The female vote, an empty ladle

I have to say it. It is cliche, it is predictable, and yet it is urgent and true. Our country is broken beyond repair.

I’m picking on females here, and will tuck into that dish in a moment, but first I have to throw out a NAWALT. I have to add that, year in and out, I hear less and less intelligent interaction with John, not just Jane, Q Public.

These man on the street interviews show stupidity beyond anything that should be remotely acceptable in a wealthy developed country. What I see (and confirm by reading Theodore Dalrymple) is this infects the English speaking world in particular for some reason. [I wonder about this…as a sidebar its interesting. For example, the first email I read this morning upon waking was from a colleague in Poland who I am friends with after several years of visiting there regularly. His message said, “Hi _empath__, the election my friend, is bad for you, bad for America, and is bad for the world”. This is a man of 32 years old, young middle class, Catholic. Other eastern Europeans say similar. ]

Just this past weekend I watched as woman after woman described why she was going to vote for Obama. Heck listen to the girl prattle on about Obama as if voting is a sex act, sit aside the absurdity, and listen to the points she makes. With no exceptions,the gal in the ad, and the women on the street,  the reasoning was vacuous, goofy, silly, pick your descriptor. During a business dinner a few weeks back, my wife and I and a vendor and his wife were together. The vendors wife was a well cared for women, the vendor owns his company and supplies a form of energy to my employers factories. He is THE RICH. He is also very smart. The wife then shamelessly told us that she was taken by Obama in 2008 because, as she put it, he was “fresh and a smart snappy dresser”. I could see the poor man clinching his jaws silently praying for a subject change. I know my wife wanted to take the woman to task. This experience IS representative of the norm. It IS the norm.

To be a little bit fair I heard a man, when asked who he was voting for Sunday, say (with brow furrowed for seriousness) , “Oh I just don’t know, they are so very similar you know”. The man thought he was demonstrating insight. I cringe, embarrassed for him.

In a strange way, Obama’s plan to hire a few busloads of teachers as an economic fix is at least categorically (education) close to where the problem lies. The population of this country just isn’t very bright anymore. While I have no interest in debating his personality or any outlandish thing he says, radio host Michael Savage has a catch phrase, “borders, language, and culture” as things which are important to form a cohesive nation. He means these things should be COMMON. We don’t even have SENSE in common, as in common sense. The disorder infects even men of letters, men I know and otherwise respect cannot follow a simple discourse on economic matters. They cannot let go of the juicy kernels of political accusations long enough to try and understand facts.

I’m off topic. Women and voting….lets put it this way. How can anyone subscribe to what we do in the sphere, know the things we know, and yet defend women as having, as a block, the ability to truly and logically weight options and choose the best one while keeping narcissism and raw empathological emotionalism at bay?

Easy, the same way we can say wrong is right, up is down, and that whole host of ridiculousness we call political correctness.

I’m not one who will pronounce the end of our country is imminent because of Obama. But I am one who will say confidently that our best days are well behind us because we got and will continue to get what we deserve.

Remember those ads that show women gripping warm mugs of tea in front of a fire…., or the ones with women hugging, while nearby there is a damaged building following a disaster, brows furrowed, men working in the background to repair whats broken….the ads are designed to elicit certain emotions in women.

Try a different image

The metaphorical needy citizen arrives to find a large empty soup urn and a rusted ladle in a cafeteria long abandoned.


21 thoughts on “The female vote, an empty ladle


    Read that and tell me if what I wrote in the blog entry is wrong.

    In fact, read that blog , randomly, and see what I am talking about in action. Her solipsistic thinking is impregnable to logic.
    “I mean he was like, ya know, out not vooooting for the Lilly Ledbetter act ya know, like….”

    Men…..please please, the next election that comes around…..if you have to….then do it….have an argument, raise your voice even….make a PPT presentation called “follow the buck”…make the little dollar a cute little cuddly looking thing, and show how Mr cute dollar can get stuck in the financial equivalent of Dante’s hell levels (in the US Treasury) or little Bucky can run across a meadow of flowers towards Mrs Merchant, who, because Bucky is so cute Mrs Merchant will allow him access to her drawers (cash drawers that is)……I don’t know, just be creative and get her to understand that it doesn’t matter how she feels, if the ladle is empty it is empty and anyway the needy were getting tired of Moo Goo Gai Pan anyway, wanting some American food.

    I happen to know that NAWALT because I am married to one who isn’t….but she is also able to step away from herself enough to know that she could easily slip back into that because it is a direct exploitation of her nature when liberalism garners “the womens vote” based on emotional appeals, be it to the so perceived better angels or to the darker, angry vindictive ones.
    Lets reintroduce Mr Spock like dispassion to this

  2. The simplemindedness, if one wants to be polite, idiocy if one wants to be accurate, of the typical woman voter is truly disturbing. But I’ll take it further to somwhere you’ve gone before. The divide in “thinking” isn’t male/female as much as it is conservative/liberal. Women and liberals tend to think (and vote) in terms of what feels good to them, men and conservatives are much more likely to be driven by what makes sense after critically evaluating all the available relevant facts. But in some ways the results of this election can be broken down to something a lot more simple. Obama dominated the female vote because the Dems were able to sucessfully sell the lie that Republicans are out to take away all their rights and put them back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. A feat made all that much easier by the fact that they(the women) won’t stop and apply critical thinking skills.

