The ultimate source for evangelical feminist retorts

Here is a great source for you evangelical feminists who are unable to create your own straw men. This woman has done the heavy lifting listing…..because she can list heavy stuff ya know.

(note her opening derision for mothers of children, and note that evangelical feminists will take fodder wherever they can get it, even if they themselves are mothers, they would not dare defend themselves as mothers, because this lady here she got panache, moxie, she is rapier like)


41 thoughts on “The ultimate source for evangelical feminist retorts

  1. Typical distortions. The foolish thing is that where women demonstrate great spiritual gifts in the Bible, they do lead. Where they don’t, they fulfill other roles.

  2. Uh…, she is parroting things that have been said many times before.
    This is the comedic equivalent of

    “I just flew in from New York and boy are my arms tired”


    “Take my wife….please”

  3. Glad to see wearestardustwearegolden getting around the ‘blogosphere’ or whatever silly-sounding term we use to describe these things.

  4. Did I suggest a comparison of ability between you and anyone specific, say….me…for example?
    Here we go again, inferring into a man’s post and creating your own easy target, one that the sistas would rabidly agree with your take on; the entire list in the blog piece was conceived the same way you conceived this retort here challenging my sense of humor.
    You have taken comments made by men, misrepresented them to an extreme, openly extreme to extract the humor value OF the extreme (but lets face it the underlying meanings behind your list reflect what you would suggest Christian men are wanting) and made a mocking list.
    Here you assume I challenged you to some sort of joke-off, so you could make a cute retort.
    This indeed , and sadly, works in the estrogenosphere quite readily. In fact, be it for humor, or even for supposed learned indignant repost, without butchering men’s comments and meanings you’d be unable to paint by the numbers that you do.
    We know all about this. Oddly, I imagine you do not even realize you are doing it, its learned behavior from generations of reading created hyperbole as if it is factual content.
    I could make such a counter list, and it would be equally sarcastic and hyperbolic, even equally ‘funny’, but its intellectually dishonest and forensically invalid.

  5. And again…..

    Same tactic, sheesh, I can manage being rebuked for what I say, big time, no thin skin. This tactic, not so much. We around here and in our linked friends are largely here because we got weary of saying “thats not what I said”. I ask you to search yourself and see if misrepresenting what someone says is a thing of integrity (yes, that was a question about morality…..NOT relative to my own, just morality in general)

    My response was in no way suggestive of my morality vs yours.

  6. In terms of your comment below, I was trying to keep things light rather than mocking you or trying any ‘tactics’.

    You mocked and linked to my blog and my stats led me back to yours. I have no interest in trying to convince you that my words are of comedic or theological value! You chose to read my blog for whatever reason. You are actually the first other blogger to mock mine so does this mean I am real blogger now?!

    Anyway, I am sorry to hear you feel you have been wrongfully rebuked or misunderstood so many times by others, that’s crap for you.

    All the best.

  7. You are a real blogger!

    You have to realize, I don’t need an apology, I am not hurt by being misrepresented, its not at all about me or my words. It IS about the message, and Im a very very tiny corner of a big and growing awakening by men that the church is run by evangelical feminists WHILE CLAIMING, that the church and Christian men are [fill in your list here]

    If all you wanted was humor, why choose those specific things? Note the reaction you get/got from the ladies at equality central, and the white knight men….they chortle and chuckle just like every American pastor does as he self effaces in order to pander to women, who comprise near 70% of his congregation. (odd that since the church is allegedly so misogynistic)

  8. I wasn’t apologising for my words, just that I was sorry (or regret) you have experienced things this way.

    There are zero churches in Ireland run by evangelical feminists so I can’t identify with you there on that one.

    I have been a member of Equality Central for all of 3 days so I am not sure of these people chortling and pandering you are talking about. I think one person linked to my blog and said they found it funny. Hardly a white knight!

  9. Nor did I assume YOU were apologizing for your words, I fully understood what you meant w/ the apology.
    Yea, there are churches everywhere run by evangelical feminists, maybe you don’t know what an evangelical feminist is….but since you joined 3 days ago to EC, you can figure it out easily enough. They are not raging angry feminists, in fact a better term is gynocentrics, hidden behind tradition gynocentrics promote traditional things that favor women, from scripture in Ephesians to issues regarding sex. They fixate ONLY on gender aspects of scripture, specifically female empowerment, rasing Prov 31 women to near deity.

