Man got some game Im tellin’ ya

Father of 30 kids by 11 women can’t pay child support

I had to say it. He gots game boyz. This is PUA of the century.

His Problem:

His solution:

Im curious, is this guy the PUA of the year? He has the numbers to back it up right? I mean he has something that is allowing him to bed lots of women, and lest we make a huge mistake, we need to take a multiple of 11 if we want to REALLY measure the efficacy of this one man gaming army.

I could say….nah….I WILL say, this is one possible end game, of game, and it yields a cost to society. I have no stats, Dalrock may have some, to say if the number of progeny generated thus even registers on the same scaled graph as that of kids made fatherless and hence wards of the state by women and frivolous divorces.

We have to be a bit morally and intellectually honest, and weigh this and all it suggests independent of the hypergamy and frivolous divorces, meaning, I reject moral relativism fully.

Maybe rampant game with a condom is better?

(nope I do not forget for a second that there are at least 11 stupid irresponsible women associated with this train wreck)


3 thoughts on “Man got some game Im tellin’ ya

  1. I know my intimation will not be popular, but heck not many read here anyway so what the hell. I just cannot get too cozy with game, even if I understand, even like reading about, the sort of amateur psychology that defines it, and some of the tools to manage the verbal junk that can happen in a couples day, none of that helps me generally get cozy with game in general. I have zero desire to censor anyone anywhere, I just cannot endorse PUA/game no matter how much (coincidental) overlap there is.

    It feels like lets say I start touting the virtues of the narco traffiicantes in Mexico because they use ill gotten gains for some altruism in small villages… aint makin me feel the need to run and point that out as some form of mitigating factor

  2. Perhaps he ought to come to an agreement with the state. If he fails to pay any of his chilod support, they castrate him. this guy simply does not want to deal with the consequences of his actions. So, basically, tough. If i drink a bottle of whisky and then try to drive a car, I will lose my license for DUI. No ifs, no buts. and rightly so. So if he cannot afford to go out and impregnate any more women, everyone is better off, especially the foolish women who let him impregnate them.

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