This breaks me…..

These are  a few of the new children’s books aimed at helping kids cope with divorce. I am the first to admit that I hold women more to account on the prevalence of divorce, and when I imagine the image of a woman reading one of these books to her kid(s) I honestly cannot decide if fury or tears define my reaction.

At Daddy’s on Saturdays,                                                                                                          Its Not Your Fault                                                                                                                       Koko Bear; Good Bye Daddy                                                                                                 Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce


6 thoughts on “This breaks me…..

  1. It is so sad. But the problem is that too many people today are too selfish, and my comments on my own blog about the Methodist Church in Britain show that there are some mainstream denominations who have given up even trying to influence their own young people.

  2. Note how the two of the books reflect the father being removed from the child’s life. They are trying to make the child okay with not having a dad around. The purpose of the frivorce industry is to separate fathers from their children, so as to 1) extract money from the father as he tries to move heaven and hell to get back to his kids, and 2) to put the government in the place of the father so as to mold the children in accordance with the wishes of the state.

  3. Yes I noted that.
    I also did some fast google searches on divorce books for kids, and the dad gone is a common theme in many….I found zero on missing moms

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