  3. First I had to look up NAWALT to see what that meant, LOL! I have to say I agree with everything said here & it’s quite disturbing what has transpired in our country. The bottom line here, though, I think Chaz nailed it. It’s more that a lie, excuse me, lies, were told & propagated by the media. I don’t know why a lot of these -mostly younger, I think – women would believe such ridiculous charges that were completely without any basis whatsoever. It certainly must be a knee jerk reaction (emotions, again), not unlike the kinds of reactions we saw on CF actually when the use of one single word could bring some of the women into an immediate hysterical war, twisting everything into something it’s not, ALL driven by emotion. Actually the more I think about it, the more alike of a comparison it seems to me.

  4. We are heading for the fall of Western Civilization, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic. Frankly, it didn’t matter who was elected but I was just disappointed to see how many in the dependent class we now have in this country. The “free bread and circuses” crowd has won, and I’m afraid more judgement is fast on its heels. Look for chastisement (maybe even wrath) and look for it soon.

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  6. Its younger PEOPLE….men and women…..then its women as a group as well, sadly not just younger women. In fact us baby boomers can be really proud how bad we screwed things up to be honest.
    Younger women may be the ones who believed outlandish things that were negatives about Romney, but women generally will vote democratic because that party sells emotional sizzle.

  7. The first world, 2012, where we should not speak about that which we observe….does harken to another day doesn’t it.
    I submit we are gone too far to sit silently while barely pubescent women blather about voting for Barak Obama…and the Lilly Ledbetter Act……while we fall apart and rot from the inside. Oh well, those empty headed actresses that spoke at the dem convention will make you feel better, even after the lights go out.

  8. Not enough “angry white men” for common sense to win, not enough to keep the tip of the snorkel above the water, or to keep the lights on. 1st World? Not for long.

  9. Incredible sexism? Where? My sexism is rather mundane. I’d like to try incredible.

    If Republicans were trying to put barefoot women in the kitchen, they’d have won.


  10. IAL, I cannot fault your conclusion. It appears that the whole anglophone world has taken up the PC language, and cannot even verbalise some of reasons for the trouble we have in our society. In part the problem comes from two sources: the law favours a have-not over a have, whether the thing had is resources, a job, or even common sense, and secondly the law has to be bureaucratic and deal with each case according to the circumstances presented, but the rules are never sufficiently subtle to be able to differentiate between deserving and undeserving cases. I do not believe that this can be fixed, so we may have to dismantle all the benefits systems and start from scratch.

  11. It’s going to dismantle itself. It is an unjust system that is basically a rebellion against God. It is going to bring down the rest of the Ponzi scheme that we call a banking system too. Too much cheating, stealing and leeching from the “top” and the “bottom”, and not enough people producing.

  12. Actually, in terms of my online observations, most of the relatively small number of women I see who “get it” are actually younger. Well to be more precise, it’s the ends of the age spectrum. Of the women I see online who “get it” many are 25 or under or 65 or older. Ones who either haven’t been indoctrinated by feminists yet, or those who are old enough to have rejected the problematic elements of it from the beginning.

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  14. Obama didn’t win the women’s vote. According to the Fox News exit poll;
    White women Obama 42%
    White women Romney 56%
    Maybe your problem is actually with minorities?

  15. Where are your critical thinking skills, chaz345? I have not seen a trace of any such skills in your post here. You should change your name to “Master of cognitive distortions”. You could have earned another name, but I decided to give it to empathologicalism: “Master of informal fallacies”. You earned it after you unashamedly implied that women have a problem with their ability to truly and logically weight options. What else? I noticed how you made up schemas and stereotypes on your limited experiences – and then insisted they were legitimate. If you were my student, I would cry each time I had to grade your papers.

  16. Well, Franklin saw it coming here in the U.S.

    It’s easy to despair right now and very difficult to hope,at least for those of us who aren’t feebs. The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama is one of the darkest chapters of American history. It will forever stand as the day that a majority of Americans were convinced to vote for a man who wants to remove many of their freedoms (Just inconsequential things,really, like the right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms) and saddle the entire country with onerous taxes while fervently and earnestly believing that they were voting AGAINST a man who wanted to take away their freedoms and saddle them with onerous taxes.

    If you watch what is happening in the business world as a result, you’ll notice that businesses are cutting people’s hours down to about 30 a week while government expands entitlements. Exactly like France.

    If my people wanted to live under that kind of system,we would have stayed in Europe. We didn’t come here to wind up ponying up to some Harvard homo-cum-feudal lord. Where the hell are we going to go now? Antarctica? They still got freedom down there?

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