  10. I dare say most or all. Gynocentric churches are not some kind of outlier that is obvious, they do not stand out differently than other churches. In fact here in the US nearly all churches are this way, but if I had this conversation with the average man or women here they would ask the same thing you are asking. Its a reasonable question, because my assertion is suggestive of something that would appear radical or different, in fact telling someone they are in a gynocentric church is like thrying to tell a fish they are getting wet. They live in the water, its normal, in the case of the churches it the norm, its conventional and conventional wisdom, hence when someone states what Im stating you’d think Im talking about a stand out. Then when I say that likely even your own church is this way, 99.9% vehemently say no no no, thats not the case.

    The norm is a comfy chair. Saying something about it takes a lot of work to convince someone who is steeped in it and comfortable. I assure you none of what Im saying is said disrespectfully or with some mysterious “I can see things that you cannot”, nor is it telling you something is beyond your capacity or any thing like that. Its really human nature, if suddenly we are told something that SEEMS to be well outside our normal experience it feels like someone must be talking about something else, something drastically different. The NORM in English speaking church, globally, is gynocentrism. In fact here on another site there is an open request to find any church that is not gynocentric. Its yet to be done, and that blog is a 2 million hit blog.

  11. The blog looking for one non-gynocentric church sounds fascinating. What blog is that?

  12. Dalrock….its not a bold central theme, its just worked into many posts. The one post called “game for pastors” may be an easy place to find it mentioned, but its in a ton of them.
    Is this Scott Scott???

  13. I thought wearestardust’s post was funny and incisive and your response typically derisory. Your blog name is ironic, though. Kudos for that.

  14. Er…, you are deceived that’s all. The author(s) of this blog are not chasing female approval, where most men, especially churchian men who bought their own copy of The Personal Jesus (TM) and remember back in high school, by telling girls they were not like those other guys usually, if they convinced them, got them lots of female approval. Some never grew out of it, now rather than steaming a car window, these men seek attaboys online, comments by women about how courageous they are standing up to men, so forth.
    To a large extent, its not your fault because you are daily steeped in the comfy chair of conventional wisdom.
    Before reflexive (and ignorant…meaning, well, ignorant as in haven’t looked into things) dismissal, maybe open the mind, and read some blogs that are not all about Team Woman.
    If your response is no way, its too mean and hateful, well, ok, but you didnt read, OR are unable to comprehend, and thats OK too.

  15. So, in her parroting, she’s providing parody by exaggeration, no? How is that equivalent to stealing pre-Rodney Dangerfield-era jokes?

  16. Wow, we are getting all kinds of “funny” sorts these days. I think I understand where you think there is “irony”. That is what I find mildly amusing. The thing that I find ironic is how so very many feminists (of both genders) can be swimming against the tides of culture, bwhaha. Fight “the power” man!

    And on a further ironic note, scatter hoarding funny little comments around the blogoshpere fits your moniker well.

  17. Follow me here, its not about the chronology, its about the over use.
    Her misconstrued representations of what men want find origin in things repeated ad infinitum in gynocentric circles, they are tired worn out pedestrian things, baseless accusations based on taking the reasonable opinion of a man, twisting and adding to it to an extreme hyperbolic thing, then she added her creative twist for humor. The ROOT of the humor is in the yawn fest of feminist drivel, over wrought, over used, over valued.
    Just like a comedian using old material for a basis. Maybe better if I said it would be like making jokes that applied to travel by horse and buggy, then its the root subject thats out of date, not the punch line structure.
    What difference does this technicality minutia make anyway? Its obvious the over arching theme here is not to insult comedy, so lets sit that aside and deal with topics

  18. If one guy on the internet is all that it takes to make “men look bad” you really have subscribed to the broad brushed antics of the feminist. What does Betty Friedan, Gloria Stienham and Margaret Sanger do for women? Patricia Ireland and NOW?

