Marriage creates fatherhood. No marriage, no fathers.**

This cannot be repeated enough. Like the economic wisdom in the previous post about regulations, the following is a truth that the social conservatives seem painfully immune to:

Here is the second unpleasant truth: homosexuals did not destroy marriage, heterosexuals did. The demand for same-sex marriage is a symptom, not a cause, of the deterioration of marriage. By far the most direct threat to the family is heterosexual divorce. “Commentators miss the point when they oppose homosexual marriage on the grounds that it would undermine traditional understandings of marriage,” wrgeites family scholar Bryce Christensen. “It is only because traditional understandings of marriage have already been severely undermined that homosexuals are now laying claim to it.”

Thank goodness at least there are a few pundits out there with the courage to say this.

Here is a sad juxtaposition….today on World Net Daily, Joseph Farah has a screed against gay marriage, and suggests that it will lead to the ultimate collapse of our society. He lists a handful of other harbingers of our demise as well, and nowhere on the list did he see fit to mention DIVORCE.

Fish, you…ARE …wet! YOU   LIVE   IN   WATER   YOU   IDIOT!

Then as I read down the opinion page I find Farah has linked to yet another outstanding article by Stephen Baskerville (which is actually a reprint of a 2010 article) on this subject; and article which illustrates the absurdity of the present Chick Fil A initiated culture war that has all the self proclaimed courageous pundits breathless. Baskerville, as usual, paints by numbers. The picture is precise.

The world of no-strings heterosexual hookups and 50% divorce rates preceded gay marriage

Daily we read about the epidemic of fatherless children. Around Father’s day we get fed a steady diet of ever more histrionic calls for men to step up. That is funny, because it is just like the so called courageous pundits to pick the easy target.

Maggie Gallagher attributes this silence to “political cowardice”: “Opposing gay marriage or gays in the military is for Republicans an easy, juicy, risk-free issue,” she wrote in 1996. “The message [is] that at all costs we should keep divorce off the political agenda.”

Picking on dads, just as the focus on gays, is a politically safe target. You know what’s really really sad? The support of gay marriage is more easily sold than the support of fathers. In fact, I submit that many of the politicians currently weighing in against gay marriage are watching the poll trends in case they need a mea maxima culpa in the future.

When the issue is divorce, and specifically fathers, there is simply zero risk they will find themselves on the wrong side of that issue as they persist opposition to gay marriage to buttress their family value CV while avoiding the maelstrom that would come from women in EVERY quarter if they spoke out against divorce.

The father is the weakest link in the family bond, and without the institution of marriage he is easily discarded.

This matter of fathers jettisoned from homes is ostensibly what motivates some in this corner of the manosphere. While we do pursue all sorts of interesting tangents and posit theory after theory, lets not forget right now, while the so called culture war is laser focused on gay marriage, that amongst our own peers, the church, gay marriage is going to affect less than 1% of them, where divorce has a good chance on landing in our vary own lap.

Read Baskerville’s piece here:

Divorced From Reality

Go to his website and read everything there, including reading his book “Taken into Custody”

** The title is a quote lifted from the article parsed in this post, please read it in context           there


8 thoughts on “Marriage creates fatherhood. No marriage, no fathers.**

  1. It’s kind of funny in a sad way that homosexual marriage and homosexuality in the open are blamed. And yet men cannot step up without female accountability; they simply can’t. We’ve all seen how guys trying to step up can easily be accused of abuse or emotional neglect; we’ve all seen how there’s no possibility of winning. No one except the lunatic fringe and a handful (literally like five) feminists are calling for women to act with greater integrity to any degree.

    The training for this begins early. People don’t have to be courteous, they don’t have to get along, compromise or be part of anything if they don’t feel like it. And in a way why should they? The work ethic is dead, integrity is dead. When you make things like that foolish and hapless you have begun the erosion of a civilization. Same sex marriage is really just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Do I support gay marriage? No because it goes against God.

    “By far the most direct threat to the family is heterosexual divorce”

    I completely agree with this statement. A heterosexual divorce can damage the lives of the ex wife and ex husband but it takes a toll on the kids. See a family broken up is horrible in my book.

  3. You also have to look at the fact that women are united when being held accountable for their actions.

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  5. Guys trying to step up outside of female accountability being accused of abuse, or neglect, or of just being controlling is exactly what lead to the decline of Promise Keepers. PK was originally a decent although somewhat flawed idea that sought to be encouraging and affirming to men. Even at the beginning there were the seeds of the same old “fix the man and you’ll fix the problem” thinking present but it wasn’t too bad. But as it gained momentum, and as men started actually stepping up, outside of the control of women, it was attacked as encouraging mysoginy.

  6. The fact is, when women began saying “Men need to step up more–they need to do more housework, they need to do more childcare, they need to be better listeners and better lovers” men DID step up. It hasn’t really made anything better, in fact if anything women seem to generally be saying these things:
    1. It’s not enough: they’re too incompetent/lazy/or just not doing enough.
    2. They didn’t really want that. They wanted the guy to also be rugged, manly and hard to control.
    3. There’s still so much patriarchy that men suck anyway.

    There’s no recipe for victory in this. There’s no potential for cooperation in this. The only thing we can really do is treat women as we do other men–hold them to whatever standards we have for ourselves, and if they don’t live up to them, forget about them. And watch our backs and those of our genuine friends and family.

  7. Simple recipe to fix divorce epidemic.

    1. The initiator of the divorce does not get custody of kids, period, except in very special cases. (ie, the recipient of divorce is a danger to the kids or something and it can be clearly proven, the divorce is amicable enough that they agree to it.) Visitation yes, but no custody.

    2. The initiator of the divorce gets no financial benefits except if they are doing it because of adultery or proven abuse. No alimony. No house. They are like someone who bailed out of partnership in a business and broke their agreements. They can manage somehow.

    3. No child support unless as per #1 there are special circumstances. This may seem strange, but I believe that the fiction of a family not being broken by divorce needs to end. I also believe that this will end the “he’s an abuser, so he can’t see them but he still owes me” stuff that I’ve seen so often is a pack of lies.

    The main thing here, see, is that there is less profit in getting a divorce, even for lawyers. Once you begin the process it’s as though you were never married except under special circumstances.


  8. There are times I think if we were dogs, they would be very happy. They can feed us dog biscuits for being good boys. Doing whatever they say and what they think our lives should be.

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