The Personal Jesus TM released her

Besides just telling her she is awesomely awesome, and being a male BFF in the LJBF tradition, the Personal Jesus TM brings real value when he starts to empathize and allow his views to be influenced by her telling him of her circumstances. After all, husbands are told in 1 Peter 3:7 to live with their wives in an understanding way, AND they are told to love their wives as Christ the church. Therefore is it not evident that this means The Personal Jesus TM would also be equally understanding of her?  And doesn’t being understanding mean empathizing? And once he empathizes can he not then, because he is feeling what she feels, understand endorse her (understandable) choices?

Apparently so.

I came across a letter requesting advice on, where a woman has written about her transmogrification into happily divorcing happy happiness chasing ever happy girl. You can read it here.

In her opening paragraph she gleefully reports her decision to divorce her husband of 20 years:

I am a follower of Christ and I have decided to divorce my husband of 20 years.  I am rejoicing because I am confident that God is allowing me to feel good about this decision.

She summarizes her general contention regarding God not really being serious about what He has joined together:

I believe that He allows divorce if you have done everything in your power to avoid it, including asking Him to direct you in the situation.

No one would have ever thought to ask God about it would they? Its good that she hastens to recommend that edgy piece of advice and you guessed it, she followed that advice and it landed her right in the spot that has her, in her own words, rejoicing.

It is ten years later and I am confident that God has released me from my marriage.  I have had many sessions with God where I have asked Him to direct me.  

There we have it. She asked. And he did not disappoint, because not only did he offer her release, he even offered his own thinking process by which he justified his decision.

I asked Him why He has blessed me and my kids, but not my marriage and He reminded me that I married my husband outside of His will.  I had forgotten that.  He reminded me that I never depended on or trusted in the Lord to give me a husband.  Also, I grew up going to church and living a Christian life, but did not really feel that my husband was a Christian.  He acknowledged that God existed, but did not show any fruit of the spirit.  At that time I was a baby Christian without a mature disciple to guide me so I believed that acknowledgement was the same as turning one’s life over.

Nope, the man was never a real believer anyway and was never supposed to have been the one for precious. She on the other hand has rewarded God with her devotion:

Since 2003 I have turned my life over to Christ.  I have grown to love Him as the first love of my life.  I understand more about His word and I realize that I am married to a man that does not love me as Christ loved the church.  The unequal yoke is devastating and I believe that God has prepared me to leave this marriage.  I am sure that this misery is what led me to need to total and complete dependence on Him.  I am so happy and do not regret anything that has happened, again because I have grown in so many awesome ways.

Starting with the first two words in the second quote above….”I believe”….we know it is The Personal Jesus TM she is talking about. Revelations from The Personal Jesus TM often begin with those two words because as we have ascertained he IS her, and vice versa. OF COURSE she believes…. she told her to believe. Go her! When you substitute she in her role as her own Personal Jesus, it is no problem understanding how she comes to the realization she ultimately does about her own happiness:

One day I realized that God does want me to be happy.  He forgives mistakes and bad decisions.  He wants me to learn and grow from my bad decisions, not rot in them.  If I don’t value my happiness and make choices that are for my own happiness, I will live my life in a passive state of default.  He wants me to depend upon him fully and walk by faith, not by sight.

He wants her to depend on him fully. He is going to back her in her decisions and support her quest for personal happiness; what’s not to like about that arrangement? This is what happens when we live in our own head too much, when we create an illusion of dependence on God that is in reality dependence on an imaginary friend like Harvey the rabbit who is a quasi-separate embodiment of our deepest hopes and dreams and will grease all skids to achieve them.

If you read the entire letter you get a small flavor for what was happening in her marriage, even though we cannot be sure. If we accept that Christian women are basically unsettled, and that is not a stretch to accept, then its simple to understand how the husband was inadequate where a higher power would have the moxy to fix her and keep her fixed. It appears to be yet another case of someone being evangelized by The Personal Jesus TM .

