Churchian gynocentric progression and idolatry

The narrative that describes the progression of evangelical feminism, gynocentrism, pick your label, has the same potential endpoints no matter where and why the progression begins. This is not to say each evangelical feminist will advance to the same endpoint, nor is it to say that they cannot skip steps, but for whatever reason once most womanare exposed to a tiny piece of that ideology a process begins. This happens to some women because secular feminism sympathies influence their perspective on the Bible and what it says about family. Others are simply default gynocentric, meaning favoring all the chivalrous manifestations of the man’s role, happily embracing the sacrificial aspects of male leadership, but having a touch of queasiness about that term male leadership. These are usually the ones saved at 5 in Sunday school, raised in the church, and steeped in teaching that affords female primacy by stealth because of pastoral pandering, creating unrealistic expectations of both a man’s capacity to reach perfection (as defined by woman) combined with his strong tendency to fail but for the guidance of the woman. Others fall into it quite accidentally, scanning websites, reading Christian relationship books, etc.

How they get started matters because it affects the degree of intractability. Depending on how and WHERE (see diagrams) in the progression they start, an evangelical feminist antidote red pill) remedy will vary in efficacy. If not cured they ultimately end up as a cluster, data that one can regress analyze and, with accuracy, predict forward despite the disparate origins, like a scatter of data pouring  through a funnel or pyramid along an axis of time ( two y axis). I used both images for illustration, funnel and pyramid. The neck of the funnel is long, and many get trapped there, whirling and gyrating up and down on the gynocentrism scale, but within the confines of the funnel neck width. The male gynocentrics love the tunnel (no entendre intended), in fact its where the majority of them stay.  Finally some women (and a few men)  exit the funnel and enter the Shangri La of evangelical feminism, the outright worship of the feminine, the divine fem, mother god… that.  Those inside the funnel can move freely within the constraints of the level they have attained as they purge and filter more and more dross as they progress the that  purest state of idolatry that is worship of femininity.

These figures visually illustrate what I am talking about.

I made it the visual because the behavior over time fits the description, and the parts through which they pass, or in which they get hung up, can be broken down and explained, discussed, and even rated as to likelihood of potential remediation.

Men are quite a bit simpler. They rapidly go to the level that they perceive will win them their idea ratio of female approval to male derision. It obviously varies man to man as we see men occupying all of the levels. However, the vast majority will stay in the neck area of the funnel, which I show simply as follows.

A real conundrum is that a great many of the men in the neck of the funnel will claim to be living a traditional Ephesians 5 marriage relationship, not realizing that by specific manipulation inside the marriage, or churchian cultural manipulation, he is living anything BUT an Ephesians 5 type marriage, and in fact, what he is living is like walking a field that is heavily mined, where one wrong step will have him blown out of the marriage, out of the kids lives, out of his home, and in some instances, out of his mind enough to commit suicide.

Women reached before entering the funnel are the easiest to apply prophylactic measures to and vaccinate against the effects of churchian gynocentrism. For this reason its become common that Christian men recommend that if a man is to marry, he marry a woman who was not raised in the church, who may not be a Christian, but who has a pliable spirit, a gentle easy manner, and is open to learning and to change.

The women raised in church since childhood, who was had her gynocentrism built from tiny little leggo like blocks which, as added, were not noticeable, will be the most difficult to change, because you will find her already in the tunnel, somewhere, and her walls are well constructed, each little block a rationalization, whether sensible, logical, or reasonable or not, ready to reflexively dispense with any ideas counter to hers.

The new Christian woman who maybe started church attendance in college or shortly after and has taken on her faith seriously but is as yet not exposed or very lightly exposed to the machinations of the evangelical feminists may be fixable, or susceptible, still, to the preventative. The reason why explains the idea place to find her. She is a new Christian, she is as yet not well read in the Bible, and not even well developed in her walk or interpretation of the gospel, and the scriptures in general. This is crucial because it is exactly when they reach a small degree of scriptural perspective that they are the most vulnerable to the peddlers of the pink snake oil and the Personal Jesus (TM).

Once a women reaches the J&K section of the neck, its almost impossible to get her back. That way of thinking holds that of utmost importance is what they call “her heart”, which means her irreconcilable cloud of emotions she has had since puberty. Her insecurities and her ego, her sanctimony and her stated unworthiness, her demands for more and less….simultaneously, of anything, or everything, tangible and intangible, emotional or physical. That is preeminent over even the marriage and the well being of the children should there be a divorce. This woman requires a man equally sold out to that belief set, and while some men do for some time, few do for the long haul.

Finally, the kooks who literally and openly worship the mother god. Frankly I don’t know nor do I even care to know too much about them. I will theorize that to any woman somewhere in the neck of the funnel, there is at least some degree of draw to that idolatry because they are already suffering idolatry of the feminine just shy of going full on mother god.

And that’s the final point. Along the progression, the focus, no, fixation of these women grows more and more narrow to the exclusion of other things.  What I mean is that they increasingly make Bible study and their faith ABOUT women, women in the Bible (Prov. 31 is modernized and did you know she is CEO?), women in their lives, how women are not accountable for anything, how they can increasingly find justification for their marital supremacy, etc. There could now be written a purely feminist Bible, as it is that’s what they study and agitate about, to the exclusion of the actual over arching message of the Bible. They do not even see that. So affixed in the lens of gynocentrism through which they look that only through that lens does the world look normal.

