If women ruled, there would be no war, just war movies

Whenever I see a woman start a conversation online or otherwise with “I’m an independent woman”, first I lose a measure of respect for her verses her intended gain of same, and second I yawn knowing that if she is 18 years old and living in the U.S., yep, she is independent….yippee. Reminds me of the signature line for the woman that posts on Christian forums.

Being a woman is how I define it for myself and its AWESOME to be a woman!

Alrighty Then

The column up at FoxNews about women lovin’ war movies shamelessly scooches over to make room in the boys sand box.

the newfound appeal comes from the idea that the women portrayed in these films are strong and independent, and can take care of themselves.

This is a new found appeal? It’s silly how the emotions of women can be so easily manipulated by restating the same victory over and again. How low must the self esteem be for it to be so easily boosted using the same input?


For a while we just had women who were being rescued by the leading males so to have these women who are strong and can fend for themselves, as a woman I enjoy watching them,” she told us. “I never liked watching movies where the girl is the damsel in distress.”


Who would like watching that? Most women are trained kick boxers, proficient with all manner of weapons, and can bench press 300 pounds after running an iron man competition. They seriously don’t need no smelly Navy SEAL to do their ass kickin’ for em.

Regarding the movie Acts of Valor the writer changes direction, but in doing so reveals the pander unequivocally in that since this movie could not highlight ass kicking babes and still be real to life, they change gears and find other ways to make it all about her.


the directors went out of their way to ensure women would relate too and be entertained by the explosive yet emotional war movie.

“We strived to make this movie appeal to women. It is the Navy SEALs so guys are going to love it – but we set out to capture the women’s sacrifice too, they are just as heroic as the men, co-director Scott Waugh said. “They have their own acts of valor that might never be recognized.”


Yes, they are just as heroic.Makes you think of the quote about

5000 soldiers killed in war, women and children back home are the real victims


Think about this, The statistics of war dead are so overwhelmingly male that in order to get women to emotionally engage, they need to make stuff up. Same with the movies, the movie shows a realistic gender split for a SEAL operation, and the writers worried it wouldn’t appeal to women. Sure, who likes celebrating the actual heroes when you can EMPATHIZE with the women?


“On a deeper level ,with a husband who goes to war sometimes, you need to look at things you don’t want to see to understand the things you can’t see,” she added. “However, today’s women are confident, bold, brave and courageous and this is clearly reflected in their viewing habits.”


Honey, you are one tough independent chick, because you are 18 and Anmerican and you like to watch fictional women (like the 4’11” Lizbeth Salander) kick menz assssss.




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