Life of Pi(scine) Pisc-ed me off

Wasted $30 (wife& me, tub-o-popcorn, 2 large drinks)seeing this CGI miasma-ganza.

Of a whole Pi (3.14……) I give this film π/8 stars or

if you are a foodie not a mathie,  I give it Pie/8 = 1 slice out of 8

I expected to be moved. I wasn’t.

I’m sure it is a great book, though.


8 thoughts on “Life of Pi(scine) Pisc-ed me off

  1. You should have gone to see the new Bond movie. Isn’t there an older pi movie that was really good.

  2. I haven’t either read the book nor seen the movie, but I understand the guy’s name is Pi, and of course has nothing to do with the number π.

    The storyline doesn’t interest me.

  3. I agree, I should have. The trailer for life of Pi seemed as if it may have some profundity. In the end……not. I suffered my wife’s initial influences but in this case I was fully lucid and went along with her so no fair blaming.

  4. Actually it does have something to do with the letter π, and the word Piscine (swimming pool which as a Canadian you know better than I, same in Spanish as French) he makes it have to do with the number as well. However , that’s irrelevant.
    Oddly its exactly the last movie I would choose to see normally. I shuck epic wannabe movies early on usually. If I want epic it comes from reading. Movies are for resetting the brain….brain goes into rest mode and repairs itself, say as above, during Skyfall.

  5. Thanks for the review. I second Sis on the Bond movie it was very good.

    We took our kids to see Wreck It Ralph. I usually like animated movies, but I fell asleep. If you have younger ones wait for the DVD.

  6. And my mom thought I was crazy for having babies at 35 and 37. Yes, she’s one of those.

    That’s pretty cool that you have a young one at this stage. They keep you young. Have another one!

    To be fair. my kids liked the movie. Even two of the teenagers liked it. I found it lacking given the hype.

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