Military Uniform or Should We Say Costume?

At times I just look at feminism and shake my head. I wonder what they are thinking and whether they have the ability to do anything that doesn’t affirm their position as the most important thing on the planet, everything revolves around them. Consider this, 2 women at Fairchild Airforce Base decided it would be a good idea to dress in BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform) and get photographed breastfeeding their 3 children (one has twins). I’m all for breastfeeding, that’s great, do you have to get a medal for it though? Do you have to wear a uniform designed for combat, designed to identify you as a combatant on the field of battle and convert it into little more than a prop for a “breastfeeding campaign”?

Do we have to get our noses rubbed in this, stuff, any more directly before the full effect of the completely androgynous “female” hits home? Why not breastfeed your children in a Level A hazmat suit? Why not do it at a location like Fukushima? Just whip that old boob out there and ‘gitter done in front of the camera. Of course we can still pretend that the ridiculous cognitive dissonance involved is really just sensationalism and is not trying effect social change, right? The visual being expressed here has a lot less to do with breastfeeding in my opinion and a lot more with the paradigm shift that feminist want this country to undergo. Young mothers in battle, medals for the suckling and medals for the killing, the hand that rocks the cradle rolls the M1 Abrams.

Far from needing protection, these superwomen are to be lauded for their independence on all fronts (never mind when they have to deploy). These are the bleeding edge red-fem poster women and they seem pretty proud of themselves.

I’m wondering if Jr-ette will be drawing combat pay if mommy carries her into a fire-fight at feeding time. What’s that you say? Mothers won’t be required to deploy in combat roles? Who is going to stop them? I can see the law-suits happening now.

Also, note the complete lack of comprehension in the comment section on the first article, we’ve come a long way baby!


3 thoughts on “Military Uniform or Should We Say Costume?

  1. I had a look, liked it, posted it. Id seen that article too, and that Time cover awhile back. We knew a couple who breast fed well past when the kids could ask for it, and it was awkward. My wife breast fed for over a year, and it was awesome, convenient, no chemistry lab to carry for distillation, mixing, and autoclave

  2. i don’t have a problem with the breastfeeding part, what I have a problem with is them turning the military and motherhood into a prop in the “I am woman, hear me roar!” series. Everything is a tool for social change and no holds seem to be barred.

  3. Of course no issue w/ breastfeeding, I didnt think you did. But it is a great prop for fems when they can get past the double mindedness of doing something so, well, uniquely female and child rearing ish

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