Father’s Day

To all of us dads I say have a great day. I would like to rattle off a litany of Go Daddy exclamations but realized they would sound really silly.

But, today, plug your ears, shut out all the crap being shoveled in church today.

If you need encouragement, or if you would like a pat on the back in recognition, look at your kids faces, they are not (yet) feminists.

Be Blessed Today Dads…..and do not forget today’s take away……STEP UP DADGUMMIT

(I have some bad Fathers Day doctrine and articles to post up later, and I invite you to post stories of bad FD sermons, articles, etc., here in the comments, please)


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Today’s sermon from our new pastor was not anything specific to Father’s Day, but he said something as a side note that has be pretty well convinced that he “gets it”. He mentioned that he sees that Mother’s Day sermons are positive and uplifting and that Father’s Day sermons tend to be about beating men up. VERY encouraging that he see things from within that framework.

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