What do you see in this image?

What is your reaction when you see this picture?

Treat it like an ink blot, or write what you think are the thoughts the people are having.



47 thoughts on “What do you see in this image?

  1. I see a husband & wife having an intimate time together reading the Bible. I personally have no idea what anyone else would think.

  2. The yoga-instructor wife is approving of her soft, but diligent IT technician man-child reading a daily devotional, or self-help book. It doesn’t appear to be thick enough for a Bible.

  3. I agree. Don’t know what he s reading, but the look on their faces seems to say she is in carte and he is doing as he is told.

  4. “Very good, hubby…I’m so blessed to be able to bless him in this way. Without me, he’d be playing a video game, or watching ESPN…He’s going to know all the answers at the small group on Friday…I wonder if Karen is doing this for her husband?”

    Back to the picture: look at his finger. Is she teaching him to read?

  5. Gosh, you guys. I honestly did not see that at all. I do recognize that the book doesn’t look big enough for a Bible, but it still came across to me that they were reading the Bible together and that it is a positive experience. I guess from the experiences some of you guys have had, I don’t blame you for thinking that, but I didn’t see it that way at all.

  6. Know this, if the women in the picture was thinking these thoughts as Cane and others have surmised, and she went inside to get some iced tea and I was there with this photo of her and asked her what she was thinking, SHE wouldnt even know….so its no surprise you dont see that

  7. Lets not forget the other message, that being the general pitch to the men….lookee here if you don’t have a wife you can have one like this if you will do x,y, and z, and, if you do have a wife look how happy you can make her by following churchian advice.

  8. It’s all about the body language- he’s kinda hunched over looking like a schlep. She’s sitting straight up, head up with eyes looking down..condescending. The image suggest that he’s a screw up and needs to start reading the Bible while wifey/mentor/spiritual guide overlooks the whole thing.

  9. I see a wife involved in what her husband is doing. Intently engaged to his reading. In other words something a kin to fantasy for most men.

  10. Another one from my workmate I showed the picture too. Not a christian, and I don’t think especially red pill.

    “He can’t read and she is being all superior about his attempts to do so”.

    That was his first impression.

    Fascinating that every guy has had the exact some reaction to that image so far and as far as I know neither of them would be described as “red pill”

  11. They’re reading a relationship workbook purchased from her marriage counsellor as she daydreams about the man she’ll be with after the divorce is finalized.

  12. And one from my mother in law “I think she is judging his choice of reading material… probably porno!”, I think she was joking about the pornography, but she did notice the condescension or condemnation on the girls face. I think that makes her the first female to do so.

  13. Im not seeing disapproval or condescension on the gals face…well, maybe the later, but not in the way like it would be for porn or some overt thing.
    What I see is the same self satisfied look that they use for women in adverts. For example, picture the woman with the over sized white ceramic mug, both hands wrapped around it, sitting on a white couch in a white room, white rug, fire crackling, in other words she “feels safe”, which is as we know sacrosanct. That self satisfied look appears here too, the guy is performing the task list of churchian spiritual leader, and she feels safe. She also feels in control, which equals safe.

  14. Her: “Thank GOD he’s finally agreed to take fifteen minutes in the morning to read our Christian Moments for Couples devotional. Tiffany’s hubby won’t even sit down for five seconds with HER! I am so blessed. My husband is such a good Leader. (Except that he didn’t bring ME any coffee – ugh!) I can’t wait until he asks me what the scripture reference means – Brother Johnny at church already told me about mutual submission. Oh! And look! He looks so CUTE in that mint-green polo I got him. I hope he’s not planning on playing golf later…I NEED him to clean the garage today, and powerwash the windows for me while I go to the spa…”

    Him: “Dear God, I am so humiliated. Maybe if I sit here with her in this gay shirt, she will gimme’ a bj tonight, or at least a handjob. Before next month. Maybe. I don’t even know what I’m reading. Why am I here? How did I get here? What color IS seafoam, anyway?…God save me…”

  15. You know, my husband is quite devout, as am I, and we rarely,rarely read the Bible together as a couple. Our family prays a short prayer together at the beginning of every day as we go our separate ways. Sometimes we discuss Sunday’s sermon over dinner, often needing to clarify some things for our kids.

    But devotionals as a couple? Uh-uh. We discuss things we read individually or thoughts we have about spiritual things, but that picture seems foreign to me. I know ministries like Family Life and Dobson’s FOTF make a big deal about couple sharing prayer and devotional time together, but we don’t.

    When we get time alone together (and it’s quite rare with 5 kids and homeschooling), we’d rather do other things with it. That sounds so anti-spiritual, LOL, but it’s true.

  16. In my case we have a tad of friction on it as my wife would like to be more like the pic….and I do not mean that in casting her negatively like mine and some of the comments here, but rather that she does prefer it if we did do that, and I just don’t do it.

  17. We don’t read devotionals together, either. Occasionally, my husband asks me to read something out of the Bible out loud to him. Then, we discuss it, or he tells me what has been on his mind about a particular scripture and what he thinks God wants us to do with this information.

    In the past, I was bothered by the fact that he would not “lead” daily devotionals/Bible reading in our home. I think this idea came from me comparing our life to the Duggars or something – seriously! I found myself discontented toward my loyal, forgiving, hard-working, protective, sexy, hilarious, wonderful husband because I was focusing too much on “what ONE Christian father was doing on a reality TV show!”.

    So, I quit watching that show.

    I think that too many women try and measure their Christian husband’s worth in the home based upon whether or not he will follow them in some religious act of daily “devotion” that some small group leader recommended, or some pastor who is trying to sell books.

  18. Amen!
    Thats exactly the problem, the church is setting up discontent in Christian homes via the task list approach to husband leadership.
    I once joked, I think on Dalrock, that a woman had filed a divorce because her husband would not wear a robe and sandals and make paper cut out Bible figures with the kids, I thought my sarcasm was obvious.
    Some guy later down the thread asked, “really, she wanted that? Wow”…..the sad thing is someone believed what I said because its merely a stretch of the truth

  19. Oh, my goodness. If my husband were wearing a robe and sandals and making paper cut out Bible figures with the kids in our home, I would seriously ask him if was contemplating the priesthood, or who his male lover was…it would be so out of character for him!

    I know what you’re saying, though. That’s one of the reasons we do not go to “church”; we HAVE church together; we ARE the church together (and sometimes with other people at our house), but my husband just can’t take it. He says they are “salesmen” and “CEOs”, not ministers.

    Now this presents its own set of issues, because we are “loners” and not a lot of people think this way where we live, but we like it and we love the Jesus in the Bible, not the one being sold at church.

    I hope that doesn’t sound horrible and offensive. It’s true.

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  22. I thought it was normal for husbands to lead family devotions because it always seems to be hammered in at church and while growing up was judgemental towards my father because he didn’t… my husband doesn’t either… I only recently realized that I was mistaking the appearance of spirituality for actual devotion and obedience. Women are MUCH better at the spirituality thing but I’m no longer so sure that it is quite biblical. Maybe too much Christianese has corrupted my understanding…

  23. Out of pure curiosity, how do you go about surrounding your children with Christian friends if you avoid church? (assuming you have kids…) My devout husband is quite clear that he hates going to church but is doing it for the children.

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