This letter was illustrative, but not at the level of detail I’ve been seeking. Fear not. I’ve found an entire blog, written over a two year period, where a woman writes in great detail about her decision to frivorce, the thoughts and feelings she experienced, and ultimately the resulting feelings after the divorce. It is so detailed it almost enables us to reconstruct the dialog between the woman and The Personal Jesus TM.

Stay tuned.



10 thoughts on “The Personal Jesus TM released her

  1. I’m not struggling with this, but I have a friend who is. I’m curious as to your thoughts.

    WIfe isn’t perfect in everything, but the husband has been physically abusive, emotionally abusive, spiritually abusive, and possibly sexually abusive to their children. He’s threatened them with weapons. He has alluded to multiple physical affairs and openly admitted (even on Facebook) to emotional affairs, including writing an illicit journal of poetry to the most recent. On a recent vacation he told her and their children that he would probably be found dead because they left him alone for 3 days. He refuses therapy. She has sought help through the church. She works 60+ hours a week and he sits at home watching pornography (used to do this with his daughters in his home and in his bedroom apparently). She is still being told by him it is her duty as the wife to cook all his meals and clean all of his house. They have been married around 18 years.

    Her mental health is fragile. His is… gone. She clings to the idea that she must not divorce him because it would be sinful. I am lost. I do not know what Jesus would tell her. Some days, I find myself hoping that something would happen to him just so that she could be released…

  2. Reminds me of the Amy Grant divorce back in 1999 and how she felt “released by God” from her marriage. Hamster-riffic.

  3. Indeed. I’ve heard this story before several times, including stories where women broke up OTHER marriages. The real God never releases anyone from any marriage in a frivolous way. Such is the Personal Jesus, which really is willful ignorance and rebellion of the Scriptures. When God actually does speak to you, He never contradicts Himself.

  4. I have no thoughts on it as far as saying thumbs up or down about divorce. And it wouldn’t matter if I did. seeking consensus is also a tool of the PJ. Im not saying you and her are doing so, I’m just adding it to my list.
    [ETA: Its really not relevant here since she has a man who has had a physical affair, no one is going to equivocate on divorce….so her dilemma is not what I am writing about, as tragic as hers is]

  5. Absolutamente, she sure was released wasn’t she. And here’s an odd thing, I read the bio’s for a bunch of speakers at one of those stadium filling women’s conferences awhile back and more than half of them were “released” as well.
    They FEATURE that as some kind of wonderful testimony, and I suspect work it into their speeches as well.
    On the features and benefits flyer for The Personal Jesus TM Releases Frivorce is a biggy

  6. If God would realease anyone from their marriage vows, then the person who knoew that best would almost certainly have told the Samaritan woman at the well top marry her current cohabitee.

    In the story given above, if the facts are true, then the husband needs to have a quick dose of reality, and the couple need to separate (note, not divorce) while the husband gets his act together. The wife also needs to stop enabling him. It is the Bible that tells us “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” Western society needs to start to realise that hurt and harm are different and that sometimes we need to hurt in the short term to prevent harm.

  7. I have grown very jaded in my understanding of the marriage stories of American women, and though I cannot know about one individual one with certainty, i do know that these stories are usually very very skewed. What I mean is not the sort of petty version of saying its more him/her than it is him/her, assigning %’s and such, rather if you consider the amount of dissembling and self obfuscating that must occur when a woman convinces herself for example as this woman has Jesus literally BLESSED her decision, then is it realistic to expect that she sees her own situation as it truly is? I’m not merely suggesting that a woman misrepresents whats happening, Im suggesting that she actually BELIEVES her perceived version of the awful life she has been subjected to. I repeat I am NOT indicting this or any particular woman. I am saying that its a very large number who are not explaining whats up, and the skew is way more than normal personal bias will account for.
    I have unraveled enough of these to see this first hand, and hear the women talking amongst themselves as they tell each other these ever increasing exaggerations of their plight….why?……EMPATHY SEEKING……do not make the mistake of discounting the almost sex drive like urge a woman has to experience empathy. thats the number one gift The Personal Jesus TM has for them.

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  9. 1st Cor. 7:13…. if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him.

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