Personal Jesus, part deux

Greg Laurie wades in again with his article

A friend of God’s?

I  want to frame with just this one quote (my emphasis):

Their research found that women under stress experience at least temporary relief by bonding with her pals, which releases the hormone oxytocin, which, among other things, helps create a sense of tranquility.

And study after study has shown that social ties actually reduce our risk of disease by lowering our blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol.

He has inadvertently laid bare what the church is selling to women. Wow, just wow.

But Greg tries, he really tries to point out some realities about being Gods friend.Maybe he woke up and decided this would be the one sermon, or article this year that could be considered bare truth and balanced.

We need to obey him. Jesus said, “You are my friends if you do what I command” (John 15:14)

But Jesus said that his friends will do what he commands.


We need to obey voluntarily. True friends of God obey him because they want to. When you love someone, you like to do things for them. Sometimes we look at giving and serving as a duty. When we are really friends of God, it is a delight, a privilege to do something that he tells us to do.

Despite the seeming emphasis on obedience, somehow the context over rides the message. When from every quarter we here about God fixing families and fixing your dysfunctions and Him UNDERSTANDING and His grace, women and some men have conflated all that to the point it over rides obedience. How? The one word….UNDERSTAND. This speaks to EMPATHY, and empathy to justification of motive.

You CAN divorce your husband because your friend wants you to be haaapy, what friend doesnt want that, what friend would deny you a shot of oxytocin in the midst of disobedience by saying he understands why you are doing it, even endorses it, even tells you it will help build your friendship with him stronger by freeing you to focus more on that friendship and less on that jerk.

The last 2/3 of the article, alone, magnified, repeated, may do some good. But seeing that is a pipe dream.


2 thoughts on “Personal Jesus, part deux

  1. “Their research found that women under stress experience at least temporary relief by bonding with her pals, which releases the hormone oxytocin, which, among other things, helps create a sense of tranquility.”

    You know what else releases oxytocin, and probably a LOT more of it? Sex. So women under stress, instead of seeking to have everything be calm and perfect before sex need to simply have sex as a means to reaching the calm.

    Why do I suspect that that message won’t play very well in the places it’s most needed though.

  2. Curiously, on the L Word show (which is about lesbians and bisexuals and so on) there is a very revealing scene where there is a kind of love triangle between three women. Basically two of them are partners, but one of them is just a friend. However one partner becomes alerted to the fact that there is a chemistry between the other two, and so she confronts them both. Now at one point the other partner says, “you should know that no matter how I feel I put duty and honor first!” And the offended partner shouts, “I don’t want you to stay with me out of honor and duty!”

    And I was very struck by that. Haven’t we had so many discussions about sex in particular that were about that? And in fact the source of this woman’s offense on the show is that the other two characters have feelings for one another–which I must emphasize they have not acted upon. Interestingly, earlier the offended partner kissed another woman outside the partnership, and did not consider it real betrayal because she didn’t feel a desire to end her relationship for the woman she kissed.

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