Note that what men in the funnel fixate on is pandering to women, which requires only the most basic evangelical feminist tenets so the men are not so much studying the bible FOR feminism, they are studying the women for clues as to how they can better make them haaaapy.

There are myriad reasons the church needs to reverse course and correct this mess. Lets add idolatry to it. But lets not get our hopes up.


13 thoughts on “Churchian gynocentric progression and idolatry

  1. This is one useful thing that I’m learning as I think on feminism more. Ultimately, idolatry and self-worship becomes a slippery slope. Usually when you go outside the authority of God (man or woman) with regards to anything, it’s a short ride until you deny everything about God and set up your own gods or goddesses. Of course, I put goddesses there too, because people tend to both and the feminists especially trend towards the goddesses side of things.

    But usually once they start sliding down that hill, it’s near impossible to get them to see things for what they are because of the strong deception they are under (this goes for all forms of rebellion against God).

  2. I’m always amazed at the ability of humans to take building blocks of various sizes and build stuff they think looks good, but is actually just strange thinking.

  3. For this reason its become common that Christian men recommend that if a man is to marry, he marry a woman who was not raised in the church, who may not be a Christian, but who has a pliable spirit, a gentle easy manner, and is open to learning and to change.

    Absolutely true. I am in my early 40’s and divorced. My current long-term girlfriend grew up outside the church and Christian culture, to the point that during our relationship, I have been the one to teach her even the most basic Christian theology and the Bible stories that I had thought were common knowledge even to those who were not Christians.

    She is one of the most gracious, kind, encouraging, and supportive women I have ever met. I rarely hear her utter a harsh word about anyone. She is smart and sexy (with a prior partner count of 0), and wifely submission in marriage is an idea which sits very well with her. (The fact that she is 23 is certainly not a minus, either.)

    I shudder to think what would have happened to her had she been indoctrinated in the feminized church, and I have consciously and overtly been inoculating her against the garbage we read about in the Christian faction of the Manosphere, pointing out from the Scriptures where this thinking is wrong. It also helps that she sees the impotence of ministers and church officers in responding to the outrageous and continuing sin of my ex-wife. My hope and goal is that she will continue to investigate the Christian faith and continue to be discerning about what is biblical and what is culturally-influenced claptrap.

  4. A common trait between gynocentric church and radical feminism (guys, please take a gander at the blog entry below this one) is pretty much that men are no good. There is no way for men TO be good, short of total and absolute surrender, and then they exist on sufferance. Understand: there is no way to be a good man save by being a PERFECT man–which is something we can only attain by being like Jesus Christ. Now of course even GOD doesn’t expect that of us, that is why we are saved by Grace (if you believe that, not intending to start a debate here) but according to Feminism we aren’t even saved by works. We aren’t saved at all. We are simply wrong.

  5. By the way Mcs….I tried for an hour yesterday to get the front page to show more than one post, looked at other themes, clicked a box that said “show summaries not full article” and so forth. If you know how to do that, please go ahead and do it because I always dislike displacing yours or IALs stuff.
    You may change the page if you can, just leave the pic and title and existing buttons and links. I must be wordpresschallenged

  6. There is a bit of whirlpool effect, hence the funnel. Have you spent much time on devoted evangelical feminist sites? If so you know what Im talking about, the laser focus on all things female… men and women…..the shotgun blow back at the mere concept of manhood. Both using flawed exegesis.

  7. build stuff they think looks good, but is actually just strange thinking.
    There is something wrong with this. Following the “but” needs to be at least a mention of the appearance along with the ridicule of the thought process, AND, where did anyone get the idea the stuff was supposed to look good?

    Actually it would be an interesting exercise to see where the members posting over yonder would appear on the progression, I think I saw one of the divine fem types at least.

  8. Yeah, it’s as crazy as the fall in the Garden. The promise was for Eve to be like unto God and Adam stood by. The feminists in the church are providing us a lot of insights into that event. I think it is a real confirmation of the Eden story.

  9. No, but a half-dozen like, though. Various dust-ups and things over various things related to feminism or things that would be stupid to people who followed standard exegesis. Like the denial of any need for baptism. Or allowing the unsaved run of the place. Or allowing preachers of other religions to proselytize. Perhaps the best outcome for me doing the notes from the book that I’m blog posting is that it’s serving to explain a lot of what I’ve seen in the past.

    But yes I’ve seen what you’re talking about.

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  11. I have been thinking about this lately. How does a man fit into the church if he refuses to be a cuck? How can I give money to a gynocentric church? How can I sit thru another sermon that glorifies women at the expense of men? Why must pastors cherry pick scripture regarding the family so to not offend women and how can I in good faith learn from a pastor who is dishonest in this regard? I know this is a older blog but I was hoping for a response.

  12. So what is a guy to do? Maybe you are just interested in the study of the subject, I am more of a problem solver. We need a modern day Martin Luther to stand up and say enough is enough. I have tried fighting this on my own and it is too pervasive and established. We need a new reformation.

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