Same end of the world, women hit hardest

You can’t avoid it. No matter the topic or circumstances, the woman card is played. I was reading THIS article on Fox when I found the following quote:

Despite the enormous sacrifices made by the US military for the people of Iraq, the Iraqi government has refused to honor the commitments it made to the government of the United States to protect these Iranian dissidents, 1,000 of them women, when it took control of the camps in January 2009. [emphasis mine]


It was mentioned earlier in the piece that the refugees numbered 3200. So, we see the EXTRA sympathy appeal based on the mere presence of women. But, women can do anything, everything, and more. The author is likely a very vocal international feminist. A little research brought up one article about the plight of women in east Timor, where she states that the atrocities to women were worse because they (then she filled in specific things like rape and forced marriage). To be sure, its all very horrible. I am weary of the woman card though, while drumming incessantly about the accomplishments of women, we hear this stuff written above and hear Hillary saying that women are the victims of war because they lose husbands and sons.


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