Proverbs 31 Idolatry

Has anyone noticed the reverence with which the Proverbs 31 woman viewed? Does anyone agree that that has become a tool for evangelical feminism? If someone is straining against subordination, be it to man or to God, and they feel drawn repeatedly to this scripture as evidence for their assertions, are they not making a humanist idol of what was never intended to be that?

Proverbs 31 has been up-defined far beyond what it actually says. The narrative of the evangelical feminist is that they fear the abuses of the man to whom they would otherwise submit, and look here at this woman in 31, she didn’t submit in fact she ran her own fields, etc. etc. The scripture fits perfectly well with Ephesians ordered marriage if they would allow it to do so. It highlights a woman doing what a woman should do under an Ephesians ordered marriage, there is no conflict there, no contradiction.

This desire or drive to mine scripture solely with the edification of woman in mind is not a Godly desire, it seeks self serving ends, like all the absurd idiomatic derivations so common among the egal crowd. Proverbs 31 is simply what they hold up as the end result in order to justify all that.

The Proverbs 31 woman is an idol for evangelical feminists.


3 thoughts on “Proverbs 31 Idolatry

  1. For me, the P 31 women wasn’t someone to be idolized but more something to aspire too. The perfect wife so to speak. It sickens me that this could be used as a guise to support feminism. Let us remember, the P 31 women did all that she did for her family and ultimately so her husband could proudly sit at the city gates. It’s a wonderful example of submission to her husband.

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