
    Fred, yes the whole digital divide is horrible and destroying communication and relationship. We, in the last week, saw couples walking in stores, each on respective phones, then we saw several couples at the movie theater sitting next to each other before the movie, both on phones. These were teen up to middle aged couples.

  7. Your point about porn being better than a threshold level of women is something a lot of people do not understand.

    The mentality would be like this: We can get off easier, and not have to deal with your shit, and the getting off is to a hotter girl than you will ever be.

  8. The christian man will probably be left in the dust, or with VR sex despite his beliefs. Stereotypically the christian man is as beta as it gets. With competition for the few remaining non-fat girls left he will get rocked.

  9. It all depends on what world the Christian man lives in. If he lives in the blue pill world, like another poster stated, it will leave him in the dust. He’ll blindly listen to what the Churchian skanks and ministry puppets tell him…..and he will remain frustrated.

    If he lives in the red pill world, he knows the Church is full of hypocrisy and feminine BS. He’ll say to hell with them and enter the VR world because at the end of the day, he’s still a Christian and both worldly women and christian women do not see him as having any value. he’ll also be able to hold on to more of his resources since he won’t be losing them in divorce court.

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