    With that kind of looking bad men have a long way to catch up but Y-chromosomed indivduals, such as yourself are doing a yeoman’s work. Masculinity should distinguish itself from feminism woudln’t you agree? How would YOU reccommend that be done? That might make for something worth talking about.

  19. I am deceived? And your advice is that I should read some “blogs”?

    I was raised by a woman who dedicated herself to a meaningful career while raising six kids and a man who ran his own business for decades. They respected each other deeply and taught me to respect people independent of gender. They also, crucially, taught me that if you wanted fresh ideas you should search in second hand bookshops.

    Books, not blogs.

    Conversations with people, not denunciations.

    Your arguments are the semi-coherent ramblings of a man who has little learning and vast delusions.

    I can’t find out what trauma may have been inflicted on you to create such rampant misogyny and it is quite irrelevant. My interest in having women gifted by the Holy Spirit in leadership in the church is informed almost exclusively by my study of Scripture. From Deborah to Junia, the narrative of the Scriptures has been towards the implementation of the rhetoric of Gal 3:28.

    It is quite an achievement to be such an ass on the internet that you surprise the poor folk who stumble across your site and at least for that sir, I must salute you as superior to any woman I know.

    It would be good if you stopped picking on women. My dad always taught me that gentlemen were called to follow a different path. But I suppose in rural Ireland in the 1940s he picked up that idea from some imagined cabal of hypnotic, hysteric harlots who now rule the church?

  20. Well, given that you started with a denunciation I suggest looking in the mirror and getting of the bandwagon (whilst talking about “fresh new ideas”). Books are 20th century.

  21. SO maybe you can explain why you are here supporting a harpies BLOG. That women is a “Christian” or is she just mocking women who actually desire to make their husbands satisfied with marriage?

  22. Really she isn’t mocking men at all, she is aiming the general part of this missive at the “morally superior” woman for deigning to submit herself to the Standard Issue Pig. Here she really makes the unrepentant, unGodly feminist look exactly like the harpies they are.

  23. Lol, harpies. You guys are a parody of yourselves. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  24. Ad hominem and non sequiturs….

    I didnt suggest blogs as an alternative to books you moron. I stated that about a few very specific blogs that would GUESS WHAT…..tell you what these blogs are about. Now that IS an odd idea.

    If you insist doing what the women do…..misrepresenting what Ive stated so you create your target then claim bullseye, I will block the comments as I am weary of that pedestrian tactic, beyond weary. For you to suggest that that is what I meant is one of two things, idiotic, or too clever by half. Goodness.

    Its quaint about second hand book shops. There won’t be much there to explain what MRA blogs are writing about though. Lets not go all the way in the locker room with intellectual rulers shall we, I’m not as you have painted, and I needn’t go further than that except to wonder if its driven by insecurity.

    The point about your parents? I was raised by a single mom w/ no High School diploma, managed myself to eek out a Chemistry degree. It gave me little learning and vast delusions.

    Yawn….I’m a bitter man due to some trauma…yawn

    What the heck are you on about with the rest of your prattling? Are you spewing random crap? Let me check……er….nope…..nothing here about women church leaders. Too much old book musty air.

    Your dad again…..oy. But the fact is you are not on a different path. You are on the same path as most Christian men, afraid of and pandering to women.

    If you’d like to address some specific topics, you are invited. If you are here to show me how brilliant you are by writing a potpourri of bullshit, epic fail.

  25. There will be no more “good work”

    I didnt start this to bicker with idiots.

    If they care to discuss a topic….fine

    Otherwise, blocked.

    Any jerk can make these silly remarks. Theirs will be met with cheers from the goodladies with white feathers though.

  26. You know she’s not misrepresenting men. But is that your problem? Do you feel less of a man because a woman has a position that says women are of equal stature to men? Because if that’s the case, there are pills for that problem.

    Why don’t you take a dose of “Grow the Heck Up” and a couple pills of “You’re Not Less Because Someone Else Is Acknowledged” every day for the next year and call us when you run out of prescription?

  27. What does [sic] Betty Friedan, Gloria Stienham and Margaret Sanger do for women? Patricia Ireland and NOW?

    Liberate them from having to worry about repressive, regressive, repressed men like yourself?

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