Conservative bad…..Liberal good?

When I first posted at Dalrock, legendary manosphere poster zed took me to task over my screen name, which at that time was Conservativation.  He accused me of everything but genocide because he, dammit, was not going to allow some TradCon to march in there are start telling men to man up and put women on pedestals, no sir not on his watch was I going to hand out poon passes and defend those sirens of the inter webs who popped in and lectured men on how to be men. It was the written equivalent of walking into a room, beginning to speak, getting “Hel…” out en route to “Hello” and someone making sure that everyone knew they were dealing with Jeff Dahmer and don’t you forget it you murdering sonofa…..

I cannot know, but I will make an informed guess now a year later, that many folks I now post with, to, at, and about,  were munching kettle corn and enjoying yet another stinking mangina being dissected. Problem was, he was flat wrong (something I am 100% sure he still would not cop to, a fact that is germane to what I’m about to say).  No amount of mantra repeating or purity tests bordering on heading to the locker room with a ruler would have that I may be an honest to goodness ally, not a white knight photostat.  What did I finally do? I changed my screen name to what it is now.

He didn’t let up, he just went away, and I slip streamed right into being an active poster there. I do not know and do not care if I play to the crowd, if I have a gang that agrees with me, or loathes my every syllable, but by and large I have managed to be a participant among what I find to be one of the most topically enjoyable blogs on the net.

But, I am still a conservative. I do not need to defend that nor should I need to. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I’ve had no idea what we’ve been discussing for these past months. I thought that if there was some central theme, it was Christians and the deception and lies rampant in the church that are tearing up the family while puffing up about how much they are pro-family.

It’s fun target practice to point out Christian white knights, to out them; to show where they go wrong biblically, and to offer cause and affect commentary that makes it obvious they are rotting the familism aspect of the church from the inside out. It’s also crucial that it be done.  But something confuses me. Why does Dalrock not then create a blog post called “Christians enabling feminism”? Why, in every case where the word conservative is used could we not use the word Christian? The answer is, we could.  He could make that substitution. If he couldn’t, someone please explain why not.

Given that it could be substituted, why is it not being used at least sometimes? Why is there not a steady current of whatever there is a steady current of, but directed at Christians?

One possible reason is that most of the active participants are Christians. This would suggest that attempts to marry conservatism and Christianity are flawed. They should not be flawed, but they are. The flaw however is not just a flaw of conservatives; it is also a flaw of Christians. Who does that leave?

It leaves liberals to be sure. But set that aside as I do not believe that in your face liberalism is a dominant or even a major minor demographic in this sphere.

It also leaves this third group, the third way-ers. There ways have become de rigueur in discussions of ideology among some sets. While you will find almost all ideologies and ideological mélanges represented, none offer that sense of exclusivity that this third way offers. Its also very appealing because one needn’t be all in to be in. Some are exceptionally clever rhetoricians, some learned historians, others produce seemingly infallible logical derivations, and all that do write are usually the better crafted in the bunch, whatever the bunch may be. But those skills are not a price for admission. It’s so super cool that just tossing in a few key phrases shows that a given person is a 3rd way-er.

I’ve struggled for years to define this ideology but the truth is there are folks in every named ideology who feel 3rd way appeal. However I think it is most deeply rooted in those who are reformed liberals clutching about for a way to stay liberal (because everyone knows liberals are smarter) but whose cognitive reasoning skills are telling them something ain’t working out the way it was promised to by the liberals they were mesmerized by when they were younger.

A 3rd way-er Christian would have enough yet-to-transmogrify liberalism to be very at ease staying after conservatives for the very real hypocrisy conservatives practice daily, but also enough grounding in his or her faith to not point out that its Christians (and leave it at that) who are enabling churchian feminism.

The truth is I really do not know. But it is increasingly a fixation, and fixations have causes beyond the obvious. One fixation I know of led to a whole new paradigm. We deal with it every day:

Man Bad Woman Good

Let’s see where this one takes us.



4 thoughts on “Conservative bad…..Liberal good?

  1. Here are my thoughts, that I believe might help you:

    You need to accept the white knight label. Love it, live it, learn it. (The order is important.)

    You need to judge trees by their fruit.

    Do you have Bradford pear trees where you live? I can’t stand them, because there is no pear in their Bradford. However; when cut down they apparently make excellent furniture and woodwinds.

    It would honor me if you participated more on my blog. I think you’re a good fit for the sort of man I want to encourage, and want to encourage me.

  2. I’ll offer a very slight defense of Dalrock. I think you’re right for the most part, and I have a instinct to growl when people go off on ‘conservatives’, but

    There are liberal Christians and conservative Christians. (I refer to people who call themselves so; I offer no speculation anent God’s view of anyone.) We expect the liberals to try to make peace with every social fad; that’s what they do. Conservatives, on the other hand, have a set belief that there are such things as up and down, that remain as they are whether they’re popularly acknowledged or not – and we expect conservatives to have some idea of which end is up. ‘From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.’

    Obviously, this applies to those who, like Dalrock (so far as I know) are what would ordinarily be called conservatives, and not to the libertines who are happy to hear anyone pooh-poohing those nasty old buzzkills who frown on their trouser-and-responsibility-free fun.

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