The Day the Nazi Died

So Dr. Warren Farrell went to lecture at the University of Toronto. His lecture was blocked by protestors, who spoke furiously and abusively towards those trying to attend the lecture (including a young man wanting to get some understanding of why two of his friends committed suicide) and had to be removed by city police. The way they spoke about him, these feminists, he is apparently a rape apologist and a misogynist. What a monster he sounds!

Please take a look at this before reading further. Now: what kind of monster is he? In fact Warren Farrell used to be a supporter of second wave feminism, and then became aware of his own skepticism about patriarchy theory. He has since become a lecturer and writer on how each sex has its own inequities, and addresses how to deal with imbalances in relationships, the workplace and so on. He has spoken on the importance of fatherhood, on despair and suicide in young men and on how boys are troubled; he has not in any way tried to take away anything from women’s rights. Of course the reason why he’s hated are for two reasons.

One: he is a traitor to feminism. He doesn’t believe in the patriarchy.

Two: he expects women and men to take equal responsibility for their actions. Shocking!But essentially Dr. Farrell states that the Marxist-Feminist perspective prevails at nearly all universities in our culture, so ideologically speaking it is horrifying and infuriating for them to hear anything that disagrees with them. You can hear young women saying that men’s rights groups are hate groups. They honestly believe that. If someone like Warren Farrell can be seen as the enemy, then all of us are.


8 thoughts on “The Day the Nazi Died

  1. Same thing happened with one of our friends/posters here. He had been seen as on of the few “good guys” and then as he started to question a few of the underlying tenents of the current gender divide, he suddenly became “the enemy”.

  2. Ooops, I thought the OP had been written by Empath so the way I worded that makes little sense.

  3. The anti free speech group in a facade of ‘women’s ‘rights’ …shuts down all aspects wherein there is dialogue possible…! They represent a smaller group that gets media coverage and are a plague upon humanity ….notice it was not those wanting to attend and hear out the speaker who were rude and using foul language….Communists , Marxest intent to shut down all forms of true freedom ….This was a disgusting display of droids programmed by the propaganda of the social engineers efforts over the past 60 years gaining ground through their ‘governement schools and media programs to effect the ‘change’ of whole populations .

    They do not think properly …all who wanted to attended have entered into th idea that hearing what the man had to say was useful to make up their own mind.

    Free choice based upon freedom of information is the enemy of tyranny ..

    Disgusting demonstration of people without shame…..the foul mouthed wicked!Out of the abundance of THEIR hearts we see what is IN them….ugh!

  4. Yeah, the good guy was me. 😉 Now I’m a porn apologist, a misogynist and an abuse advocate, apparently. Oh, and i want to ‘make’ women stay in unhappy marriages. Go figure.

  5. It isn’t just in the US.

    I responded to a piece on marriage in the Daily Telegraph in which I pointed out that places which had Marriage Savers type Community Marriage Policies (CMPs) involving serious pre-marital counseling had lower divorce rates despite the fact that the parties to the marriage had the same rights to divorce as those elsewhere in those states which did not have CMPs and suggested that perhaps better pre-marital counseling would help reduce the British divorce rate and was attacked for wanting women to stay in abusive one feminist.

  6. Enter TWRA’s, which is in my opinion a worse threat because it is insidious. There is a certain appeal, especially among the young, to be different and against the grain, Im not sharing any big revelation with that I know….imagine now these TWRA’s, they grab hold of the same instinct to advocate for something new and different and go against what they see as the old guard, but they fit the old saw
    “meet the new feminist, (almost) same as the old feminist.”

  7. The protestors are clearly incapable of original, logical thought, but I suppose that’s a given.

    I do wonder what would have happened if a woman had attempted to attend this lecture.

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